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ExpertCallers’ call center services provide your business with a smart way to handle your inbound needs. With over 12 years of experience in serving the call center industry world over, we know what it takes to make inbound call services and processes more adept, responsive, and customer-centric.

We're all used to the familiar voice on the other end of the telephone, patiently answering all our questions, listening to our complaints, and resolving our problems. Call centers are the heart and soul of customer service for any business. They are the intermediaries you reach whenever you call a business. On the other hand, when you as a customer, receive a call from a business representative from a particular company, you can be sure to expect that the call is routed through a call center...through professionals like Expert Callers.

At ExpertCallers, one of the leading inbound call centers in India, we see every phone call as an opportunity to impress your customer. So, we go all out to ensure they hang up feeling confident and reassured. Be it issues to be resolved, orders to be placed, schedules to be managed, etc., our inbound call center services offer your business the value, trust, and expertise needed to turn your customers into admirers.

We bank on the right kind of agent training, script development, quality assessment, technology upgradation, and accountability to make your inbound process more responsive and customer-centric. In the process, we prepare you to meet today’s needs, as well as tomorrow’s challenges. Our inbound call center solutions are focused on reducing the costs by a substantial amount and maximizing the business profits.

What differentiates us from the other inbound call center service providers is our ability to handle a wide range of call center service operations of businesses all around the world across a variety of service domains. Our sophisticated infrastructure complemented by the team of skilled customer service representatives helps us offer the best and effective call center support custom-made for your customers.

Not all call centers are similar. The type of call center typically depends on the nature of the business they serve. There are two distinct types of call centers that exist - inbound and outbound.

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Our Complete Range of Inbound Call Center Services

In the age of customer service driven businesses, operating without an omnichannel inbound call center is unimaginable. Since maintaining in-house call centers can be a burden on your budget, outsourcing the work to professional inbound call center solutions can be an ideal choice for you. Not only will it help take the responsibility of all call center functions and customer experience but also help in reducing costs.

We offer the full range of services that help you to increase sales, retain customers, and create loyalty. Companies can outsource the following inbound call center services to us:

Our portfolio also includes the following inbound call center services

  • Customer Service :reshaping the brand's image in the customers’ eyes
  • Social Media Management : Offering 24*7 social media support to answer customer queries in real-time
  • Answering Services : A proper message relay between the customers to clients ensuring no important message or lead gets missed
  • Inquiry Handling : Assisting you with basic to complex questions seamlessly
  • Chat/Email/Phone Support : Live chat Support / Email Support /phone support to give customers/clients a superior experience

Industries We Serve

ExpertCallers has extensive experience in providing proficient call center services to a wide variety to industries including:

ExpertCallers has extensive experience in providing proficient inbound call center outsourcing services to a wide variety to industries including:

Interactions in a day
Trained Agents
First Call Resolution Rate

Our Call Centers are Spread Across Five Countries

We let you pick one or multiple delivery centers according to your preference and requirement.

ExpertCallers global delivery centers (India, Philippines, Bolivia, Colombia & Argentina)

Inbound Call Centers Services – How Can They Benefit You

This segment primarily helps you understand – how relying on a dedicated inbound call center can benefit you and your organization. Here’s a quick overview:

All businesses are customer-centric & hence keeping the customer satisfied is important for them. Satisfied customers indirectly boost your business, help you with marketing, etc. The agents at inbound call centers are well-trained to handle customers, understand their needs, and wants and accordingly suggest ways to boost your business and improve customer satisfaction ratio.

As an entrepreneur, there are moments when you are too overwhelmed to respond to multiple incoming calls. Every call missed is a business opportunity lost and this is where the inbound call center comes to your aid. These centers work hand-in-hand with your organization to handle incoming calls ensuring none goes unanswered and simultaneously resolve customer queries, thereby boosting your sales.

Time is Money.” Brands shouldn't let customers wait tirelessly on phones when they are expecting a quick response. Hiring an inbound call center services provider can equip your customer support wing with a live answering service. Instant gratification can greatly decrease the chances of encountering a negative buzz on social media, thus upholding brand reputation.

We are Different; Here's Why

Why Outsource Inbound Call Center Services to ExpertCallers?

Whatever your industry, our Inbound call centers helps your business run smoother and more efficiently. We increase business, nurture leads, retain customers, and increase brand loyalty. Our skilled agents represent your brand in the most positive light during each call 24 hours each day, 7 days a week. We’re able to expertly handle even the most seemingly complex inbound calling requests with finesse. Nothing helps your business more than positive word-of-mouth advertising from delighted customers who are impressed with your excellent support and service. We guarantee you the following:
  • 85% Customer Satisfaction score
  • 5% or less call abandonment rate
  • Robust security for fool-proof operations
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Dedicated PRI Lines to make and receive calls
  • Experienced team. Every individual goes through an internal training to understand the importance of each project and deliverables
  • 24/7 support from delivery centers in India, Philippines, Bolivia, Columbia, and Argentina
  • 80+% First Call Resolution
  • High and consistent contact quality
  • Competitive pricing for the best value for money
  • Option to interview the candidates
  • Industry-leading avg speed to answer (80% in 60 secs)
  • CRM to log every call with the right disposition. 100% recordings for the project which can be shared when needed

ExpertCallers as an agency comes with 12 years of experience providing inbound call center services to its clients and customers via trained experts who have requisite skills and expertise. Rigorous and continuous training ensures that our staff stays at par in communication knowledge or industry knowledge & provides immediate attention to the customers’ queries.

Outsource Inbound Call Center Services: Features that Give Us an Edge

we take great care while handling your inbound needs. Leveraging a highly experienced team of bilingual representatives who are trained to handle every interaction positively, within the specified guidelines, we communicate what you ask and expect from an award-winning inbound call center outsourcing company with your clients and customers. Here, are some of the features of our outsourced inbound call center services:
inbound call center outsourcing

Inbound Call Center Infrastructure at ExpertCallers

This software enables us to interact with our customers via the Internet or Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) using an enterprise of desktop applications, Web and e-mail servers, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, automatic call distributors (ACDs), and more.

This product set is of immense help when it comes to meeting the ever-changing needs of customer expectations and preferences. The usage of this product set helps us to maximize customer service as well as product sales opportunities by eliminating the need to install separate management processes and infrastructure for every new channel or media type.

We use Cisco IPCC to provide a location and media independent contact center infrastructure, which supports email, chat, voice, web and other electronic channels.

It’s possible to set up inbound call centers in two types of environments - shared and dedicated. In the case of shared inbound call centers, the inbound call center services are charged on a per-minute basis and the agents are experts at handling diverse types of clients. On the other hand, dedicated inbound call centers are charged on an hourly basis and the agents are focused on a particular client program for each specific hour.

Shared inbound call centers mostly employ experienced call center agents who have greater work experience with an inbound call center agency. These agents would ideally be able to switch over between different clients easily. Moreover, this set up works for organizations who don’t want to pay for a dedicated agent to wait for when calls come. However, if you have a consistent influx of calls that can keep an agent busy for at least 70% of the hours, it’ll make sense to go for a dedicated inbound call center agent.

 inbound call center services

In simple words, an inbound call center is one that receives incoming calls. Inbound call center services involve answering calls that they receive from customers rather than actively making any calls to customers. Inbound call center solutions are thus mostly focused on providing customer service in the form of tech support, product assistance, or order placement. They are the go-to team for answering queries related to tech support, billing queries, product issues, or other customer problems.

Generally, all calls are routed via an interactive voice response (IVR) before reaching an agent. In fact, research finds out that customers spend almost 30% of their time interacting with an IVR system instead of an agent.

On the other hand, an outbound call center is one that mostly makes calls instead of receiving them. Most outbound call center solutions are focused on sales. They already have a list of contacts to get in touch with and record their interactions with the help of a customer relationship management system (CRM).

The major difference between inbound and outbound call centers lies in their purpose. While inbound call centers are focused on answering calls, resolving queries, and providing support, outbound call centers are focused on reaching out to potential customers to meet targets.

While some call centers handle both incoming and outgoing calls, the nature of calls handled is a major factor that differentiates inbound and outbound call centers. Hence while choosing a particular call center infrastructure for your business, it’s important to keep in mind the type of interactions you’re planning to have with your customers.

Know how ExpertCallers Is the Right One

Inbound call center outsourcing is now becoming a common affair owing to many companies focusing on their core operations and, hence, outsourcing their customer care operations. This mandates a careful assessment of companies that provide inbound call center solutions and their expertise in the same. While choosing a company that can handle your inbound call services, you must check for the following:

Find out if the call center has dedicated or shared agents. If the volume of your inbound calls is huge, the vendor may assign only dedicated agents that would pay full time and attention to your company.

Dedicated agents work best for providing inbound call center solutions to businesses with specified needs, thus, necessitating consistency from their clients.

Though services through shared clients may be cheaper, chances are that the call center employees may not attend to all the inbound complaints, thus, marring your company’s reputation in the long run. ExpertCallers provides both dedicated and shared agents depending on the customers’ business needs.

First understand the services that the call centers may provide. Not all vendors may be adept at providing inbound call services. Some may be into the business of providing outbound calling services.

In contrast, inbound calls are made to provide customer assistance and technical support to grieving clients. The employees at ExpertCallers are adept at providing inbound call services to customers outsourcing their inbound call center solutions for better support.

The risk of a data breach is huge, thus, necessitating the choice of a call center that has its operations within the cloud. Today, call centers providing inbound call center solutions provide both cloud-based and on-location services, thus, allowing you to choose as per your need.

Also, check if the call center has suffered any security breaches earlier. Avoid if you are unsure of the security strength and efficacy that the cloud-based vendor has promised. ExpertCallers understands the risks of security and has implemented all security protocols to keep its customers’ data protected.

References matter and that is why you must seek from the call center’s present clients regarding their experience or if they would like to recommend someone else for the job.

Prefer to outsource to a company that has handled inbound call center solutions for businesses similar to yours. ExpertCallers has an enviable list of customers that you may choose to talk to and verify for our performance and effectiveness in providing necessary inbound call center services.

The call center is ready to provide your company the required inbound call services once it has entered into a contract with your business. The integration process varies according to the nature and size of your business as much as the approach of the call center to the service it is going to offer.

However, before you sign on the dotted line, check the ease of integrating your company’s hardware, software, or information sharing technology with the call center company. The employees at ExpertCallers are adept at the integration of various businesses and can guide their customers regarding the terms and conditions for the integration process.

inbound call center outsourcing

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are two types of call center:

  • Inbound Call Center – Receives calls from customers and users.
  • Outbound Call Center – Makes calls to customers and users.

An inbound call center is a call center that manages and receives incoming calls from customers. These inbound call services usually offer sales support, service support, billing support, and handle general queries from an existing or prospective customer over the phone. A firm can either get this job done by its in-house call center agents or outsource the task to customer care service providers who have expertise in the domain. Inbound call centers support is also provided through email or live chat.

The primary differentiating factor between inbound and outbound in BPO is the nature of the calls they handle. Inbound call centers answer calls, resolve queries, and offer support to customers, whereas, outbound call centers are focused on calling customers for sales, updates, payments, offers, or renewals of products and services.

Speaking of their differences in technology requirements, an inbound call center requires technologies, such as call monitoring, call controls, and ticketing integration. On the other hand, outbound call centers need dialers, outbound IVR, and CRM integration.

Finally, the level of challenge is different in inbound and outbound call centers, although both of them have a significant effect on the business. While outbound call centers aim at getting higher conversion ratios, inbound centers focus on delivering faster resolution to customer problems and better customer satisfaction.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephony menu system that enables the dial pad for identification, segmentation, and routing of callers to the most appropriate agent within the respective team.

An inbound call centerservice provider offers the following services to improve customer relationships and enhance sales leads.

  • Customer Care: Handling general inquiries & consumer response, IVR services, order taking, reservation booking, phone answering, inbound web chat, online
  • Sales: Product information request services, cross and up selling, customer service, scheduling sales demos, technical support, product recall management, inbound sales, claims processing, etc.
  • Revenue management: Insurance claims processing, payment collection, rebate processing, job dispatch, order entry, etc.

While choosing a provider, look out for the below features:

  • Call-back option: Giving customers the option to receive a call back once they reach the end of the queue to ensure the customer doesn't get frustrated.
  • Skills-based routing: Redirecting customers to the right queue ensuring their query gets resolved from the most proficient agent leading to a higher customer satisfaction ratio.
  • Customer support: Providing customer support before, during, and after the purchase.
  • 'Last Agent Routing' Identifying repeat callers and auto redirecting them to the agent who last interacted with them and resolved their query to give a consistent and better customer experience.

Although there are many call centers in the market that offer the same service as ExpertCallers, one major factor that differentiates ExpertCallers from the rest is our invaluable team of multilingual representatives who are well-experienced and trained to handle customer interactions effectively. The team at ExpertCallers delivers the best possible calling resolutions during customer support interactions. Our call-handling representatives put in their best efforts to achieve high customer satisfaction levels and use their skill sets to maintain a positive balance between average handle time and first call resolution.

Inbound calls per Agent per hour implies the number of inbound calls that an agent or a customer service representative handles in an hour. The term is popularly used in the call center services industry as a metric to determine the productivity of contact center agents in addition to many other key performance indicators. The data also helps call center managers calculate the number of executives they need on average to manage a process efficiently to ensure every incoming call is answered.