Outsource Business Process As a Service Support

Our BPAAS services are designed to help business organizations transform themselves into data driven and cloud hosted ventures

Expert Callers has over 12 years of experience in the design and deployment of business process as a service(BPaaS), for a wide variety of enterprises. We adopt a mix of disruptive technology, cloud services, low-cost services and diligent customer support to provide business organizations with a holistic solution to manage existing customers and to secure new prospects. Our services are designed to meet the changing requirements of businesses and provide them with the flexibility that they need to penetrate into newer markets and diversify their marketing mix.

As a global business process as a service company, we specialize in providing our clients with multi-channel customer service platforms, bespoke marketing and sales assistance and financial management services to help them deliver exceptional customer service and garner new clients. We bank on cloud-based ecosystems and business process experts to reduce labor costs, increase process automation and improve the operational efficiency of your business.

Our Comprehensive Business Process As a Service Support

Our all inclusive, business process as a service comprises of the following:

  • Bpaas Consultation and personalized services
  • Customized cloud services
  • Finance and accounting services
  • Customer care and support
    • Process automation with API based development of custom software
    • Personalized business processes to suit specific requirements of client
    • Other key BPaaS services such as clinical and sales process automation
    • Business reporting and Digital Asset management services

    Scalable Services

    Our services handle the requirements of small, medium and large scale business firms with consistency in quality.

    Latest Technology and IT Infrastructure

    From cloud service providers like AWS to the latest open source frameworks for application development, we leverage updated technology stacks in deploying our services

    Round the Clock Support

    We provide a 24/7/365 service model that handles the requirements of diverse industrial domains ranging from manufacturing to retail and finance

    Industries We Serve

    ExpertCallers has extensive experience in providing proficient call centre services to a wide variety to industries including:

    Our Call Centers are Spread Across Five Countries

    We let you pick one or multiple delivery centers according to your preference and requirement.

    ExpertCallers global delivery centers (India, Philippines, Bolivia, Colombia & Argentina)

    We are Different; Here's Why

    Flexible Pricing

    Our BpaaS services comprise highly optimized workflows geared towards improving the efficiency of an organization. We deliver these services at flexible price points that help you make significant savings

    Superior Control Over Compliance

    Our services eliminate the need to make complex structural changes to your business model. We take care of all your compliance requirements such as data privacy, security and service level requirements.

    Bespoke Single Stop Solution

    We specialize in designing diverse process solutions for our clients. We tailor the solution to meet your specific needs and implement them along with all the necessary reporting functions.

    How Companies Have Benefited by Outsourcing Business Process as a Service to Expert Callers?

    • Our cloud based solutions provide robust multi tenancy features for business organizations which have helped them reduce operational costs by using a shared set of tools
    • Our unified approach to technology implementation utilizes common technology stacks which have helped businesses eliminate inefficiencies caused due to the use of disparate technology platforms
    • Our BPaaS solutions provide businesses with end-to- end application implementations. They have helped companies reduce operations costs and streamline interdepartmental collaboration

    Why Outsource Business Process as a Service to Expert Callers?

    The following are some of the many reasons that have helped us establish ourselves as a premium business process as a service company.

    • Agility and Adaptability : We customize our services according to the changing needs of our client. This agility to match the requirement of our clients has helped us scale up to be a global service provider
    • 100% Data Security and Backup : We bank on end-to-end encrypted networks and cloud services to secure and backup all your business data. We have disaster management protocols in place that are designed to protect your business data.
    • Integration of New Business Models and Principles : We update our technology stacks with upgrades and improvements as and when they are released. Our services follow an iterative model of integrating new changes so that processes are always up-to-date.

    Some of the other benefits that you get by choosing our services are as follows :

    • Highly scalable and cost effective service
    • Flexible pricing that reduce operational costs by 30%
    • Preconfigured services that are derived from proven business practices in a diverse range of industry settings
    • 100% data security and backup
    • Multi-language BPaaS support

    Looking for a pioneering business process as a service company to take charge of your organizational requirements? Outsource business process as a service support to us to transform your business operations

    Contact us today and discover the advantage of outsourcing business process as a service to ExpertCallers.