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Simple and straightforward pricing structure with no hidden costs - this is what makes our call center services cost-effective and popular.

ExpertCallers offer a highly flexible pricing model that can be molded as per the unique needs of individual business. The services offered are billed in real time and rounded to the nearest second, not minute.

The indicative prices for some of our call center services can be as low as:

Telemarketing and Non-Technical Support $8-$10/hour
Technical Support

Advanced Technical Support


However, the pricing structure of these services can be customized based on factors such as:

  • Call volume
  • Complexity level of the project
  • Skill and experience level of call center agents
  • No. of hours / duration of contract

Pricing Disclaimer

Please note that the quoted prices in the website are just INDICATIVE in nature. The actual price will change depending on nature of the project, duration of the project, coverage, complexity level, skill and experience of the resources, and other terms of contract.

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