Case Study

Expert Callers Boost Answer Rate to 95%, Meeting 20-Sec Threshold for 8,800 Daily Insurance Calls


  • The Canada based Insurance License Board sought a partner to handle its high volume of incoming calls regarding license renewals, with a strict answering threshold under 20 seconds.
  • The solution involved using historical data for call volume prediction, implementing a workforce management solution, and providing agents with a real-time dashboard to monitor their performance.
  • The result was a successful handling of over 8,800 daily calls with a 95% answer rate, leading to the client renewing the contract for the subsequent year.

Story of the Customer

  • The Canada based Insurance License Board needed assistance in answering calls and voicemails from insurance agents and adjusters who required help in renewing their licenses, with a strict requirement of answering calls within 20 seconds and less than 5% abandonment rate.
  • The service provider used data forecasting, efficient staffing and real-time dashboards to these strict requirements.
  • The Council, impressed with the 95% successful answer rate, renewed the contract for the following year.

The Challenge

  • The primary challenge was meeting the client's criteria of answering calls within 20 seconds and keeping the abandonment rate below 5% amidst fluctuating call volumes.
  • Accurately predicting the daily call volumes to ensure proper staff scheduling and call management was another significant challenge.
  • Implementing a real-time tracking system to give agents a clear understanding of their metrics and motivate them to meet the answering threshold time was also a considerable task.

The Solution

  • Used historical data and predictive models for accurate call volumes forecasting and staffing.
  • Implemented a workforce management solution for optimized scheduling and resource use.
  • Provided agents with a real-time dashboard to enhance metric understanding and performance.

The Result

  • Using historical data and a predictive model, the firm successfully staffed and scheduled calls to meet a <20 seconds answer threshold.
  • A workforce solution and agent dashboard increased awareness of the answering speed, leading to over 95% answer rate.
  • The tailored solution handled 8,800+ daily calls, resulting in a contract renewal from the impressed client.

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