Case Study

French Bakery Boosts Revenue with ExpertCallers' Customer Support and Order Management Services


  • The case study explores how a French baker specializing in artisanal bread sought ExpertCallers' services to manage customer support and orders, freeing them to focus on their core baking business and expand into new markets.
  • ExpertCallers deployed a well-trained team, who handled customer service, order taking, and product awareness, resulting in a streamlined execution of customer-related tasks.
  • The collaboration led to a significant increase in customer acquisition and retention rates, revenue growth, and higher product awareness, paving the way for future partnerships.

Story of the Customer

  • Our client is an artisanal bread bakery, renowned for their unique fusion of traditional French bread with American flavors.
  • They specialize in artisanal bread, becoming a favorite amongst bread connoisseurs due to their commitment to quality and innovation.However, they are struggling with managing customer support and order taking responsibilities, hence are looking for seasoned call center service to streamline operations and improve customer acquisition and retention.

The Challenge

The client, overwhelmed with managing customer support and order services, sought our help to ease their operational burden and explore business expansion opportunities.

  • Balancing existing customer base with internal customer support and order-taking responsibilities.
  • Struggling to manage the demands of in-house customer service.
  • Seeking a solution to alleviate operational strain and enhance efficiency.
  • Aiming to explore uncharted business opportunities and expand market reach.

The Solution

Through a two-phase training program, our solution equips agents with product knowledge and operational proficiency, enabling efficient customer service, order management, and product promotion.

  • Conducted comprehensive training in two distinct phases for optimal preparation.
  • Initial phase focused on building product and service awareness.
  • Agents trained to eloquently present the client's product's unique selling points (USP).
  • Subsequent phases entailed training on the client's in-house order processing system.
  • Agents adeptly handled three core duties: customer service, order taking, and product awareness.
  • Ensured seamless and streamlined execution of customer-related tasks.

The Result

  • The engagement led to a rapid upsurge in customer acquisition and retention rates.
  • Remarkable increase in revenue, propelling the client's financial growth.
  • Rapid proliferation of awareness regarding the client's product offerings.
  • The successful collaboration prompted the client to forge future partnerships.

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