Case Study

Expertly Executed Customer Support for a Medication Retailer Drives 40% Cost Reduction


  • ExpertCallers established a support system for the client, handling high email volumes and reducing response times.
  • They implemented an outsourced call center, drastically lowering call abandonment rates and daily customer complaints.
  • This led to increased productivity, 40% reduction in operating costs, and allowed the client to focus on business expansion.

Story of the Customer

Our client, a renowned online medication retailer, has been a key player in the pharmaceutical industry for several years. The client specializes in offering a wide range of medications and healthcare products through its online platform, catering to customers globally.

The client faced challenges managing large volumes of customer emails and phone calls. So they sought ExpertCallers' assistance to establish an efficient customer support system.

The Challenge

  • The client was struggling to handle a high volume of emails and phone calls from customers globally, causing customer dissatisfaction and increased costs.
  • The client's existing customer support mechanism was inefficient, resulting in long response times and high call abandonment rates.
  • The client's operational costs were skyrocketing due to the lack of a competent support system, hindering their business expansion plans.

The Solution

  • A team of experts was set up to handle all emails, reducing response time and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • An outsourced inbound call center program was implemented to handle calls efficiently, reducing call abandonment rate significantly.
  • The client was able to increase productivity, reduce turnaround time and cut down operating costs by nearly 40% due to these solutions.

The Result

Our expert support mechanism yielded exceptional results for the client, transforming their operations and delivering substantial benefits

  • Enhanced Productivity: The client experienced increased productivity.
  • Reduced Turnaround Time: Turnaround time for customer inquiries was significantly reduced.
  • Cost Savings: Operating costs were reduced by nearly 40%.
  • Client Satisfaction: The client was highly satisfied with the results and shifted focus to expand their operations.

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