Case Study

Expert Callers' Outbound Strategy Drives 4-5 Daily Deals for UK Mobile App Developer


  • A UK mobile app developer needed help to boost sales via outbound calling in the food and beverage sector.
  • A trained outbound calling team pitched the app's features to potential customers, offering a 30-day free trial.
  • The strategy resulted in 4-5 daily sales, impressing the client and leading to an ongoing partnership.

Story of the Customer

  • The customer, a UK-based mobile applications developer, was struggling to increase their product sales and reach their target market in the food and beverage industry due to lack of resources and expertise in outbound calling.
  • We developed a tailored outbound calling strategy and trained a team, boosting the client's product awareness among potential customers.
  • The strategy led to 4-5 daily sales, impressing the client and resulting in a partnership for all call center needs, thereby increasing their mobile app sales.

The Challenge

  • The client faced difficulties in increasing sales due to a lack of resources and expertise in outbound sales, particularly in targeting the food and beverage industry.
  • The client needed effective sales strategies and training for their employees to successfully pitch their product to the targeted customers.
  • The challenge was not just attracting potential customers but also converting them into buyers, which required creating awareness about the product’s features and offering incentives like a free trial.

The Solution

  • Leveraged data analytics to target food businesses, setting up and training a proficient outbound calling team.
  • Trained the team on pitching product features, generating interest, and emailing additional information to potential customers.
  • Boosted sales by offering a 30-day free trial of the product to interested customers, securing a long-term partnership.

The Result

  • The outbound calling strategy resulted in 4-5 successful sales deals every day, significantly increasing the client's mobile app sales.
  • A high level of interest was generated amongst potential customers, with many expressing interest in receiving further information about the product via email.
  • The client was highly impressed with the successful sales strategy, leading to a decision to partner with us for all their call center needs.

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