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How Our Expert Help Delivered Superior Quality Customer Support

The Client

The client is a renowned online medication retailer


The Requirement

The influx of customers from all over the globe was taking its toll on our client.Theywere struggling to handle the increased volumes of e-mails and phone calls, which was proving costly to their business. They were in need of a competent support mechanism which would enable them to respond to e-mails and phone calls at a faster pace.


The Solution

We started by setting up a team of experts at our delivery center that was responsible for handling all the e-mails.This enabled us to handle more than 9,000 e-mails every month at reduced response time which was successfully brought down from days to hours. We also made it a point to maintain a response time throughout the week, which helped in increasing customer satisfaction.

In order to give a much needed boostto the dismal call answering rate, we decided to implement an outsourced inbound call center program that was streamlined to handle over 5,000 calls per month. Previously the customers had to wait for at least 4 minutes before their calls were answered which resulted in significant call abandonment rates. Our solution brought a complete turnaround in the situation andthe abandonment rate fell below 1%.Now our client receives less than one complaint per day on an average –a stark contrast from thedozens of complaints it used to register per day.


The EndResult

The end result was a significant impact on the client’s bottom line. Our client was able to increase productivity, reduce turnaround time and cut down on the operating costs by nearly 40%. The client was extremely satisfied with our efforts and began focusing on expanding their operations


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