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Multi-city Telemarketing Services for an Electronics Manufacturer

The Client:

An India based electronic company specializing in manufacturing mobile chargers.


The Requirement

The client had developed a mobile charger which doubled up as a key chain.

They wanted to sell the product via leading bike and spare-part dealers across cities in India. So, they approached us to help them find the right leads and develop a robust plan for pitching and selling them



Our main challenge was to meet the multi-tier selling requirement of the client. Ensuring good market coverage by developing a multi-level marketing plan meant tailoring a strategy based on reach, relationship and training.

We had to identify distributors and dealers and convince them to push the products to every prospect. This meant explaining the utility of the client's product over other competing products and persuading them to pitch it in the right earnest. The other big challenge was to meet the steep numbers – 100 sales per day per city and 2000 per month per city.



Our first step was to target the right audience. To ensure this we carried out extensive market research to collect data about distributors and dealers, properly validate and qualify the lead and create a sublime database. Once this was done we had to craft the right marketing campaign for pitching the product.

We formed 5 different teams of skilled outbound callers to target specific cities. The agents were trained rigorously on the selling aspects of the chargers and on ways to keep the conversation simple, plain and quick. The training also focused on how to handle rejections. We created a separate database of rejections, so that they could be approached later.

Every lead was followed up on till they responded favorably. Every positive response was passed on to a seasoned sales professional to close the sale.

Likewise, seasoned sales personnel took care of the rejected enquiries.



3 months into the project we were able to meet the target of selling 2000 chargers a month. Furthermore, our solution was cost-effective enough for the client to realize more profits through savings. The client had initially signed up for 3 month trial, but prior to the completion of the term they approved an extension of contract.

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