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Our robust infrastructural setup consists of state-of-the-art communication, IT security and fool-proof physical security systems.

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  • 2-tier network architecture
  • Redundant L3 core design with servers terminating into the core through redundant connectivity
  • Independent Internet Leased Circuits from multiple ISPs installed for data access and redundancy
  • Call Center application suite created by Witness
  • Distributed Asterisk Dialer architecture integrated with independent CRMs On Requirement
  • 24/7 security supported by state-of-art CCTV and access control system
  • Fire alarm system
network architecture
network architecture


Primary source of power

  • Available 125 KVA
  • Facility Load 70 KVA

Generator Backup

  • 125 KVA generator with fuel storage for 24 hours’ operation onsite with arrangements to sustain

UPS Network Center – 1x 60 KVA (Redundant)

  • UPS Overall – 2 x 60 KVA (Online Synchronized)

Witness System

Voice & Screen Capture

  • 100% customer interaction capture capability
  • Capture and Access based on customer sign off and authentication only
  • Both side energy envelope display
  • Web based replay
  • Extensive Tagging of data (Agent ID, Disposition, Time, Data, etc.)
  • Query based search option
  • Option to download the file

Quality System

  • Multiple Selection plan for Quality System
  • Multiple Scoring plans
  • Capability to change selection plans online
  • Graphical reports
network architecture
network architecture

Internet Connectivity

Our internet connectivity which use following cables:
  • Marine Fiber Optic Cable
  • Fire-wall protected VPN system
  • Intrusion detection technology
  • MPLS/IPLC connectivity to multiple Locations

Secured VPN & Network Security

Secured VPN

  • Total secured VPN Tunnel to Client, which blocks peers
  • Secured Intelligent switches and Network Assistant optimized for LAN
  • Advanced Firewall which blocks all ports for HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP and ICMP

Network Security

  • 256-bit SSL encryption for all our systems
  • Multi-level password protected network
  • Tiered security system for authorized data access
network architecture

Seating Capacity

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