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Outsource Real Estate Call Center Services

Helping Deliver Prompt and Accurate Support to Real Estate Customers

Helping Deliver Prompt and Accurate Support to Real Estate Customers

Outsourcing Your Real Estate Call Center Services to Expertcallers

ExpertCallers, the leading call center for real estate investors, has extensive experience delivering high-quality inbound call center services and outbound call center services to real estate agents, brokers, and investors across the globe. This experience and expertise enable us to offer highly personalized real estate call center services that cover all facets of the real estate industry — starting from streamlining lead generation to optimizing property management to maintaining professional image & improving reputation to saving on internal costs.

Our multi-channel real estate inbound and outbound call center services equipped with the latest technology provides a refined platform to connect with the customers and deliver round-the-clock services for setting appointments, scheduling meetings, handling inquiries, managing overflows, recording realtor & client feedback, and so on.

Real estate firms have to stay in touch with agents and customers round the clock. On the other hand, potential clients might be trying to connect with you for buying or selling properties. Hence, having a strong and reliable communication system is necessary to broaden the customer base and handle existing customers excellently, and that’s what a real estate call center company offers.

Cold calling in real estate is a critical task and is very important for gaining new clients. So, you might want to hire a dedicated team of professionals and get the commercial real estate cold calling task done in-house. But then, you also have to consider the costs involved in hiring and training these agents, keeping them on payrolls, providing them infrastructure and office space to name a few.

Outsourcing real estate cold calling services to ExpertCallers can be your best bet as that would reduce overhead costs and significantly improve your profits. Our team of professionals are well-versed in the nitty-gritty of cold calling guidelines and help develop the best real estate cold calling scripts to tactfully pursue prospects.

Going forward, let’s see what additional benefits can the real estate industry get by outsourcing its call center department to ExpertCallers.

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We Provide A Range of Outsourced Real Estate Call Center Services

Companies have benefitted by outsourcing the following real estate call center services to us:

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ExpertCallers has extensive experience in providing proficient call center services to a wide variety to industries including:

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We Provide a Range of Outsourced real estate Call Center Services

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Benefits of Outsourcing Real Estate Call Center Services

Every real estate sales office must have a responsive and experienced team to handle its call center operations. But with a large number of customers to cater to, it can be difficult to maintain an in-house team of sales representatives to handle the influx of customer calls and queries. Moreover, your firm also has to bear the added expenses of the infrastructure and operations. Therefore, outsourcing your call center services to real estate BPO companies makes more sense. Not only can they handle your customer concerns and calls but also help you reach out to new prospects and increase your loyal customer base.

Real estate call center outsourcing companies can produce extremely effective results majorly because of their professionalism in handling clients and their specific call center scripts for real estate customers that focus on conversations regarding properties for sale, lease, or rent. They also offer real estate appointment setting services that help to tactfully approach new prospects and scale your business.

By outsourcing real estate call center services, realtors can let well-trained and experienced agents carry out productive conversations with their prospects on their behalf. Some of the benefits that real estate companies can get from outsourcing their call center tasks are -

Outsourced Inbound and Outbound Call Center BPO Services

Once a real estate company hands over the database containing customer details to the call center, the agents will start talking to the prospects to identify new opportunities. They will provide property investors and individuals with information regarding the upcoming residential and commercial projects to ensure getting a qualified inquiry and deal closure.

Real estate call center agents create an instant connection with your prospects and have far more leverage than automated voices. This makes your communication channels more reliable and contributes to your real estate business growth. Additionally, your call center service provider will help you get new clients and help maintain healthy relationships with the existing clients as well.

A real estate firm may have clients from all walks of life, who aren’t necessarily involved in 9-5 jobs. They could be nurses, doctors, or other service providers who work round the clock or whenever their services are called upon. Hence, it’s quite difficult to connect with them during regular business hours. That’s where real estate call services can help by answering calls after work hours so that your business remains functioning 24/7. Your customers can call anytime, and their queries will be addressed right away.

As a real estate firm, you will have to deal with several requests that need a rapid response from customers with varying priorities - from an anxious property seller, lender to a buyer in immediate need of a house. Call centers can deliver the right appointment setting services to schedule a time for customer interaction and handle queries as per your instructions, thus increasing overall client satisfaction. As professional call centers offering outsourcing services are capable of handling multiple clients at the same time, you don’t have to worry about your clients being put on hold while interacting with another client.

Real estate call service agents can easily identify leads from the given database and pitch the perfect property listings to prospects. Partnering with professional call center companies can give you an edge over other realtors as they can pitch the same listing to your prospects before other agents do it.

Call centers try to identify new opportunities in the area by making genuine business connections and taking the time to gradually establish a prospecting pipeline. This helps to establish successful client connections.

Whenever a lead is identified, call center agents will provide appropriate suggestions on the purchase, lease, or sale of the property to them. They are trained to leverage market knowledge and use it to help your prospects make the right decisions regarding the sale or lease of a property.

Call center service providers are aware that every prospect will have their individual needs and they need to be sensitive to their varying requirements at all times. Hence, they constantly keep checking in with the clients to understand their specific property management needs. Building versatility in their sales approach is imperative for call center companies.

When it comes to cold calling prospects, the script plays a vital role. Sometimes, customers can put a question that can confuse the agents and make them sound ignorant. But, with the right script in place, these shortcomings can be eliminated. So, call center companies prepare a script by thoroughly researching and understanding the real estate market needs. Besides, cold calling is an important part of real estate appointment setting services.

Other Outbound Call Center Services includes:
  • Market Intelligence Services
  • Product Promotion Services
  • Information Verification Services
  • Third Party Verification Services
  • Outbound Sales Support Services
  • Customer Surveys Services
  • Debt Collection Services
  • Customer Loyalty Management and Retention Services

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Why Outsource Real Estate Call Center Services to ExpertCallers?

When you outsource real estate call center services to ExpertCallers, you will witness the following benefits:
  • Affordable and flexible pricing
  • Operational transparency
  • Unmatched quality
  • Complete data security
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Skilled workforce
  • Omnichannel customer support
  • Easy integration with a CRM system
  • Workforce optimization

Many realtors are now realizing the importance of cold calling their prospects. Although they still have to meet their clients in person and show them the properties, calling them in advance helps to fix appointments and sets the stage for further communication with their customers. Your prospects who are looking to buy, sell, or rent a property will be happier to talk to a real person who has knowledge of real estate instead of the automated voicemail. So, you need to ensure that all your communications are handled properly and it doesn't go unanswered.

Handling the incoming and outgoing calls in the real estate industry in the right way can take your business growth to the next level. But for that, you need to increase your customer base, and the right team of skilled agents can get that job done. Hence, the best option is to outsource real estate call center services. ExpertCallers is well-equipped with the latest technology, infrastructure, and trained personnel who specialize in handling customer calls excellently.

When you outsource real estate call center services to ExpertCallers, you’ll partner with a real estate call center service provider that has years of experience in providing customized call center services to real estate agencies of all sizes. Our customer-centric approach and quality services help empower and improve the reputation of your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

A real estate call center service provides seamless communication between your real estate business and buyers to enhance the customer experience and as a result, brings in more conversions.

  • Dedicated call center agents make all incoming and outgoing calls on behalf of the business. This helps real estate agents save time and interact better with their clients on a personal level.
  • Clients prefer communicating with a real person with the necessary experience who can address their concerns about their future home and finances rather than a standard voicemail.