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ExpertCallers is a team of 1,000+ multilingual agents offering live phone answering services to US, Canadian, Australian, European, and Asian businesses. Our phone answering services are tailored to meet your unique business needs. Our team is trained to handle calls with the utmost professionalism, ensuring every customer is treated with care and respect.

With our phone answering services, you can focus on what you do best while we take care of your calls. Contact Us Today. to learn more about our professional answering services!

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Answering Services We HandleA Trusted Team for Call Management

  • Answering and Routing Incoming Calls

    A quick and efficient connection to the correct department or person to resolve inquiries or issues.
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  • Providing Basic Information and Support to Callers

    Your caller questions are answered, and assistance is received, leading to a better customer experience and increased satisfaction.
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  • Screening and Qualifying Leads

    Saves time by identifying potential customers, allowing them to focus on those most likely to convert.
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  • Resolving Customer Complaints

    Increase customer satisfaction & loyalty by addressing and resolving their concerns promptly and effectively.
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  • Message Taking & Relay

    We ensure the messages are delivered accurately and promptly to the right person, improving communication and efficiency.
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  • Scheduling Appointments and Meetings

    Schedule appointments and meetings, enabling our clients to manage time and prioritize their tasks efficiently.
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  • Processing Orders and Payments

    Efficiently handles transactions and ensures timely delivery, providing convenience and satisfaction to clients.
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  • Following Up with Customers and Clients

    Following up with customers and clients shows care and builds trust, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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    Conducting Surveys and Gathering Feedback

    Surveys and feedback to help you gather insights and improve their products/services for better customer satisfaction.

Business Answering Services Providing Professional Support
for Your Business

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    Small and Medium - sized Businesses

Efficiently Manage Your Calls with Our Professional Call Answering Services Your Trusted Offshore Phone Experts

Outsourcing phone answering services to ExpertCallers provides round-the-clock availability, ensuring your calls are always answered, even outside business hours. We at ExpertCallers guarantee faster response times, as dedicated agents are trained to handle calls efficiently and effectively. Additionally, outsourcing telephone answering will reduce costs, resulting in better customer pricing.
Outsourcing phone answering services to ExpertCallers

Why Outsource Business Answering Services to ExpertCallers?

Cost savings

Cost savings

Reduce overhead and staffing expenses by delegating phone answering duties to third-party service providers.
Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Delegate phone answering to experts, freeing time for core tasks, and improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Multilingual support

Increased customer satisfaction, expanded market reach, improved communication, and enhanced professional image.


Streamlining communication saves time and resources, enables growth opportunities, manages high call volumes, and expands operations.
Improved Customer Service

Improved Customer Service

They efficiently handle customer inquiries, free up staff time, and provide 24/7 availability.
24/7 availability

24/7 availability

ExpertCallers provide businesses with round-the-clock availability for customer inquiries and support.
Advanced technology

Advanced technology

A cost-effective way to leverage specialized technology for customer service while focusing on core business.


Managing customer calls without hiring additional staff is the flexibility to choose the type of service you require.

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