Case Study

ExpertCallers Transforms Chicago Insurer's Efficiency, Cuts Labor Costs and Boosts Renewals by 20%


  • A Chicago-based insurer needed outsourcing to manage data entry and payment collection.
  • ExpertCallers provide tailored solutions, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • The results included reduced labor costs and increased insurance renewals.

Story of the Customer

  • The Chicago-based insurance company faced challenges in data entry, payment collection, and high labor costs, negatively affecting efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • ExpertCallers sought to optimize these processes, decrease costs, and enhance customer service.
  • The collaboration led to improved efficiency, cost reduction, better customer service, and increased customer renewals.

The Challenge

The client faced significant challenges in managing their data entry and payment collection processes due to a lack of skilled staff, inability to meet growing industry demands, and increasing labor costs.

  • The client lacked skilled staff for data entry and payment collection, causing payment processing delays.
  • The existing staff couldn't meet industry demands, leading to decreased customer satisfaction.
  • High labor costs due to continuous hiring and onboarding were affecting the company's efficiency and budget.

The Solution

Through a strategic partnership with ExpertCallers, the client not only optimized its data handling and payment processes but also streamlined non-voice operations and customer payment flows

  • ExpertCallers provided skilled professionals for efficient data entry and payment collection, reducing processing delays.
  • The team was divided into specialized units, enhancing data validation and payment receipt processes.
  • The approach reduced labor costs, improved customer service, and increased insurance renewals.

The Result

The following highlights the significant progress and improvements made in our team structure and efficiency, along with the positive effects these changes have had on labor costs and client satisfaction.

  • The team expansion from 2 to 9 members across three LOBs improved operational efficiency and insurance coverage accuracy.
  • The reduction in hiring and training curbed labor costs, maintaining a team of 9 efficient agents.
  • With an additional agent in 2022, the client saw higher renewal rates, reaching more customers with diverse insurance options.

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