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ExpertCallers, one of the best outbound call centers in India, has comprehensive experience in handling a range of outbound call center outsourcing services. We draw on this experience to provide you with highly specialized and streamlined call center services and bring you the best return on your investment.

If you are wondering what exactly outbound call center services mean, read on. In outbound call center services, call center representatives make outbound calls to customers who tried to reach the client through inbound calls, email, or chat. Hence, outbound call services are offered to customers on behalf of a business or a client. As outbound calls are made to those customers who had either enquired for a service or asked for a callback, this is different from cold calling or telemarketing calls.

An effective outbound sales strategy, handled by an amazing outsourced outbound call center can help you turn these challenges on its head. We tailor strategies based on our experience and execute them with quality and care to help your brand get past these challenges with ease.

The best outbound call center outsourcing companies employ a well-established process to identify and target prospects and existing customers and make calls to them on your behalf with the aim to

  • scale up your business sales
  • test the current market conditions
  • build customer relationships,
  • follow-up with your customers, and much more.

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Keeping your outbound call center service requirements in mind, we pick perfect fit talents and empower them with the right set of tools to deliver the right message to your customers. It’s precisely because of this that we have been consistently meeting industry standard service levels and helping organizations improve their reach and appeal.

Outbound Call Center Companies: Do you really need one?

The need for product development in today’s world is ever-evolving. The competition in the market is soaring as well due to the increasing number of similar products and services. Consequently, your customer gets confused about which one to choose. Sometimes, people would just go for any product that they come across or have heard of the most without having a clear idea of what to expect from the product. Therefore, it is essential to reach out to your customers as early as possible to gain their trust and increase customer acquisition and retention. It is quite a tedious task, but our outbound call center operations can take care of it.

Outbound call center services by ExpertCallers offers polite, assertive and skilled executives who can get the job done. Our services can improve your sales and B2B lead generation as well as help in conducting surveys and reaching out to your customers for product or service marketing. With call center outsourcing services from Expert Callers, it is easier to create customer awareness about your product or company and obtain insightful data about your customer base. Hence, by outsourcing outbound call center services to ExpertCallers, more value is added to your business and services thereby increasing your revenues.

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The following points highlight the importance of investing in a well-organized and structured outbound call center service provider like Expert Callers

  • You can save big on cost and resources and use them effectively in your core functionalities.
  • As providing outsourced call center solutions is our sole functionality, you can expect performance and efficiency from our team members.
  • Our agents are well-trained to perform market research efficiently with minimal costs.
  • ExpertCallers uses specialized software that increases scalability and delivers better reporting and accurate analytics. This is quite helpful in channelizing the audience and customers that you might need in the future.
  • The team at ExpertCallers is flexible and adapts to your needs offering customization as per your requirements.

How Outbound Call Center Solutions Can Help If You Are New to The Market

Are you tired of managing your internal call center or looking for high-quality outbound sales or lead generation services for your company?

Well, in that case, give ExpertCallers a try and let us ace your outbound services while you focus on your core business.

We, at ExpertCallers, specialize in delivering the perfect solution and services to clients across several industries, including consumer products, financial services, business services, residential services, etc.

ExpertCallers can lead you to the path of success of your telemarketing efforts and your business. Our team of agents and consultants are highly-trained and have the right expertise to evaluate your requirements and offer you with a wide range of services, which include lead generation, appointment setting, market research, sales, surveys, collections, and many more. Once you partner with us, we will ensure that our call center agents represent your business or brand in a professional way and increase your ROI right from the very first client.

If you are just starting out with your company, you can outsource your outbound call center tasks to help you accelerate your progress. Here are a few points that emphasize how outbound call center outsourcing can be beneficial for your company and give you an edge over your competitors.

  • As a company in the making, you need to take its image seriously and make the best possible impression on customers. This critical step is what will define the future growth rate of your company. By investing in an outbound call center outsourcing firm, you can gain customer trust in the critical early stages in the least possible time frame.
what is an outbound call center
  • Initially, you may have an extensive list of customer data running into several thousand pages. Analyzing this can be a tough task, especially for a new company that is still in the process of streamlining a dedicated workforce. We can help you with that. The team at Expert Callers will conduct surveys, take feedback from your customers, and finally present everything in an accurately analyzed report that can help you make informed decisions.
  • Trying to implement outbound calling in-house can deplete your time and resources. Outsourcing these services to us will not only help you save costs, but also will give you time to focus on what you’re passionate about.

How ExpertCallers Ensures A High Success Rate in Outbound Call Center Service Functions

Excellent training programs for executives

It is crucial to involve your potential customers in meaningful conversations to boost sales growth through outbound calling. The lack of an effective conversation won’t get you anywhere to persuade your prospects to invest in your products and services. We at ExpertCallers understand this, and therefore, provide the best training to our executives to handle outbound call center operations and online reputation management.

We ensure that our executives go through clear speech training programs and score well in it so that they perform their best while handling potential customers with different speech dialects and accents. Besides, before onboarding new executives, we thoroughly assess their skills, which, in turn, enables us to maintain quality in results for our clients.

Adopting the latest technology in the market

If you want to take your business forward through outbound calling, putting efforts to reach out to the maximum number of potential customers is important. To make this happen, we employ state-of-the-art IVR, chatbots, and predictive dialers during the outbound calling process. We also keep ourselves updated with the latest cutting-edge technologies to meet and even exceed client expectations. Our automatic dialer system ensures that the targets set are achieved by the end of the day and also helps to boost up the productivity of our executives by minimizing their idle time.

Well-structured call scripts

We focus on covering all the important aspects to ensure we secure a high success rate for our clients. So, to avoid making silly mistakes during client interactions, we follow well-developed call scripts. One of the major advantages of using error-free call scripts is that it speeds up the conversation and helps our executives to tackle any questions put by the prospects while also building brand reputation.

So, this is how we bring the best possible results for our clients while handling outbound call center functions. Reach out to us and let us take your business on the path to success.

Key Features of Our Outbound Call Center Services

You get access to multiple predictive, preview, progressive, and manual dialing options that will help you to manage pacing and comply with regulations. You can bank on us to come up with a variety of campaigns and list management strategies to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Here are some of the key features that differentiate us from other standard outbound call center companies

  • Outbound Media Blending ACD
  • Sophisticated and Adaptive Predictive Dialler
  • Web Call-back
  • Do Not Call List Management
  • Enterprise Class Relational Database
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Barge-In
  • Call Detail Screen Pop-Ups
  • Call Back Scheduling
  • Campaign wise Music On Hold Messages
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Multi-Number Dialling
  • Advanced Desktop Scripting environment with Screen Pop-Ups for Call Guides

Our End to End Outbound Call Center Services

Our services help you to increase sales, develop good customer relationships, test unknown markets, follow-up your emails and make your business a success.

Over the years our clients have outsourced the following outbound call center solutions to us:

Popular Outbound Call Center Services in India

The following are some of the services that ExpertCallers offers through outbound support

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is much more than making calls to a list of prospective clients daily. ExpertCallers understands that appointment setting can be a crucial process to introduce your prospects to your business. Our experienced call center representatives can take care of the entire appointment setting task for you, including fixing, cancelling or rescheduling the meetings.

With effective appointment setting services, ExpertCallers ensures that your sales teams meet the best prospects from the list. The prospects who are not sales-ready are again groomed and nurtured until a suitable appointment is fixed.

Outbound Call Centre Solutions: Values We Deliver

Customized outbound call center services can benefit a wide variety of business applications, including:

outbound call center companies

Expert Relationship Management

  • Customer Care
  • Loyalty and Retention
  • Win Back
  • Data Breach Notification Calls
  • Courtesy Calls
  • Lottery Customer Service
  • Political Calling

Industries We Serve

ExpertCallers has extensive experience in providing proficient call centre services to a wide variety to industries including:

Our Call Centers are Spread Across Five Countries

We let you pick one or multiple delivery centers according to your preference and requirement.

ExpertCallers global delivery centers (India, Philippines, Bolivia, Colombia & Argentina)

We are Different; Here's Why

Ways in Which Companies Have Benefitted by Outsourcing Outbound Call Center Services to ExpertCallers

Smartfoam, a UK-based roofing solutions company leveraged our outbound services to increase appointment settings by 50% Read case study

We helped a precision instruments manufacturer reach out to 60,000 contacts, comprising existing customers and prospects, on a quarterly basis. Read case study

Increasing footfall by hook or crook was the mandate given to us by our retail giant. We set up an outbound call center to call up existing customers and spread the word about exciting festive season offers. The results were outstanding Read case study

interactions in a day
Trained agents
First Call Resolution Rate

Why Outsource Outbound Call Center Services to ExpertCallers?

  • Swift response and customized solutions
  • Real-time performance reporting
  • Automated message broadcasts
  • Seamless integration with leading CRM systems
  • Predictive dialing
  • High and consistent contact quality guaranteed
  • Comprehensive security systems for robust and reliable operations
  • 24X7X365 service delivered from 5 global delivery centers
  • Competitive and transparent pricing to guarantee the best value for money
  • High first call resolution rates resulting in higher customer satisfaction and lower operating costs

When you choose ExpertCallers as a service provider, you partner with an outbound call center company that is extremely skilled in understanding your business requirements, target market, and business proposition. Leveraging these qualities, you can deliver enhanced business value to your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Outsource Outbound Call Center Services to expert callers?

With over 12 years of experience in providing outbound call center services, we at ExpertCallers are one of the leading call center BPO service providers in the world. We are also experts at providing flexible and efficient call center BPO services to a wide range of businesses all over the world. Not only do we have an intrinsic understanding of the dynamics of the call center industry but also a personalised approach to meet all the needs of the client.

Some of our unique service features are:

  • 12 years of industry experience
  • Customized solutions for specific needs
  • Guaranteed savings of 40% through better efficiency
  • 24x7 services
  • Guaranteed data privacy
  • 8 global delivery centers around the world ensuring timely delivery
  • Provide clients full control of the project
  • Reduced service costs

How do you ensure that my data is secure?

We take customer data very seriously. That is why we have stringent security measures in place to protect your data from any security risks. Some of the steps towards data security and privacy are:

  • Maintaining a strong Q&A protocol
  • Control access at the document level
  • Using multiple layers of protection
  • Train employees on customer data protection
  • Follow a strong password policy
How much does ExpertCallers outbound call center service cost?

Every business is different. Hence the pricing structure for call center services for various businesses will also be different. Ideally, the pricing depends on factors such as

  • Call volume
  • The complexity of the project
  • The skill and experience level of call center agents
  • The number of hours/ duration of the contract

An indicative pricing for the various services by ExpertCallers is as follows:

  • Telemarketing and non-technical support - $8-$10/hour
  • Technical support - $10-$15/hour
  • Advanced technical support - $15-$25/hour
What are the significant benefits of outsourcing outbound call center services?

With our outbound call center services, you can improve your sales and B2B lead generation as well. We can also help you to generate customer awareness about your product or service and get more valuable insights about your target customers.

Some of the benefits you get from outsourcing your outbound call center services are:

  • Reduce the burden on cost and resources and use them judiciously for your core functions
  • Delegate the outbound call services to professionals at minimal cost
  • Get access to specialized software that can help you to increase scalability and get better reporting and analytics
  • Be available for customers 24*7*365 with our expert professionals
What are outbound call center services?

Outbound call services are a type of service provided by call centers where they make outbound calls to customers on behalf of their clients. The call can be of various types, such as telemarketing, sales, fund-raising, and surveys.

Some of the various outbound call center services include:

  • Lead generation services
  • Database management
  • Customer acquisition services
  • Cold calling campaigns
  • Direct sales services
What is B2B outbound calling?

B2B outbound calling can be defined as an activity where a company reaches out to potential business customers through voice calls to communicate the value of its product/service and in the process establish a long-term relationship. B2B outbound calling requires a special set of skills different from telemarketing since the emphasis lies in building relationships for long-term growth rather than purely selling products.

What are the key features of ExpertCallers' Outbound Call Center Services?

Some key features that make ExpertCallers different from other outbound call center companies include:

  • Do Not Call List Management
  • Sophisticated and Adaptive Predictive Dialer
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Barge-In
  • Enterprise-Class Relational Database
  • Web Call Back
  • Campaign wise Music on Hold Messages, to name a few
How to handle outbound calls?

Here are a few tips to effectively handle outbound calls:

  • Pre-call Preparation is a Must: One of the important steps while making an outbound call. By analyzing the prospect’s website, following him/her on social media platforms keeping a track of their online activity gives you a fair insight into their personality opening avenues of conversation.
  • Radiate confidence: It’s important that you sound confident while conversing with your prospect. Giving them the impression that you aren’t too confident in your approach can backfire and lead to rejections.
  • Follow a direct approach: Befriending your prospects for small talk on current happenings can help strengthen your bond with them. However, at times, depending on the situation it’s important to be direct and state the real motive behind the call.
  • Listening is equally important: Outbound calls are not only about speaking but also about listening. You must pay attention to what the prospect is sharing, allow yourself to understand their business, and then wait to ask a relevant follow-up question.
  • Track and Measure Consistently: Keeping a track of your prospects is crucial. Most outbound calling services rely on spreadsheets for this process, while some prefer CRMs. Keeping a track of leads on pen and paper is outdated. With multiple digital tools at your service, you can effortlessly communicate and share the lead’s status with your team.

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