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ExpertCallers is a HIPAA compliant offshore medical answering service company providing comprehensive customer service to practices in the medical industry. We have over 12 years of experience in helping medical practices find an optimum way to respond to patients without having to manage a dedicated team.

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With an increasing number of healthcare organizations entering the market and setting up new standards for customer experience, it is imperative for the existing practices to up their medical answering services and better optimize their services to maintain a competitive advantage and cater to the varying demands of the patients.

But due to the hectic schedules that all healthcare providers work in, offering accessible medical call center services to patients round the clock isn’t feasible. Therefore, a highly efficient medical answering service provider is essential for healthcare institutions that can help to cater to this need and act as a virtual point of contact for people who are looking for your services.

The problem of offering healthcare answering services to a huge volume of people is something that large healthcare organizations have to go through as well. Considering the huge influx of patients, it becomes an extreme challenge to answer patient queries, confirm their appointments, call them for follow up, and handle several other processes. However, all these issues come to an end as these tasks are outsourced to medical answering service companies.

With healthcare call center outsourcing companies, life can be easier for the healthcare staff as well as the patients as all the services are designed around the definite work needs of the medical place.

Moreover, the proliferation of technology & the internet has not only made the customers tech-savvy but have also enabled medical answering outsourcing service providers like Expert Callers to seamlessly engage with our customers through inbound and outbound voice support, web/live chat, email, SMS/phone or even IVR, etc. & provide world-class customer care and support. ExpertCallers’ medical call center outsourcing services cater to all requirements of the medical field, including handling emergency calls, healthcare providers for home, paging doctors and nurses as and when required, receptionist services, and many more.

How We Handle Medical Call Center Services

When you hire a medical answering service, you take on professionals who will work hard and strive to provide you with risk-free results. This is because you have instilled a certain amount of trust and responsibility in medical call center services, which eventually leads to measurable results. The medical call center services are customized according to a client’s requirement, this way they can meet your demands. ExpertCallers have an efficient medical call center solution that includes the following process:

The Medical Answering Services team at Expert Callers is renowned for being amongst the best healthcare call center outsourcing companies offering world-class benefits such us:

Automatic Call Distribution

This is done once the client initiates a call. The ACD will assign the call to an operator, they will base it on specialization and priority.

Problem Research

This is where the analysts will investigate the problem to understand the complexity. If it’s a simple solution then the requirement is handled without any major intervention of upper-level representatives, within the hierarchy.

Call returns and feedback collection

This is the next step in medical call center services. After the caller’s needs are met, the support agents must collect feedback to gauge the interaction quality, the outcome of the service, and the satisfaction levels of the services.

Level One Support

In this step, the call will be received by a telephone service representative (TSR). During this call, the caller’s concerns are recorded and documented; after which, first-level research is conducted to determine the severity of the concern.

Level Two Support

If the concern is severe or complex, then it will require a knowledge worker to be involved. This is where the call is assigned to a level-two support team agent, they will have a look at the reports to understand and resolve the challenge.

Creating reports

At ExpertCallers, we create reports that are of high quality and cover key performance indicators. The report will help with optimizing services and improving customer engagement quality.

Our team has wide experience in managing end-to-end doctor answering services. Be it scheduling appointments to sending messages to doctors, answering questions pertaining to your practice, to calling up physicians, our medical answering outsourcing service has helped several healthcare organizations handle calls in a proficient and economical way.

As a client-centric organization, we customize our services to meet the needs of your medical practice. While we strictly follow your protocols to project the image you want, we also add value to it by maintaining high quality and commitment levels.

outsourced answering service for medical office

How Expert Callers handle medical call center services:

When you hire a medical answering service, you take on professionals who will work hard and strive to provide you with risk-free results. This is because you have instilled a certain amount of trust and responsibility in medical call center services, which eventually leads to measurable results. The medical call center services are customized according to a client’s requirement, this way they can meet your demands. ExpertCallers have an efficient medical call center solution that includes the following process:

We Provide a Range of Medical Answering Outsourcing Services

We have a team of 500+ customer service representatives who are exceptionally trained in handling patient’s calls effectively. Our training and comprehensive monitoring mechanism ensures that every call is answered in the most professional manner and every customer hangs up feeling satisfied. These plans can also be customised as per the client’s needs and standards.

Companies have benefitted by outsourcing the following medical answering services to us:

Emergency Hotlines

We partner with our clients in handling emergency services extensively in a friendly and hassle-free manner. For this, we screen every call on the basis of guidelines provided by you and contact your team via emails, texts, phone calls, or any other communication measure available. Our basic motto is to provide the best of the exigency services to the patients whenever they need them.

Intake Procedures

Our medical answering agents make every possible move to understand your standards and process of patient intake by involving in extensive knowledge transfer sessions with your team. They collect patient’s details on a proactive basis, respond to queries like insurance, claims, referral, billing, payment options, and other important medical information.

24/7 Answering Service

We are active always and offer round-the-clock assistance to the patients. Not even a single call can go answered, whether it is in business hours or after that. Your patients will always have the satisfaction that representatives are there for them all the time and confidence that the best patient care will be provided to them.

Appointment Scheduling

Our team can schedule, modify, and cancel the appointments by accessing your calendar management application. We also have reminder services that send reminders about any scheduled appointment or cancellation in order to avoid any issues or miscommunication.

We also Provide

The Medical answering service field is bestowed with the demanding task of staying updated with the constantly changing regulations,' especially with the onset of COVID-19 and many healthcare providers are not equipped to handle this task. This is where ExpertCallers' medical call center services come in, when you outsource your medical services to us, we execute our proficient in Medicare Advantage plans, Prescription Drug plans, Dental and Vision plans, Health Insurance, and Medicaid. This can help you get ahead of the curve without having to deal with any unnecessary expenses. Some of the services we offer as a medical answering service include:

  • Customer/patient help desk services
  • Real-time message delivery
  • Appointments Scheduling
  • Appointment reminders and confirmation calls
  • Lead Generation/ Enrolment
  • Activation Services
  • Patient Information and Insurance Verification
  • Physician Referral Services
  • Open Enrolment
  • Plan/Benefit Changes
  • Emergency hotline services
  • Doctor answering services
  • Receptionist services
  • Enrolment and Application Processing
  • Outbound Welcome Calls
  • Rate Change Support
  • Collections Support
  • 24/7 Helpline for Medical Assistance
  • Dental Claim Assistance
  • Outbound Sales
  • Home Care Support
  • Staff recruitment screening

60% of customers expect more from customer service now than they did 1 year ago.

Industries We Serve

ExpertCallers has extensive experience in providing proficient call centre services to a wide variety to industries including:

Our Call Centers are Spread Across Five Countries

We let you pick one or multiple delivery centers according to your preference and requirement.

ExpertCallers global delivery centers (India, Philippines, Bolivia, Colombia & Argentina)

We are Different; Here's Why

Here’s How Companies Have Benefitted by Outsourcing Medical Answering Services to Us

Our physician answering services helped a two-doctor medical office efficiently manage practice visits, insurance forms, and patient calls.

Our healthcare call center services helped a hospital ensure orders to not-on-call doctors are redirected to an available doctor before any delay.

Why Outsource Medical Answering Services to ExpertCallers?

Handling and managing medical answering services can never be easier if you let us administer them on your behalf. Our primary objective is to make every patient feel important and well cared for every single time. And we strive to break the wall between you and your patients in the most professional manner.

When you outsource medical answering services to ExpertCallers, you can benefit in the following ways:

Reduced Costs

Offering and managing a proficient outsourced medical answering service is good but effectively dealing with cost reduction is even better. Our customized calling plans help you to pay only for the operator time which you use. We also free you from the need to purchasing and installing expensive equipment and infrastructure that is needed for providing effective services. So, you will not only get to enjoy the benefits of a dynamic medical answering services provided by one of the leading medical answering company in the industry but will also witness significant savings which can be very useful in augmenting other patient care necessities.

Security & Technological Excellence

We are ISO 27001 certified, which is proof that we ensure the next level of security to all the information shared with us by our clients. We establish high-level data protection and privacy which is frequently audited and undergo rapid quality checks.

Professional Representation

We offer professional services yet in a friendly way. This is one of the unique differentiators that set us apart from other medical answering companies. Our outsourced medical answering services provide a seamless experience to your patients and built a professional image amongst them. To put it in simple words, we help patients develop a sense of faith in your medical services.

Other benefits of outsourcing medical answering services to us:

Lowest price guaranteed

We understand the challenges faced by small and medium healthcare providers. Therefore, we will work with you to create a medical answering service pricing plan that works best for you. With our answering services for doctors' offices, you don't have to invest in full-time salaried employees or expensive calling equipment. We have got everything covered so that you don’t have to. With the lowest prices and extra expenses, you can focus on providing better support and care for your patients.

Customized reports

At ExpertCallers, we offer customized reports to our clients so that they have the required data to carry out their operations efficiently and ensure better patient satisfaction. Our reports include the name of the caller, their caller ID number, the date and time the call was attended, the purpose of the call, etc. We deliver these messages through SMS, voice mail, email, fax, or encrypted mobile app. If the client demands, we can also offer more complex reporting including average delivery time, ring, and hold time reports besides other analytics.

State-of-the-art voice mail system

Medical clinics and offices usually have to deal with a massive number of voicemails throughout the day. Our state-of-the-art voice mail system can help you smartly route your calls and minimize call drops and boost customer satisfaction. Our systems effortlessly filter out non-critical calls regarding office hours, pharmacy prescriptions, general office information, etc. with a pre-recorded voicemail greeting that can be customized based on seasonalities. The non-urgent messages can be checked later by the office staff at their leisure.

100% HIPAA compliant services

HIPAA compliance is at the top of our priorities when it comes to patient privacy. We take care to ensure that you and your patients are protected at every stage of information exchange. Additionally, we also focus on regular quality assurance checks to ensure they are on par with industry norms and compliances.

Secure messaging

ExpertCallers’ secure messaging feature ensures that healthcare staff and our callers are always connected and can easily share information regarding timings and appointments.

Multi-lingual support

Staffing a team to handle callers at an international level can be a challenging task. But the task can be easily simplified by partnering with ExpertCallers. Our medical care representatives are well versed in multiple languages in order to help patients be at ease during critical times.

24/7 operations

ExpertCallers is available at your service 24/7 and 365 days a year. In the healthcare industry, emergency calls can come in at any time regardless of regular working hours. Therefore, having a round-the-clock medical answering service is essential for patient care management. This ensures that your patients and their families find solace in the fact that medical care is just a phone call away.

Call forwarding assurance

As a part of ExpertCallers’ healthcare answering service, we also offer call forwarding assurance. We closely monitor the phone lines and will answer the call if they are not being answered. Sometimes, your front desk may get busy handling sudden surges . We can help you monitor and attend to less-important calls so that your front desk can take care of the pressing needs of your patients.

Automated on-call scheduling

Manual on-call scheduling can be frustrating. Our automated on-call scheduling feature adapts to the message routine scheme of your clinic or medical office and ensures prompt and accurate delivery of the message to the right person. Having an on-call schedule also ensures that the right person is always available to attend to emergency incidents and outages round the clock.

Automated check-in and check-out

ExpertCallers facilitates easy and automated check-in and check-out and frees up the time for your front desk staff. This helps them to attend to more important issues and assist patients to fill and submit details like their personal and insurance information thus raising brand reputation.

Caller ID on every message

Callers may sometimes leave an incorrect contact number or miss out on a digit. Manually mapping every caller to a number too is a challenging task when handling a large volume of calls. However, with caller ID assigned to every inbound call thereby helping you get in touch with your patient in case of an emergency or a critical situation.

Customized scripting on every account

At ExpertCallers, we understand that every medical office or clinic may be different from the other. So, we offer customized scripting based on various specialties. Our customized call scripts ensure that your policies and guidelines are followed while also making sure we respond to patients and callers in a personable manner.

When you outsource medical answering services to ExpertCallers, you’ll partner with a medical answering company that is extremely skilled in catering to the medical answering requirements of physicians, hospitals, hospices, medical equipment companies, pharmacies, therapists, nursing registries and other caregivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medical answering service?

A medical answering service handles all the incoming calls to your healthcare practice thus maintaining high-quality customer service and increasing your practice's reputation in the eyes of patients.

How medical answering service works and what is the process involved in it?

Whenever a call comes to your practice, it’s routed to experienced call center executives who receives the call and greet the patients with the name of your practice. They are well equipped to handle basic inquiries such as doctor timings, fixing appointments for incoming patients, providing information to new patients and even transfer emergency calls to respective departments. Medical answering service agents in a call center are available 24 hours to attend all calls coming to your practice which may not always fall under business hours.

How to choose a medical answering services outsourcing partner?

When selecting a medical answering service, ensure they have a good track record and clientele. They should be transparent about their services, pricing, fees, and terms and conditions. Check if they are compliant with HIPAA guidelines. Finally, have a written contract in hand to be reviewed by an attorney and before finalizing the deal.

What are the unique elements of a medical answering service?

Unlike a regular inbound call center which deals with customers and sales, a medical answering service deals with patients with life-threatening problems and addressing their issues with patience and mindfulness. Medical answering services involve a wide range of tasks including live call answering, message taking, after business hours answering, appointment setting, appointment reminders, payment processing and call recording.

How much does a medical answering service cost?

Medical answering services may differ in costs greatly depending on call volume and the type of services required. However, the least you can be expected to pay is $1.25 per minute. Buying a bigger package can help drive down per-minute costs. Additionally, plan for miscellaneous overheads such as setup costs.

Why should you outsource medical answering services?

Healthcare professionals like doctors, chiropractors, dentists have a high volume of incoming calls from people seeking medical care. By outsourcing to medical answering service companies, all inbound calls can be handled efficiently while delivering compassionate patient care. Medical or healthcare answering services also ensure that patients receive personalized help and extra support during an emergency or whenever there is a need for it, without keeping them on hold for a long time.

Should you outsource only to HIPAA-compliant medical answering service?

It is under legal requirements that a healthcare practice or center of any kind should be HIPAA compliant. While partnering with healthcare call center outsourcing companies, business owners must ensure that they are HIPAA compliant. By outsourcing to a HIPAA compliant healthcare answering service, one can rest assured that patient calls are being handled by representatives well trained to handle protected health data and follow necessary HIPAA guidelines and procedures.

What are the advantages of working with a medical answering service that is HIPAA-compliant?

The rules and guidelines laid down in HIPAA aim at providing privacy of health data and safeguarding medical information. Apart from legal requirements, other reasons and benefits to work with a HIPAA compliant medical answering service are -

  • Confidential health and patient data stays protected at all times
  • Better patient trust and confidence in the healthcare provider
  • Fines and reputation loss from a security breach and mishandled patient data can be avoided
  • HIPAA compliant services show patients that their privacy is being valued

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