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Making Data Predictable

Computer-aided telephone interviewing is a task that requires a specific set of skills in order to succeed. The CATI marketing system helps interviewers frame the right set of questions to gain insightful market research data, but as more and more respondents are put through the process, the operational costs shoot up and so does the chances of making errors in the processing the data. In a situation like this, professional CATI service providers like ExpertCallers can help you efficiently carry out the market research process and enhance the quality of the CATI data collection.

ExpertCallers end-to-end Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) market research services have helped businesses around the world tailor crucial and effective questions to aid in market research. Our streamlined CATI services defined by well-drafted questionnaires, interviewer training, and reporting system will help your business collect accurate data without the hassle of planning and managing.

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Training and Monitoring

Our CATI Services Research Spectrum of Studies Include

Events and conferences are great ways to feel the pulse of your customers. After an event or conference, we help you follow up with the attendees to get their feedback. This can help give you understand where you fell short of their expectations and what worked in their favor.

Before launching a product, it’s important to understand the needs and requirements of your customers and the pulse of the competition in the market. This clearly defines whether your product is going to meet with success or failure. You can opt for our CATI services to get a headstart in the product development journey.

Sometimes before diving head-first with an idea, it’s important to take the opinion of the community to understand whether they actually have a need for your product or service. A CATI market research company such as us can help you to conduct a survey among the community of your customers to understand their needs and wants.

Getting your market segmentation in place can help you to deliver the right product and the right positioning. Our CATI study includes demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral segmentation so that you can get an accurate picture of your target audience.

Even though you have your product and service ready to be launched, you have to zero-in on a price so that it can meet the investments you have made. With our CATI services, you can carry out effective pricing research to understand the market’s willingness to buy, grab the highest ROI.

With our CATI monitoring services, you can discover your customer’s opinions about your company. It can also give you key insights into the behavior of your customers. Our CATI study also takes into account the feedback of managers and supervisors on specific aspects of your employees’ work, performance, and training needs.

If you’re opting for our CATI services, you can get quality analysis on your target audience and their needs and requirements. Our expert team can help you in efficient market segmentation, understand your customers’ psychology, and predict their purchase behavior.

Our CATI support also includes marketing and advertising campaign testing. Often your investments don’t get you the maximum ROI and causes a financial setback. Conducting research before launching your campaigns can help you to create more effective campaigns.

Automation helps in a lot of different fields. Our CATI study in remote and rural studies can help in gathering a lot of data, some of which can be difficult to collect physically.

With the help of our CATI support, you can carry out important social, cultural, and indigenous studies and gather relevant data in those respective fields.

You can hire a CATI market research company such as ours to get a beforehand insight about what your customers feel about your product idea.

Our CATI support doesn’t just extend to just gathering data, but also turning them into attractive presentations and reports that would give you access to powerful insights and ideas that would not have been possible just by looking at raw data.

CATI Marketing Research Process We Follow

Some of the significant processes that are followed by leading CATI tech support providers for collection and interpretation of data, designing relevant questionnaires, and carrying out insightful interviews, include:

This includes working with the company’s team and gathering a detailed list of requirements that will help our CATI call center agents to understand the basic objectives of your business.

In this process, our CATI services team will collect detailed information, and boost participation in training sessions. This will allow the interviewers to properly track feedback and enhance the survey’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Here the professionals at Expert Callers will design a questionnaire that will include content that is targeted at the end-users. They will design the layout as well, and it will allow the users to interact with options, without any hassle.

During this critical stage, the agents at a CATI call center will start talking to respondents by presenting the questionnaire to them. This will help collect necessary data.

Once the interview is done, our agents will collect the data and it will be analyzed by a team of experts. Once the data is examined it’s lined up for generating reports.

Once the data interpretation is done, it is checked for errors, before creating customized reports. The customized information gathered from these interviews acts as vital marketing insights for your company to reshape your strategy and marketing goals.

Industries We Serve

ExpertCallers has extensive experience in providing proficient call center services to a wide variety to industries including:

Here's How Companies Have Benefitted by Outsourcing CATI Services to ExpertCallers?

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Why Outsource Phone Answering Services to ExpertCallers

Don't let your customers wait for no fault of theirs. Include phone answering services by Expert Callers in your business operations and give your clients/customers satisfying user experience. By leveraging experienced agents from Expert Callers, you get access to the following benefits:

Why Outsource CATI Services to ExpertCallers?

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll gain, when you outsource CATI services to an expert CATI research company like ExpertCallers:

Design Functions
  • Perfect questionnaire
  • Expert interviewers
  • Fast and unbeatable turnaround time
  • Assured data quality
  • Best pricing structure

When you outsource CATI services to ExpertCallers, you'll partner with a CATI market research company that is extremely skilled in collecting and filtering data till it becomes precise enough for reliable decision making.

We are Different; Here's Why

Why should you outsource to a CATI services call center?

CATI, also known as Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing, includes labor-intensive work. The CATI professionals use an interactive system that will help guide their interview process with important and detailed questions; this will help improve your company’s market research data, as well.

Once companies decide to outsource to CATI services, they can reduce time spent in interacting with various respondents and lessen operational costs that are attached to data processing errors.

CATI outsourcing services offered by ExpertCallers will take care of all your market research needs while working under rigid deadlines and diving headfirst into challenges with extreme meticulousness.

Making Data Predictable

We follow a simple procedure for carrying out our CATI market research. Our team of interviewers conducts the survey on the phone while noting down the answers and feedback of the respondents. We insist on having the survey programmed into the CATI systems because it removes the worry from our interviewers about having to memorize the sequence of questions and instead focus on getting quality responses. Moreover, CATI monitoring also removes the need for our interviewers to be trained to be aware of skip patterns in a survey.

Delivering qualitative and quantitative CATI services at unmatched speed is our forte because we excel in tailoring questionnaires keeping in mind the need to obtain the best insights from the respondents, training interviewers on ways to ferret out the reliable and detailed information and leveraging systems to monitor, analyze and report the entire interview process.

Our outsourced CATI services have helped our clients achieve a wide range of objectives – from enhancing brand awareness to expanding business reach, from influencing buyers to evaluating competitors, from doing research on consumer base to analyzing lost sales, and from facilitating mystery shopping to carrying out satisfaction surveys.

Choosing the right CATI outsourcing services provider

If you want to make good decisions, based on accurate industry insight, then you will need a partner who is an expert at building usable reports. The market is quite competitive, so you will have to choose a CATI research service that can help you tackle the competition. When choosing CATI in market research, you have to look for project handlers who have extensive experience conducting research in domains similar to yours. These factors act as resources that help the professionals interview your target audience for key data.

Here are some of the benefits you will receive when you hire the services of good CATI research companies:

Data Security

Since market data is highly sensitive and confidential, you will want to invest in CATI services that are reliable and will handle your project with care. Look for a partner who will provide you with solutions and handle the questionnaire design securely without any breach of data.

Quality Service

Your CATI services provider should offer optimal solutions that are designed around your needs and not their convenience. You must choose a partner who offers high-quality solutions that are accurate and transparent; not templates. This way you will see how your project is handled from start to finish and adheres to your requirements.

Affordable Pricing Options

Usually, companies will outsource the CATI services due to cost-related benefits. A good CATI services provider should be able to provide you with flexible pricing options and plans that fit your budget and goals.

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) Market Research

CATI systems have given a fresh perspective to surveys and are a great user-friendly tool to conduct market research. Our CATI study has a lot of benefits

  • It’s a time-saving process of getting quality feedback. The data collected through CATI systems get inserted automatically.
  • Our interviewers have an uninterrupted session since the survey is completely automated, thereby reducing stress and improving quality.
  • Our CATI services also help you to get the immediate analysis results after the survey which makes them one of the fastest interviewing and analyzing services in market research.
  • Since our CATI systems are automated, there are lesser chances of errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing) market research services carry out structured interviews on behalf of their clients to collect responses from customers, thus generating valuable insights that can provide a marketing edge over the competition.

Some of the prominent services that are offered by a CATI in market research service are:

  • Questionnaire designs
  • Custom design functions
  • Automatic call dialing
  • Training and monitoring
  • Enterprise Reporting System

Computer-assisted telephone interviewing involves callers who use computerized questionnaires to record candidate responses and check if they correspond with a set of preset answers provided by the client.

There are several benefits to using CATI as compared to a traditional telephone interview, some of them are:

  • Top-quality data: since the research is quite standardized, it allows for more detailed questions that also provide you with insightful and rich data.
  • Speedy and efficient: since you don’t have to transfer data from paper to digital formats, you can save time and reduce errors.
  • Better accuracy: The responses are entered directly as they are pre-coded. This eliminates any need for manual data processing and reducing input errors.