Case Study

ExpertCallers Revolutionizes CCTV Monitoring for US-UK Based Restaurant Chain, Enhancing Security and Efficiency


  • The restaurant chain faced security issues due to disjointed and non-recording CCTV systems across outlets.
  • The solution consolidated surveillance into a single system, added a recording feature, and provided continuous support.
  • The result was a reliable, real-time surveillance system, ensuring complete and uninterrupted premise security.

Story of the Customer

  • A leading restaurant chain operating in the US and UK was struggling with their CCTV monitoring services, with technical issues compromising the security of their premises and a lack of synchronization and recording capabilities across their multiple outlets.
  • Our team streamlined their CCTV system, added a high-end recording system, and provided 24/7 support.
  • This ensured the chain's premises security, improved crisis management, and resolved all previous worries.

The Challenge

The customer was facing frequent technical issues with their existing CCTV monitoring services, compromising the security of their restaurant premises.

  • Their surveillance systems at each outlet were working independently with no synchronization, making it difficult to monitor all outlets effectively.
  • The existing system lacked the option to record footage, and it was unable to reach and extract footage from every camera, thus limiting the chain's ability to review past incidents.

The Solution

The surveillance system was centralized, a high-end recording system was integrated for better crisis management, and 24/7 support was provided for continuous monitoring

  • Centralize the surveillance system: The surveillance system was streamlined across multiple software platforms into a singular operating system to ensure synchronized and efficient monitoring.
  • Incorporate a high-end surveillance recording system: This system was linked with multiple software systems, providing secure playback and archiving functions, thereby enhancing crisis management capabilities.
  • Ensure 24/7 support: An around-the-clock support was provided, enabling the client’s support team to monitor surveillance without any interruptions or issues.

The Result

Our team successfully delivered a custom-tailored surveillance solution that not only met the customer's basic requirements but also ensured round-the-clock security. This project's success is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative solutions promptly and efficiently.

  • The project successfully met the customer's basic requirements in a short time frame, providing uninterrupted real-time surveillance 24/7.
  • Several product and performance issues affecting complete surveillance were effectively resolved, enhancing the overall efficiency of the system.
  • The innovative solution provided by the project team significantly improved premise security, allowing the customer to relinquish all related concerns.

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