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Outsource Call Center Services for Wireless & Internet Service Brands

Streamlined Call Center Services Delivering Exceptional Results

ExpertCallers have more than 13 years of experience in the providing customized call center services to wireless and interest service industry in cost-optimized manner. Being one of the leading call center service providers in the industry, we take the pride in providing robust, reliable and efficient inbound and outbound call center services for connected and internet-enabled devices. Apart from leveraging our expertise in the customer service domain, we promise to facilitate our clients with management and implementation of their customer relationship management strategies and also assure best customer interactions focused on brand endorsement and long-term customer retention.

We Provide a Range of Call Center Services for Wireless and Internet Service Industry

Our expert consultants have knowledge and experience to meet the needs and win over customers of wireless and internet services industry. Some of the wireless and internet call center services offered by us includes:

  • Customer Support Services
  • Tele Sales Services
  • Technical Support Services
  • Billing Support Services
  • Email Support Services
  • Live Chat Support Services
  • Relationship Management Services
  • Cross-selling and Up-selling Services
  • Customer Win-Back and Retention Services
  • Order Entry Services
  • New Connects Services
  • Bundle Package Sales Services
  • Activation and Disconnection Services
  • Customer Lifestyle Management Services
  • Third-Party Verification Services
  • 24/7 Answering Services
  • Subscription Services

Customer Care

We provide tailor made solutions to address customer issues and deliver superior quality customer care to those who have requested a call back for more information. Our service allows clients to meet customer needs promptly and ensures better retention rates.

Billing Support Services

Our skilled agents are experienced in working with all aspects of accounting and billing systems. We offer single point of contact to provide personalized assistance to all your financial needs. We offer services from accounts payable and receivable to bill generation, credit card processing, and more.

Technical Support Services

We have extensive experience in delivering technical support that extends over tier 2 and tier 3. Trained and certified professionals ensure customer’s queries and issues are handled speedily and downtime is minimized.

Tele Sales Services

ExpertCallers's tele sales services focus on stronger sales, shorter sales cycle and superior customer service. We nurture opportunities, build pipelines, support inside-sales functions that helps our clients to garner more sales and maximize revenues.

24X7 Answering Services

We offer most reliable and confidential answering service to our esteemed customers 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year. We make sure that every call is handled within 3 rings and promise to never leave customers hanging on hold or listening to busy signal.

We are Different; Here's Why

Consistent Service

We ensure consistency of customer care across all inbound and outbound communication. Our agents are well trained in call center etiquette to treat every customer with courtesy and sensitivity. Our professionals are also aware of the brand values and are capable of handling enquiry, solving an issue or building loyalty.

Pricing Structure

We offer highly flexible call center services for wireless and internet industry at reasonable price point. We do not ask our clients to sign any long-term contracts and our pricing structure can be customized depending on factors such as call volume, required skill level, number hours and complexity level of the project.

Quality Assurance

We have track record of delivering high quality inbound and outbound call center services in the industry. With more than 13 years of experience in the call center industry, our employees are skilled and capable of handling each call with due diligence and provide quality customer service every time.

Here’s How Companies Have Benefitted by Outsourcing Call Center Services for Wireless and Internet Service Industry to ExpertCallers

  • We helped a global wireless and internet service company to streamline their IT helpdesks in multiple locations. We helped the client achieve revenue savings of over 40% in their very first year of partnership itself

  • Our outsourced customer service team helped global IT company catering to aviation industry to improve its customer service by creating a centralized, more responsive back-office. Results showed streamlined product delivery and improved customer service with exceeded telesales by 37% and also improved on-time delivery of customer orders.

Why Outsource Call Center Services for Wireless and Internet Services Industry to ExpertCallers?

When you outsource call center services for wireless and internet services industry to ExpertCallers, you can be best assured of delivering superior quality customer experience and enjoy greater profitability.

By outsourcing wireless and internet call center services to ExpertCallers, you will benefit in the following ways:

  • Provides industry insights and recommendations
  • Provides cost effective services
  • High quality customer experience
  • Deliver immediate performance and sales results
  • Maintains consistency in serving customers
  • Long-term customer relationship

When you outsource call center services for wireless and internet service industry to ExpertCallers, you’ll partner with call center service provider that excel in implementing quality inbound and outbound call center services, which can drive customer loyalty, revenues, and gain a competitive advantage. We dedicate quality time in training out agents, who gain the strength and specialization to enrich customer experience thus growing your business revenue and ultimately help you win the global market.

Contact us today and discover the advantage of outsourcing call center services for wireless and internet services industry to ExpertCallers.