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How Our CCTV Monitoring Services Helped a Leading Restaurant Chain

A popular restaurant chain operating in US and UK was unhappy with its CCTV monitoring services. They were suffering from repeated technical snags which compromised the security of their premises. The restaurant chain approached us in search of a more effective real-time CCTV monitoring solution for all of their property premises.


The Challenges

We carried out a thorough assessment of the existing services and stumbled upon numerous short comings in the existing system. One of the major issues that we foundwas the disjunction between the client’s current onsite and in-house support, and their CCTV monitoring platforms.The various surveillance systems guarding each outlet worked as silos and there was no synchronization. Also there was no option to record the footages. And the biggest chink in the armor wasthe inability of existing system to reachand extract footage from each and every camera placed at multiple outlets of the restaurant chain.


The Out-Of-The-Box Solution

The first thing we did was to bring synchronization between the various platforms within the surveillance system. We did this by streamlining the customer’s CCTV monitoring system that was spread across multiple software platforms into a single operating system. And we made sure this operating system received regular updates.

Our experts then customized the client's current security systems by incorporating a high-end surveillance recording system and linked this system with multiple software systems. This armed them with secure playback and archiving functions, and in the process facilitated better crisis management. And finally we offered round-the-clock support so that the client’s support team could monitor surveillance without any issues.


Project Achievements

The high-point of this project was meeting the basic requirements of the customer within a very short span of time and ensuring uninterrupted real-time surveillance round-the-clock. Besides this, we were able to resolve several other product and performance related issues that was affecting complete surveillance. Our innovative solution helped the customer leave behind all worries related to premise security.


Outsource CCTV Monitoring Services to ExpertCallers

At ExpertCallers, we put you first and offer services that are tailor made to meet your needs. Our high-end solutions are extremely flexible and can seamlessly interoperate with different types of third party solutions. When it comes to advanced surveillance systems, we leverage the power of an IP network to deliver highly improvised and scalable security solutions.