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How Our Customer Support & Order Taking Services Aided a French Baker

The client is an expert in baking artisanal bread. Their work is an infusion of traditional French bread craft and contemporary American taste.


The Requirement

With a huge pool of loyal customers, the client already had a lot on their plate, and offering customer support and order taking service in-house was proving to be a burden. Hence the client approached us to assist them meet the phone answering needs as well as expand the scope of business across untapped markets.


The Solution

We first deployed a team of agents in Philippines, and set about training them in two phases. The first stage was about creating product/service awareness, wherein the agents were trained to spread the USP of the client’s products in a convincing and compelling manner. In the next phase, they were trained on the client’s in-house system which received orders from customers. Once the training was over our agents became experts in handling all the three core duties mandated by the client: providing customer service, order taking, and spreading product awareness in a streamlined manner.


The Result

As a result of this engagement, the customer acquisition and retention rates saw a rapid upswing and revenues soared to new heights. Besides, awareness about the client’s products spread with lightning speed. Hence the client decided to partner with us for all their future endeavors.


Outsource Customer Support and Order Taking Services to ExpertCallers

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