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Winning Customers with Trust

ExpertCallers has over 12 years of experience in handling cold calling for international clients of all sizes. We combine this deep experience with our streamlined processes and scientific cold calling techniques to seamlessly generate a robust pipeline of sales-ready leads.

Understanding your audience is key to our campaign strategy. It helps us plan precisely, acquire accurate data, and prepare the right script for your demographic. We involve your sales and business development teams in all the planning stages to ensure our tele-sellers have the clearest view of the type of information required to produce positive outcomes. This helps you to be consistent with your messaging and build brand credibility.

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Comprehensive Range of Customer Acquisition and Telesales Services We Provide

As a premium customer acquisition and telesales company, we offer a range of offshore telesales and telemarketing services including:

Unlike other customer acquisition and telesales companies, our services do not end after acquiring a new customer. We ensure that this new relationship will sustain and grow by developing a feeling that the customer will be taken care of at all times. And, this gives a boost to your customer acquisition and retention efforts, resulting in vocal advertisement of the products and services, and unveil new opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell.

A decade ago it took an average of 3.68 attempts to reach a prospect.
Now it is 8.

Industries We Serve

ExpertCallers has extensive experience in providing proficient call center services to a wide variety to industries including:

Here's How Companies Have Benefitted by Outsourcing Telesales and Customer Acquisition Services to ExpertCallers

Customer Acquisition Calls Per Hour
11000 +
New Customer Acquisitions a Month
Telesales Agents

Our Call Centers are Spread Across Five Countries

We let you pick one or multiple delivery centers according to your preference and requirement.

ExpertCallers global delivery centers (India, Philippines, Bolivia, Colombia & Argentina)

Why Outsource Telesales and Customer Acquisition Services to ExpertCallers?

As a leading outbound telesales and customer acquisition company, we stand apart with our efficiency and flexibility to respond to strategic changes both before and during your marketing campaign. We deal with the sales cycle in a way that it not only increases your sales revenue but also promotes you as a better company amongst your customers and increases their satisfaction levels to another level.

Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing customer acquisition and telesales services to expert customer acquisition and telesales company like ExpertCallers:

  • High and consistent contact quality
  • 25% increase in sales figures
  • Guaranteed rise in customer acquisition and retention rates
  • 30% to 40% reduction in operation costs
  • Seamless integration with client’s CRM
  • Automated quality management control systems (analysis of up to 100% of conversations)

We are Different; Here's Why

Outsource Customer Acquisition and Telesales Services

The Telemarketing Process At ExpertCallers

Having an efficient telemarketing campaign strategy is essential to solicit quality prospects, improve your loyal customer base, and maximize revenue generation. Besides, it will also help to raise your brand awareness among your target audience. At ExpertCallers, we have established a step-by-step telesales services cycle that we follow whenever we are starting on a new project.

At ExpertCallers, we try to understand every aspect of your offerings or marketing operations. To leverage the advantages of outbound telesales calling, it is essential to understand the product or service that a business is offering and its positioning in the market. This also helps us to clearly define the unique selling points of the product or service.

Some of the factors that we consider for appropriate profiling of the target clients are their employee size, turnover, industry sector, SME or PLC focus, etc. In this phase, we lay the groundwork and set the stage for further tweaking our telesales strategy to target the right customer base based on the above metrics.

To be able to make informed decisions based on market data, we have a constant focus on market intelligence. Not only does this put us in a better position to derive conclusions from the data but also helps us identify new telesales outsourcing opportunities in the target market.

ExpertCallers realizes that the objectives to drive revenue and sales are entirely different from one another. Both of them require proper attention and care, and at the same time, need different approaches. Therefore, as their telesales outsourcing partner, we encourage businesses to convey their sales-specific and revenue-specific objectives clearly in this phase.

It is not feasible for telesales companies to promote your products or services across all your customers without considering their age groups, gender, or socioeconomic backgrounds for that matter. Hence, in this step ExpertCallers focuses on identifying a specific audience and market that would benefit from your product right from the initial stages of the customer acquisition services process.

After having decided which audience or market to target, ExpertCallers can help you start building the prospect list. This process involves gathering the contact details of maximum prospects as well as cleaning up the old prospect database or updating it as required.

We understand that you will have short-term and long-term goals to achieve within a specified period of time and within the budget. We can help you set both your short-term and long-term goals by accurately determining your organizational budgets, marketing KPIs, capability, and scalability.

To ensure that desirable outcomes according to the client’s requirements, in this stage, we get your approval on all our plans, objectives, and strategies. Whether it’s the geographic strategy of the telemarketing campaign or the telephone sales pitch draft, we go ahead only after your written approval. Besides, we also assign a project manager to oversee the operations of a particular project.

Now, the project can go live. ExpertCallers ensures all process-specific operations are carried out with the right precision and efficiency. To evaluate the performance of our telemarketing campaigns and initiatives, we generate comprehensive reports that help to keep track of the efficiency and remodify the strategies to leverage the benefits of telemarketing.

When you outsource customer acquisition and telesales services to ExpertCallers, you will partner with customer acquisition and telesales company that is extremely skilled at seamlessly blending the right resources and services together in the right combinations to improve sales.

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Why is Outsourcing Telesales Services Important For Your Business ?

We live in a digital age that is incredibly dynamic and holds strong in the B2B market. For many companies, telemarketing has become the last effort to generate leads and entice target customers to buy their products/services. However, if you think strategically, telesales services can be an effective method of reminding people about your brand and build a good rapport among customers.

Effective telemarketing takes time and sufficient planning if it needs to be executed properly. Listed below are some top reasons to outsource telesales and customer service, its benefits to your business and how ExpertCallers can help you gain those benefits:

Telemarketing is so much more than just selling products and making calls. It’s a great way to retain existing customers and bring in past customers. Once you take on telesales outsourcing and partner with a skilled partner, like ExpertCallers, you are ensured that existing customers are pursued while attracting new ones. With automation and AI, receiving a phone call from a person may be the thing that catches your consumer’s attention. You can have the outsourced customer acquisition telemarketer call returning customers with offers or deals that can improve their membership and keep them on board with your brand, for longer.

Effective time management can be challenging for any business owner, they have to ensure that every function is running smoothly. One tiny hiccup in time management can cause chaos in the company. This is where outsourcing telesales services and automation have become significant parts of an entrepreneur’s repertoire. Outsourcing to telesales outsourcing companies like ExpertCallers can free up time from the main employees, and they can focus on the day to day operations.

Many companies underestimate telesales services and assume that it’s just a job that can be done by anyone, but it’s much more than that because sales and telemarketing is a skill set. If you want your business to have high conversions, raise brand awareness, and generate leads the outsourcing to acquisition customer service is the way to go. Partnering with telesales outsourcing companies like us means that you are handing over your telemarketing efforts to professionals. They can handle daily calls and making sales with inbound calls.

Flexibility is one of the main reasons businesses turn to telesales outsourcing companies. This is because you may not need a full-time salesperson or someone to handle sales calls, round the clock. Outsourcing your telemarketing services to specialists like ExpertCallers is great because it offers flexible payment and service structures that suit your business. This is especially beneficial if you have a seasonal business. The outsourced customer acquisition service will provide you quotes that are based on your specific needs or they will have various price packages that you can choose from.

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