Case Study

Expert Callers Revamps E-Retailer's Call Center for 7% Conversion and 13% Q1 Growth


  • The case study describes the efforts of an e-retailer to overhaul their call center processes to address revenue challenges.
  • After partnering with ExpertCallers, they implemented strategies such as a CATI survey, optimizing business processes, reworking plans to appeal to the target audience, and a lead qualification model.
  • As a result, there was a 32% cost reduction per lead, a 7% boost in sales conversion rate, and the e-retailer transformed into an industry leader.

Story of the Customer

  • The customer, a struggling e-commerce business, faced declining revenues due to ineffective call center services and sought a strategic partner to enhance their processes.
  • Through our partnership, the customer implemented a comprehensive call center overhaul, optimizing processes and introducing a multichannel customer service approach.
  • This strategic move led to a 7% boost in sales conversion, a 13% Q1 growth rate, and a 32% reduction in cost per lead, transforming the struggling business into an industry leader.

The Challenge

  • The e-retailer was grappling with declining revenues due to ineffective call center services, which was negatively impacting their sales performance.
  • The company was in search of a strategic partner who could help revitalize their sales figures through a comprehensive overhaul of their call center processes.
  • The retailer undertook a rigorous evaluation of potential service providers, requiring a partner that could demonstrate expertise and innovative capabilities to rejuvenate their sales initiative.

The Solution

  • Conducted a CATI survey to understand key purchasing factors, enabling the adjustment of business processes to better meet customer needs and improve the overall customer experience.
  • Collaborated with the client's teams to create targeted marketing campaigns and a joint monthly sales plan, while also introducing a lead qualification model to increase conversion rates and reduce time-to-market.
  • Revamped the client's online platform for a multichannel customer service approach, and streamlined the pipeline by minimizing unqualified lead investment, resulting in improved growth visibility

The Result

Our strategies led to a 32% cost reduction per lead, boosted sales conversion rate by 7%, and resulted in a 13% Q1 growth rate, transforming our client into an industry leader.

  • Attained a remarkable 32% reduction in cost per qualified lead through strategic endeavors.
  • Catapulted the sales conversion rate by an impressive 7% in a remarkably short time frame.
  • Achieved a staggering 13% growth rate in the first quarter of fiscal 2014.
  • Elevated the client from the echelons of underperforming e-retail entities to industry leaders within a span of months.

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