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E-Logistics Firm Boosts Profits by 40% and Expands Customer Base by 50% with Enhanced Lead Generation

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  • Our Lead Generation Process Helped Us Based Transport Giant Increase Customer Base 3months Time


  • A US e-logistics firm sought help in enhancing lead generation and managing
  • Our approach involved intensive market research to procure and organize quality leads, which were then uploaded to
  • This strategy led to increased lead generation, improved conversion rates, cost reduction, quicker deal closures, an expanded customer base, and increased profits.

Story of the Customer

  • The client, a USA-based e-logistics company with 100,000 trucks, was seeking ways to increase their customer base and profitability by generating high quality leads and integrating them into
  • Our dedicated market research team collected, curated, and unified data from various sources, ensuring only high-quality leads were uploaded onto, allowing the client's sales team to focus solely on sales processes.
  • This method led to a 50% customer base increase in under three months, improved profits by 40%, and reduced costs and deal closing times.

The Challenge

  • Generating high-quality leads through extensive market research and segmentation of prospects.
  • Unifying raw, unstructured data from various sources into a single, accurate format.
  • Regularly uploading the curated data onto to enable the sales team to focus on sales.

The Solution

  • The team conducted in-depth market research, segmenting prospects based on various parameters and unifying raw data from multiple sources into a single format, ensuring a high quality lead generation.
  • The collected data was regularly uploaded onto, allowing the client's sales team to concentrate solely on the sales process, boosting productivity and conversion rates.
  • Through this method, the client managed to significantly reduce operational costs and deal closing time, while expanding their customer base and improving profits.

The Result

  • The client experienced a significant increase in high quality lead generation and conversion rates, leading to a 50% expansion in their customer base in less than 3 months.
  • The operational costs were reduced by 30% and deal closing time was decreased by the same percentage, improving overall productivity and efficiency.
  • The implementation of the new lead generation strategy led to a 40% increase in profits, demonstrating the successful impact of the market research team's efforts.

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