Testimonial from Medicare Advantage Broker
Testimonial from Medicare Advantage Broker
Testimonial from Aditya Birla
Testimonial from Aditya Birla
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Testimonial from Security First Corp
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Call Center Testimonial by Lloyd Morris
Call Center Testimonial by Lloyd Morris
Call Center Testimonial by Mischa Dupont
Call Center Testimonial by Mischa Dupont

" We wanted to increase our client base and were looking for a reliable partner with proven experience in generating robust leads. Flatworld’s expertise impressed us and we decided to go with them. With some advanced inbound campaigns, they developed the right database of prospects and worked painstakingly towards attracting them. Soon they brought some quality, educated and informed potential customers most of whom we could convert without much effort. With Flatworld on board, we feel we are in safe hands. "

Thomas Kaufmann

Marketing Head, Backbone Solutions.


" In 2016, we engaged Flatworld solutions to answer calls from agents and adjusters who required extra assistance in renewing their certificates of authority. They handled nearly 9000 incoming calls with great competency, making sure every single detail was checked and every query answered satisfactorily. The way they trained their agents to achieve high call answer rates - over 95% - has impressed us hugely. They were consistent with their daily reports and were proactive in seeking updates and feedback. We are ready to engage them once again for 2017s license renewal process. "

Sylvia Boyetchko

Directore, Licensing Alberta Insurance Council.


" We needed more clients to generate more revenue and so turned to Flatworld for help. Flatworld’s specialized cold calling services helped us reach out and initiate contact with a vast number of prospective clients. Their meaningful conversation, helped us convey our message to our prospects in clear and concise terms, and convince them that we are the best. Also, we didn’t have to pick up the phone to understand developments as the core operations team maintained real time communications with us. "

Pallav Mathur

Lending Specialist Manager, Aussie Finance Solutions.


" We outsourced the lead generation aspect of our sales process in the Indian market to Flatworld Solutions and soon realized it was the best decision we took. Their ability to adapt to our changing plans helped us try and test many crucial aspects of our strategy. They showed great agility throughout the course of the project, and were consistent in providing a clear picture of the market situation and targets. This helped us meet our objectives with complete precision. "

Tom Kidwell



" Flatworld has not just provided excellent support to our needs, but has always walked the extra mile for us. They are proactive and enthusiastic, and have provided simple logical solutions to our needs. The caring nature of every member of this team has made us feel like being a part of the Flatworld family. "

Dr.Faizal Rayan

Co-Founder, Sahai Life.


"ExpertCallers has been providing consistent and reliable customer support to our customers all over the world. Their unrelenting efforts to keep our customers happy, has reassured us to shift our focus from customer support to the core aspects of our business. We are particularly pleased with their service quality, which is marked by promptness and attention to details. We thank them profoundly for contributing to our success."

Watches Support Team Specialist,

Kairos Watches Limited.


"We have been working with ExpertCallers since 2014, and our partnership has really enabled us to grow as an organization while maintaining the highest level of service. Its intuitive ability to understand what is required to provide high standard of customer support has helped us win the trust of our customers"

Watches Support Team Specialist,



" ExpertCallers has been a superb business partner. Their focus on quality has resulted in a great customer experience for all our customers and has helped us improve profits significantly. It’s solely because of their high levels of professionalism and competitive rates that we have retained them to provide customer support to our product."

Marketing Director,

Smartfoam Limited.


" ExpertCallers has provided our business with excellent support in the areas of marketing, data research, lead generation and customer service. Their team display excellent and constant communication with our team to stay current with updates and feedback. They have showed remarkable work culture and eagerness to push the boundaries of performance."




" We approached Flatworld for cold calling services to capture the name of decision makers and email address of targeted prospects. The level of professionalism that Flatworld provided, in comparison to our last experience, was exceptional. We were impressed by their pro-active suggestions on how to improve results and were extremely responsive to our suggestions for improvement."

Dondi Dismer,

Bringsy Consultant.


"Flatworld’s extra ordinary efforts in executing our campaign has helped us meet our targets with remarkable ease. Working in tandem with us they helped us generate more revenue than we expected. Throughout our partnership, they did not compromise on quality and maintained excellent communication with us."

Joe Monardo,

Executive Vice President.


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