Case Study

Expert Callers Boost Sales for an Electronics Firm, 2000 Chargers Sold Monthly Leading to Contract Extension


  • An Indian electronics manufacturer engaged a telemarketing service to sell their new mobile charger-key chain via bike and spare-part dealers.
  • They used market research and targeted marketing campaigns, training specialized teams to pitch and sell the product.
  • Within three months, they achieved the target of selling 2000 chargers a month, leading to a contract extension.

Story of the Customer

  • An India-based electronics manufacturer needed help selling their new mobile charger-keychain product via bike and spare-part dealers across India.
  • The challenge was creating a multi-tier marketing strategy to convince dealers to prioritize their product over competitors.
  • With the help of a telemarketing service, they met their sales target of 2000 chargers per month, leading to a contract extension.

The Challenge

The project posed several significant challenges, including devising a comprehensive marketing strategy, persuading dealers to favor our client's product, and fulfilling ambitious sales goals.

  • Creating a tailored multi-level marketing strategy for broad market coverage.
  • Convincing dealers to sell the client's product over competitors.
  • Achieving high sales targets of 100 units per day per city.

The Solution

The solution to successfully market and sell the client's unique mobile charger involved a blend of comprehensive market research, targeted outbound calling, and strategic sales closing tactics.

  • Extensive market research was conducted to create a database of qualified leads and a targeted marketing campaign.
  • Skilled outbound callers were trained and assigned to target specific cities.
  • Sales professionals were used to close sales and handle rejected enquiries.

The Result

The telemarketing campaign demonstrated significant success in terms of sales targets, cost-effectiveness, and client satisfaction, as outlined in the following key results

  • The telemarketing solution successfully reached the target of selling 2000 chargers per month within a 3-month period.
  • The client found the solution cost-effective, leading to enhanced profits through savings.
  • The positive results led the client to extend the contract beyond the initial 3-month trial period.

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