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Call Center Outsourcing Services for Banking (BFSI) Industries

Streamlined Call Center Services Supporting Better Financial Outcomes

ExpertCallers has over 13 years of experience in delivering inbound and outbound call center services to the BFSI industry. We tap into this experience to help banking, financial services, and insurance organizations to provide better customer services and improve operational quality throughout the year, thereby optimizing financial outcomes and maximizing customer satisfaction.

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We Provide a Range of Outsourced BFSI Call Center Services

We provide outsourced call center services to BFSI companies for a wide range of areas, which are as follows

  • Retail, Corporate and Investment Banking
  • Savings and Deposits
  • Credit Cards
  • Real Estate
  • Mortgage
  • Loans
  • First Party Insurance
  • General Insurance
  • Car or Automobile Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Homeowner Insurance
  • Investment
  • Asset and Wealth Management

Here’s How Companies Have Benefitted by Outsourcing BFSI Call Center Services to ExpertCallers


Industries We Serve

ExpertCallers has extensive experience in providing proficient call center services to a wide variety to industries including:

Why Outsource BFSI Call Center Services to ExpertCallers?

Here are some of the benefits that you'll gain when you outsource BFSI call center services to ExpertCallers:

  • 85% Customer Satisfaction score
  • 80+% First Call Resolution
  • Industry-leading average speed to answer (80% in 60 secs)
  • 5% or less call abandonment rate
  • High and consistent contact quality
  • Robust security for fool-proof operations
  • Competitive pricing for the best value for money
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Improved collections
  • Advanced reporting and monitoring

We are Different; Here's Why

Our Call Centers are Spread Across Five Countries

We let you pick one or multiple delivery centers according to your preference and requirement.

ExpertCallers global delivery centers (India, Philippines, Bolivia, Colombia & Argentina)

Advantages of Outsourcing Customer Service in the Financial and Banking Industry

Recently, several players in the financial and banking industry domain have resorted to outsourcing their financial services due to its cost-effectiveness and the assurance it provides to boost business growth. Here, we are listing down three points that are the major reasons behind the shift to outsourcing services and how ExpertCallers can help in gaining those advantages.

Having an in-house finance department can be expensive. A lot goes into managing accounts and financial reports that involve hiring and training costs, office rentals, etc. However, if they outsource their finance department tasks to a financial services call center like ExpertCallers, they can expect a significant reduction in these expenses.

By partnering with a call center for financial services like ExpertCallers, you can save up on the following.

Costs Associated with Hiring A Talent Pool: You don’t need to invest a lot of time, money, and effort to hire the right employees for your financial tasks. Hiring a financial services call center can help you get started almost immediately without worrying about scaling up and down the team.

Training Costs,: Call center professionals in the banking and financial services industry have years of experience in handling customers from diverse cultural backgrounds and language backdrops. Therefore, you don’t have to spend financial resources on training them as you would have for your in-house team.

Investment in Software: The software that call center banking services teams use are regularly updated to stay on top of the competition. As the software gets more advanced with time, it will help you achieve more with minimum investments. Moreover, by outsourcing, you don’t have to invest in the software yourself.

Infrastructural, Rentals & Utilities: By outsourcing to call centers for finance-related services, you don’t have to worry about the infrastructure costs or rentals or paying for utilities, etc. Your outsourcing partner takes care of everything.

If you are looking to hire an in-house finance department for your organization, you only have access to the local talent pools. Although you may be able to hire good talent for your requirements, they may not always be the best fit. Outsourcing in the banking and financial sector like ExpertCallers opens up your possibilities to work with the best talents and professionals from around the world. You are no more limited to hire people from your city or country only.

Moreover, teams from services like ExpertCallers are well experienced at working remotely and offering a higher value for your customers as compared to an in-house team. Another benefit of outsourcing to bank call centers like ExpertCallers is extended operational hours. Working with a global talent pool enables you to make use of the time zone differences and ensure your services are operational 24/7. With the right management, you can enhance the efficiency of your financial services.

Even if you have an in-house team, outsourcing to a banking call center services provider will only add to the overall efficiency of your financial department by helping your in-house staff.

Offload Managerial Responsibilities: Outsourcing your financial services to expertised call centers like ExpertCallers will take a load off from your managers who are busy handling the accounting and financial tasks. Consequently, this will allow them to focus on other crucial tasks that lie at the core of your business. This will be highly beneficial for your team, especially if they lack the experience to manage financial services.

Optimize Current Expenditure: Your outsourcing partner continuously works to find out opportunities to help you save costs without compromising on the quality and efficiency of your services.

Outsourcing Services for Banking (BFSI) Industries

Overcome Common Customer Service Challenges in The BFSI Sector with Expertcallers

As financial services call center outsourcing professionals, ExpertCallers can help you overcome some of the most challenging aspects observed within the banking and financial industry.

Today, customers are becoming smart and tech-savvy. They have a plethora of options to make the switch to a better brand that answers their queries in the minimal time possible. Look for minimum response time when it’s about query resolution. The faster the resolution, the better is the customer experience. If your in-house team doesn't have the time or expertise to respond to your customers, let ExpertCallers do that job for you. Our agents represent your brand faithfully and diligently and speak on your behalf ensuring that we present you in the best possible manner with high professionalism and customer service.

Small financial organizations often get limited financial aid compared to large organizations which often hinder their growth ratio and the employees fail to serve the customers. However, by extending your banking finance outsourcing service, you allow our experts to handle your financial service with utmost comfort. We give 24/7 support to our customers ensuring that you’re covered on all fronts.

Another common challenge of outsourcing in the banking industry is getting secured and consistent access to client data. This is true for most organizations in the BFSI sector. However, we at ExpertCallers are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified that makes us one of the trusted agencies when it comes to outsourcing in the banking and financial sector. Our protocols are strong enough and designed to keep your client’s information secured at all times.

If your call center banking services are suffering from the woes of cyber-attack and fraudulent transactions, let ExpertCallers take charge and help you out. Here at ExpertCallers, we give you dedicated representatives that act as a single point-of-contact for your customers and assist them with their payment and billing queries, unauthorized debit transactions, refund requests, etc.

To provide the best customer experience and optimize performance, most financial services call center employees need regular training. As one of the leading outsourced call centers for financial services, we train our employees regularly so that they can provide continuous support to BFSI customers globally, can handle advanced problems easily, and deliver reliable and personalized support.

Frequently Asked Questions

We also offer inbound and outbound telemarketing programs for our clients, which include financial services surveys, card enhancement programs, credit card cross-sell, financial services appointment setting, overdraft protection offers, etc.

Some of the areas of services that are covered under our services for the banking and financial sector are – debt collection and recovery, customer acquisition and sales, customer loyalty and retention, complaint handling and management, telephone answering, insurance claims, and customer support.

Outsourcing call center services to ExpertCallers can ensure that you get a team of experienced service providers who can drive the intended results by increasing conversions from campaigns. As they handle all your tasks, you can save costs and improve the utilization of your internal resources.

We leverage multiple communication channels so that we can effectively provide support to the customers in the channel they are comfortable with. We offer 24 X 7 X 365 multi-channel contact center support for effective customer outreach, interaction, and management.

Expert Callers has its delivery centers located in India, the Philippines & South America that help provide customer support in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, and French.

ExpertCallers also provides e-learning and staff management systems tailored for companies in the banking and financial sector that can keep them ahead of the curve.