Outsource Call Center Services for Energy and Utilities Industry

Advancing Performance and Augmenting Support

ExpertCallers has over 13 years of experience in delivering robust and efficient call center services designed to help energy and utilities companies streamline customer acquisition and support. Our in-depth knowledge of energy and utilities industry backed by extensive experience in handling underlying call center operations will help energy and utilities companies streamline operations, maximize financial performance and positively contribute to their long-term success.

We Provide a Range of Outsourced Call Center Services for Energy and Utilities Industry

ExpertCallers has wide experience in providing high quality and cost effective call center services to energy and utilities industry. Some of the services include:

Sales and Customer Acquisition

Our sales and customer acquisition experts with a minimum of 6 years of experience can effectively engage with all potential customers via various communication channels and drive sales.

Answering Services

Leveraging our global delivery center model, we can provide round-the-clock telephone answering services to customers across geographies in the language of their choice.

After-Hours Support Services

We have the resources in place to offer highly engaging after-hours support services to enhance and improve business reputation.

IVR Services

Our highly customized IVR (Interactive Voice Response) services helps customers to get the required answers without any delays.

Debt Collections Services

Our streamlined debt collection services allow energy and utility companies to collect every penny that they are owed within fraction of the time and effort.

Other prominent call center services that we provide for energy and utility companies Include:

  • Customer Support Services
  • Switch Board Services
  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Chat Support Services
  • Email Management Services
  • Electric Sales Services
  • Natural Gas Sales Services
  • Green Power Sales Services
  • Emergency Hotlines & Dispatching Services
  • Technical Support Services
  • Notification Campaigns Services
  • Survey Capabilities Services
  • Business-to-Business Sales Services
  • Outage and Emergency Reporting Services
  • Start/Stop Service Services
  • Appliance Repair Scheduling Services
  • Meter Reading Services
  • Account Inquiry Services
  • Budget Plan Enrolment Services
  • Late Payment Notification Services
  • Appointment Reminder Services
  • Planned Power Outage Services
  • Power Restoration Confirmation
  • Peak Time Billing/Savings Updates
  • Customer Surveys
  • Complaint Resolution
  • Field Workforce Communication and Support
  • Energy Efficient Products
  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Natural Gas Conversion Programs
  • Surge Protection
  • Energy Audits
  • Levelized/Fixed Bill Programs
  • Appliance Repair Programs
  • Energy Source and Appliance Conversion

We are Different; Here's Why

Customized Services

Every call is answered by well-trained and skilled professionals, who provide customized services or solutions based on your needs or queries. We follow protocol tailored for specific needs and thus provide better customer satisfaction.

Multilingual Support

Leveraging our delivery centers in India, Philippines, Columbia, Bolivia and Argentina, we offer inbound and outbound call center services in more than 30 languages. This is one of the key differentiators that sets us apart from other call center service providers.

Top Notch Quality

Being a leading call center service provider in the industry, we have made quality is the corner stone of our offerings. We ensure quality is never compromised by only hiring highly skilled and experienced professionals who have in-depth domain expertise and train them rigorously to ensure that they meet our quality standards.

Here’s How Companies Have Benefitted by Outsourcing Call Center Services for Energy and Utilities Industry to ExpertCallers:

  • Our call answering service team enhanced the first call resolution rate of an US based utility company by a whopping 40%

  • Our outsourced call center services helped a Minnesota based utilities company to provide 24X7 support

Why Outsource Call Center Services for Energy and Utilities Industry to ExpertCallers?

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll gain when you outsource call center services for energy and utilities companies to ExpertCallerts:

  • Upto 40% savings on operating cost
  • 5% or less call abandonment rate
  • 80+% First Call Resolution
  • 85% Customer Satisfaction score
  • Industry leading average speed to answer (80% in 60 secs)
  • High and consistent contact quality
  • Robust security for fool-proof operations
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Improved collections
  • Advanced reporting and monitoring

When you outsource call center services for energy and utilities industry to ExpertCallers, you’ll partner with call center service providers that supports your operations with comprehensive customer service, prompt attention to each customer, support hotlines and more.

Contact us today and discover the advantage of outsourcing call center services for energy and utilities industry to ExpertCallers..