Case Study

ExpertCallers Helps Domain Registry Boost Productivity by Streamlining Queries through Unified Interface


  • A domain registry service provider needed a system to efficiently cater to diverse customer queries across multiple communication channels.
  • A team was set up with a unified interface to manage all customer interactions, leading to streamlined operations and quicker responses.
  • The successful implementation resulted in higher productivity, customer satisfaction, and an early contract extension for the service provider.

Story of the Customer

  • Our client is a London-based domain registry, specializing in managing domain extensions like .la and .pw, and serving as the backend provider for sixty top-level domains, catering to a diverse customer base.
  • Specializes in domain registration, educating diverse customers on selection, registration, third-party purchases, maintenance, dispute resolution, and usage.
  • Sought our assistance for effective management of customer queries via calls, emails, and chats.

The Challenge

The project presented significant challenges in terms of managing diverse communication channels, training agents in specialized domain knowledge, and creating a unified customer interaction interface.

  • Managing customer queries efficiently across diverse communication channels was challenging due to its complex nature.
  • Training agents in domain registration and multi-channel handling, especially during multitasking, was another challenge.
  • Developing an integrated environment to coordinate all customer interactions through a single interface was a significant hurdle.

The Solution

In response to the client's challenge, we set up a team of 50+ agents, trained by experts in domain registration and strategy, equipped to handle diverse tasks.

  • A unified agent solution was used to manage all customer interactions, improving system navigation and efficiency.
  • A trained team of 50+ agents was formed, led by experienced managers for clear and effective communication.
  • Upselling strategies were utilized, along with efficient logging and escalation of cases, improving customer satisfaction.

The Result

Our services delivered exceptional results for the client, leading to significantly increased productivity and elevated levels of customer satisfaction.

  • The implementation of a unified agent solution reduced system navigation time and enhanced customer interaction efficiency across various communication channels, including voice, email, web chat, and social media.
  • The client experienced increased productivity and customer satisfaction levels due to faster issue resolution and quick settling of queries.
  • The client was so impressed with the competency displayed that they extended our contract and provided additional resources, prior to the completion of the trial term.

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