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Outsource Call Center Services to Philippines

Philippines most prolific call center outsourcing services to ensure your customers are smiling always

Employ the services of Philippines most prolific call center outsourcing services to ensure your customers are smiling always

Expert Callers is among the top call center services company in the Philippines. It has over 12 years of experience in assisting businesses to delight their customers and achieve consistent growth. Expert callers specialize in a range of services including inbound call center, outbound call center, customer support, lead generation appointment setting, helpdesk support and a host of other services.

The company leverages its experience to promote customer satisfaction, We bank on our knowledge acquisition skills, communication skills, exhaustive training methods, and flexible work culture to deliver high-quality services to our customers. Outsource call center services to Expert Callers for robust back-office support for all your business requirements.

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The Philippine economy has seen a steady rise in the past few years, and it’s not going to slow down any time soon. Due to the Philippines' telemarketing outsourcing, the country’s GDP grew up to 7.5 % in 2018. The country has made waves in the BPO industry and now major players are making a beeline to outsource customer service to the Philippines.

The BPO industry has seen tremendous growth in the past decade, and it has become a huge source of private employment while being the second largest contributor to foreign exchange earnings. In fact, Philippine call center companies post more job openings than any other industry in a year.

The future seems very bright for Philippine call center companies because it’s predicted that they will have a total income range of forty to fifty billion dollars by the end of 2020. This is positive news because it will increase employment chances by providing 1.3 billion new jobs in the upcoming years.

Benefits of Outsourcing Call Center Services to the Philippines

The Philippines has made phenomenal advancements in the outsourced call center services segment and it is now the fastest-growing industry of the country. The growth of IT infrastructure and the widespread availability of diligent resources has brought about this transformation.

The primary benefits of outsourcing call center services to the Philippines are as follows:

Continuous Supply of Skilled Manpower

English speaking graduates in the country are growing exponentially every year. So, there is no shortage of resources at any point in time. The country’s workforce is willing to work in flexible shifts which makes them more reliable as 24x7 service provider

Cultural Affinity

The Philippines has a close affinity to the American culture. The fact that it has been a former American colony and the lasting cultural influence that it has left behind has become a strategic advantage for companies seeking expert call center services companies in the United States.

Hospitality and Positive Outlook

The citizens of the Philippines are acclaimed worldwide for their hospitable and optimistic nature. These two attributes reflect on the quality of customer service that they are capable of providing. This is one of the primary benefits of outsourcing call center services to the country.


The Philippine government encourages foreign direct investment and provides companies with benefits like tax exemptions. These have fueled the growth of call center services in the country.

Youthful Demographic

Philippines’ telemarketing outsourcing market attracts young and vibrant employees because they have access to a young population. The average age in the country is 23 and above, this is useful to BPOs because they have grown up in a world of technology and they understand how it can be leveraged for better business resolutions.

Pronounced cost savings

One of the major benefits of outbound call center Philippines is the pricing. Companies look at outsourcing to the Philippines because the cost of labor is half the rate as that in the U.S.A or U.K. As a business owner, you will save up to sixty percent on tertiary costs like office space rent, legal charges, HR expenses, equipment, etc by outsourcing to the Philippines.

Neutral language

The reason Philippine call center companies are growing by the day is because, compared to India, the Philippines has an advantage in terms of language. English is the official language of the county and is widely spoken across the country. The BPO industry is full of employees who speak fluent English, with accents that is very similar to American accents. The neutral tone works in favor of voice-based services like virtual staffing and call centers; this way language will never be a barrier to companies from the USA and UK.

Data security and privacy

The BPO industry has been thriving in the country because the Philippines government ensures that the legislation and laws work in the call centers’ favor. Since outsourcing customer service in the Philippines has operations that include sharing confidential data, the data privacy act passed by the government in 2012 ensures the privacy standards that are up to international standards.

Call Center Services Provided by Expert Callers

Inbound Call Center philippines

Inbound Call Center

Expert Callers provides premium inbound contact center services that help its clients connect to customers at a personal level. We train our employees to focus on first call resolutions which is why we guarantee improvement in customer satisfaction to all our clients. Using a responsive approach to call support, we achieve 80% firs call resolution with consistency.

Industries We Serve

ExpertCallers has extensive experience in providing proficient call centre services to a wide variety to industries including:

Our Call Centers are Spread Across Five Countries

We let you pick one or multiple delivery centers according to your preference and requirement.

ExpertCallers global delivery centers (India, Philippines, Bolivia, Colombia & Argentina)

Why Outsource Call Center Services to Expert Callers?

Expertcallers has grown organically over the years to become a trusted service partner of numerous companies across the globe.

Some of the many benefits of choosing Expert Callers as a call center outsourcing service partner are as follows:

  • A team of 1000+ call center operations specialists, project managers and operations managers
  • Well established service level agreements that translate to better turn around times from five global delivery centers
  • Over 80% first call resolution
  • Robust data backup and security
  • High quality personnel training based on customer feedback, call etiquette, conversation quality and on call resolution effectiveness
  • Real time performance and quality analytics
  • 40% reduction in operational costs
  • QA procedures to regulate quality of process and service
  • Flexible work culture to accomodate a 24/7/365 service model

Frequently Asked Questions

What services are included in Call Center Services?

ExpertCallers provides a wide range of call center services, which are mentioned below.

  • Inbound call center services: designed to help our clients connect to their customers at personal levels and guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Outbound call center services: We offer a range of outbound call center services, such as lead generation and cold calling.
  • Lead generation services: Our highly experienced team ensures that you get hot leads with maximum chances of conversion.
  • Appointment setting services: We help you set a face-to-face or telephonic appointment in the shortest time possible.
  • Customer support: ExpertCallers offers voice and non-voice based multi-channel customer support services to meet every aspect of customer need.

How do I hire call center services?

When you want to hire call center services, the best way to start is probably by searching, assessing and comparing call centers that can support your business. It is essential to check their reviews to get a better insight into their services and previous client experiences. When you have decided to hire a call center, check with them about their pricing model. It could include more factors than just the per-minute rate like incremental billing, agent work time, etc.

How many languages do you support?

Customers find it easier and comfortable to interact with a support representative who speaks their native language. We, at ExpertCallers, offer seamless support to your customers in more than 40 languages, including Hindi, English, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin and many more.

Why should I outsource call center operations to ExpertCallers?

Outsourcing your call center operations to ExpertCallers ensures the following advantages.

  • A significant reduction in the operational, infrastructure, overhead and labor costs.
  • 24/7 customer service at a reasonable price point.
  • Save time and money required to handle the hiring, training, and managing a team of call center agents.
  • Our agents can handle overflow calls during periods of high call volume.
  • With 100% uptime, excellent call quality, and servers in multiple geographic locations, business continuity increases as well as your ability to cater to customer needs.
What is the payment structure for Call Center Services? Monthly, Hourly, Per minute?

We have a flexible payment structure. The services we provide come at very competitive pricing and can be customized based on factors, such as the nature of the project, required skill level, etc.

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