Case Study

ExpertCallers Boosts eCommerce Data Accuracy to 99.5%, Enhances Customer Satisfaction, and Reduces Costs


  • ExpertCallers helped an eCommerce company streamline data cleanup due to vendors' inconsistent product information formats.
  • Their strategy included on-site training, comprehensive execution plans, and continuous performance enhancements.
  • The collaboration boosted data accuracy to 99.5%, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction, making ExpertCallers an essential business partner.

Story of the Customer

  • Established in 2009, our Washington-based eCommerce company specializes in a diverse range of products including toys, clothing, footwear, and home goods, with a particular emphasis on children's attire.
  • They faced issues with data accuracy and consistency on their website due to vendors submitting product information in various formats.
  • The company required ExpertCallers' assistance to streamline data cleanup and transfer into a standard template to improve data accuracy.

The Challenge

The client had difficulty sharing crucial data due to vendors' varying product detail formats like CSV and Excel, leading to inconsistencies in website product specifications.

  • Necessity for vendors to upload product information in a specific format.
  • Variability in formats, including CSV and Excel spreadsheets, posed submission challenges.
  • Misaligned product specifications on the website led to frequent inconsistencies.
  • As the company grew and vendor numbers increased, the error rate escalated, affecting service quality.

The Solution

ExpertCallers led the product setup and catalog style reconfiguration, providing on-site training and post-transition documentation. Through weekly discussions, performance checks, and training, we ensured transparency and optimization.

  • Product setup and catalog style reconfiguration
  • On-site training by project manager
  • Comprehensive execution plan with training strategies
  • Documentation of processes, objectives, SLAs, KPIs, and more
  • Continuous performance improvement measures and employee development

The Result

Commencing from the thirteenth week of production, the ExpertCallers team was tasked with achieving 97% accuracy. During the initial two weeks, a success rate of 83% was achieved, soaring to 97.5% by the ninth week. Enhanced procedures led to accuracy levels of 99% and beyond.

  • Attained an impressive accuracy rate of 99.5%
  • Deployed specialized FTEs to manage the eCommerce website
  • Realized heightened operational excellence, data precision, and cost efficiency, bolstering customer satisfaction
  • Remarkably reduced client costs by ensuring superior engagement and productivity compared to onshore teams
  • Established trust through outstanding performance and consistent communication, enabling an expanded scope of responsibilities
  • Evolved into an indispensable element of the client's business operations due to the garnered trust and added value.

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