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Are you struggling with declining customer satisfaction ratings in spite of having a killer product/service? You probably should take a look at your after-sales/customer support team. The reason could be due to the excessive use of robot callers and automated answering machines. The truth is, nothing beats the phone answering services managed by a real human being when dealing with valued clients and customers.

In most of the cases, whenever someone calls up any service, they look for a one-to-one human conversation rather than a one-sided chat with a bot. As human beings, we love talking to other human beings, but if your business isn’t having enough workforce to handle the after-hour calls, you have to rely on outsourced phone answering service for business with expert live agents.

With telephone answering services, monotonous and boring IVR systems can be replaced with live agents to answer customer calls 24/7. It also cuts down on the turnaround time and makes the call more personal and responsive to the customers. Besides the cost and time reduction, you will have a team of fluent and professional service representatives at your disposal who can deliver the best phone answering service all at affordable pricing rates. Due to this, the phone answering services in India have emerged to become the preferred choice of businesses all across the world.

Outsourcing Phone Answering Services to ExpertCallers

ExpertCallers is among the leadingphone answering service providers in India offering highly customizable services for all your business needs. Our services are designed to adapt to your business protocol and serve as a robust extension of your company.

We have wide experience in handling situations that impact businesses. We leverage this experience to provide continuing education to our employees and help them acquire the confidence to deal with complex and critical situations. With a customized service plan, transparent pricing structure, and embedded service philosophy, we guarantee you the best returns on your phone answering investments.

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Companies can outsource following the phone answering services to us

We provide round-the-clock call answering service to companies across the globe. This means that there is always a human point of contact available for your clients, regardless of when they call. Our representatives will assist your customers as per your quality standards and business processes.

It is our policy to answer each call within the first 10 rings. Through our quick response, we are able to capture the prospective client’s business before they move over to the other service provider. We follow a tight system of quality control that guarantees quick and reliable service each time our live agents answer the phone.

We are a specialty answering service provider with experience in working with a diverse range of industries—healthcare, retail, e-commerce, and real estate, just to new a few. This depth and breadth of experience allows us to work with you and customize a specialized answering solution that suits the unique needs of your business, irrespective of your industry.

We understand the diversity of client demographics. Hence, we hire operators who are not only fluent in English but also other popular languages such as Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. We provide services to customers in the language they understand. Your customer’s happiness is our top priority because when you grow, we grow!

In addition, we can also help you with:

75% of the customers feel that it takes too long to reach a live agent.

As an Expert Offshore Phone Answering Company, We Provide a Range of Outsourced Phone Answering Services

With a team of more than 300 reps, we are capable of handling as many as 30,000 incoming calls every day. We can scale the operations as per your call volume, offering staunch support during peak call times. We believe that the key to providing impeccable outsourced phone answering service lies in knowing your product or service thoroughly. This is the reason we train our team members as per industry standards. We learn the intricacies of your business that separate you from your competitors. Most importantly, our job is to ensure that your reputation is never on the line.

Industries We Serve

ExpertCallers has extensive experience in providing proficient call center services to a wide variety to industries including:

Here are Some of the Ways Companies Have Benefited by Outsourcing Phone Answering Services to ExperCallers

Phone calls handled every day

Our Call Centers are Spread Across Five Countries

We let you pick one or multiple delivery centers according to your preference and requirement.

ExpertCallers global delivery centers (India, Philippines, Bolivia, Colombia & Argentina)

How Our Outsourced Telephone Answering Services Can Benefit You

Our phone answering services can help your customers reach your business at any point of time and also instill a sense of trust and credibility in them about your business. There are several other benefits that come with call answering services provided by Expert Callers.

Sales calls are an important asset for any business. Although a major part of sales has shifted online, however, customers still use phones as an effective means of communication. They feel assured and satisfied after speaking to a live person about their issues. With our live phone answering services, you can rest assured that there will always be someone to receive calls from your clients.

Automated answering machines may seem like a cold approach to dealing with customers who may be interested in your business. It can also give a poor image of your business and make customers lose trust in your business. Outsourcing your 24-hour phone answering service duties to us can help your business be always available for potential calls from customers and make them feel welcomed and important.

Many people argue that they can get an in-house staff to handle customer phone calls. The problem is hiring in house staff can be more expensive. For example, if you work remotely or have several branches across the world, it may be difficult to cover the expenses of in-house staff in all places. In such cases, our outsourced telephone answering services make more sense.

If your productive working hours are spent in receiving a deluge of inbound calls, then it can be pretty confusing and distracting. Sorting out calls and taking only the ones which are important and delegating the rest to telephone answering companies like Expert Callers will help your business to prioritize important tasks.

If you take the help of our outsourced answering services, we can help you achieve a number of varied tasks. Our team of callers and customer support experts will receive calls and note down messages from your customers, they will act as a switchboard to transfer calls, schedule appointments, and reservations. This level of support can really benefit you when it comes to staying ahead of the competition in the domain of customer service.

We are Different; Here's Why

Why Outsource Call Answering Services?

phone answering companies

It's a fast-paced world where you can make or break a business in the blink of an eye. Answering your calls at the right time is extremely important as every missed call would mean that a business is lost. Looking at it from the customer’s perspective, they want their issues resolved right now and won’t like to wait or be on hold for a long time. This not only makes you lose your regular customers but also your potential ones.

At Expert Callers, we offer customized telephone answering services to help respond to your customers even after your business hours. Moreover, these call answering services can make your customers feel that they are talking to your company representatives sitting in your office and offering the same level of customer service they’re expected to receive.

Not having a 24-hour phone answering service at your disposal, you’ll lose a lot of business from the inability to answer phone calls. Whereas, our live phone answering services will help you to increase your bottom-line and increase your revenue.

To summarise, by relying on an outsourced agency like Expert Callers for phone answering services, you get support for the following:

  • Managing call overflow efficiently
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Handling routine tasks
  • Provide you with marketing and sales support
  • Minimizing your in-house (office) expenses
  • Strengthen your business reputation
  • Provide your customers/clients with a 24/7 point-of-contact

Why Outsource Phone Answering Services to ExpertCallers

Don't let your customers wait for no fault of theirs. Include phone answering services by Expert Callers in your business operations and give your clients/customers satisfying user experience. By leveraging experienced agents from Expert Callers, you get access to the following benefits:

Other benefits of partnering with Expert Callers include:

Phone Answering Services - An Overview

Phone Answering services act as a perfect replacement for traditional, in-house call center agents. The firms like Expert Callers help you manage your phone calls, handle customer queries, especially after your office hours. The primary tasks involve – setting up appointments, handling your emails and faxes, and others. Their main objective is to help you generate repetitive business and boost your profitability. Our agents are well-trained to handle your calls as if they’re working for you right from your premises.

Answering services - The secret to business success

One of the crucial areas where most businesses sometimes feel they are lacking is customer service, of which an important part is answering phone calls. Two major scenarios where most businesses would like to improve are attending customer phone calls after work hours and attending to more than one phone call at the same time.

This is where our phone answering services come in. Outsourced answering services by Expert Callers can not only help you to handle the call volumes but also delegate them to our experts who can retain your business ethos while speaking to your customers without compromising on the quality.

Phone Answering Services in India – A Quick Analysis

If you’re curious to know the scope of outsourced phone answering to a country like India, you are in for a surprise. Apart from the Philippines, India is one of the most sought after hubs for both domestic and international firms, especially for outsourcing customer services.

Countries like the USA, UK, and Australia, and others prefer offshoring their telemarketing, lead generation, and even customer services to India. Some of the key benefits organizations get by outsourcing to India include:


It's a well-known fact that India is an extremely cost-effective option for western companies. The cost of living and currency exchange rate makes outsourcing quite economical and gives these organizations a competitive edge

Convenient Time Zone

Different western companies especially the ones in Australia prefer India because of just a 4.5-hour time difference unlike that of the USA or Canada. This time difference is quite feasible for both the firm and the outsourcing agency in India as there are no late-night shifts boosting performance and productivity.

Why Outsource Call Answering Services

How does our phone answering service function?

Our phone answering services or call answering services help substitute generic and monotonous automated voice messages and interactive voice response (IVR) systems. We directly involve our live operators to handle calls at all times of the day. Being a company that offers outsourced answering services, we ensure our operators are oriented towards your brand and well trained in answering specific business calls from customers. This not only helps us bring down the turnaround time and the calls making it more personalized and responsive to please customers.

Choosing the Right Phone Answering Service Agency – Pointers You Must Consider

Picking up an agency to cater to your needs can be a tricky affair if they fail to properly understand your requirements. So, to make sure you’re making the right choice with an agency, see if the following pointers are met or not:

  • Pick an agency that understands the nuances of your industry quite well and has experienced clients similar to the size of your workforce. Picking up an agency from the wrong domain/industry can jeopardize your business plans.
  • Gain clarity on the calling services you need. Prioritize your list of requirements for seamless integration. Also, get an idea of what all services do they cover.
  • Understand the bifurcation of the charges to avoid paying extra for add-on services
  • Check on the number of agents who will be answering your calls. Will it be a single individual or a group of people who’ll be doing it for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

A phone answering service is a type of service that manages both inbound and outbound calls for a wide range of industries. It can be in the form of live agent support or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) providers.

Some of the major benefits that come with outsourced phone answering are skilled expertise, 24x7 service with multiple teams, reduced overhead expenses, and increased efficiency. It also helps generate more profit by reducing turnaround time.

An outsourced phone answering service will include three primary functions:

  • Decide whether to relay urgent calls or transfer to on-call personnel.
  • Screen calls to protect company personnel from non-urgent and superfluous calls.
  • Provide an offsite “front office secretary” to replace a dedicated onsite employee, or to handle any excess traffic.

Yes, you can track or view phone-call minutes 24x7x365 in real-time.

You can make unlimited changes to the script by simply calling our coordinator.

There are several reasons why a dedicated answering service is better than asking your office staff to double up as customer support executives:

  • Employees may not possess the right expertise in terms of approaching a call, speed of problem resolution, and the ability to quickly think on their feet in case of unexpected questions that stray away from the script.
  • Talent at your workplace can be put to better use like focusing on company strategies and operations instead of being forced to take calls.
  • Office assistance will not be available after office hours, which could lead to no customer support during this time period resulting in decreased satisfaction.

At Expert Callers, we have a straightforward pricing structure that communicates all the costs transparently. The services are billed and rounded to the nearest second, not minute. The indicative prices of our services are as follows:

  • Telemarketing and non-technical support - $8-$10/hour
  • Technical support - $10-$15/hour
  • Advanced technical support - $15-$25/hour

You can opt for our call answering services which replace the generic automated voice messages with interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Our live operators will handle all your business calls from customers. You can also choose how you want your calls to be forwarded such as manual forwarding and remote call forwarding. Reach out to us at to know more.

The best phone answering service is one that helps businesses reach customers at any point in time and create a feeling of trust and credibility about your business. At Expert Callers, we provide the best phone answering services. Some of the benefits of choosing our answering service are:

  • Avoid missing any sales calls
  • Offer personalized service to customers
  • Save money on hiring additional staff
  • Get more time for core business operations

All our account holders have a unique forwarding phone number. Your calls are forwarded to this number. When a call comes to our contact center, our agent answers the call on behalf of your company name, following the recommended brand instructions and guidelines.