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How We Helped 2x a Tech Support Team's Customer Satisfaction Rate

A leading printer services company was marred by severe customer service issues. Their customer satisfaction level had reached an all-time low of 50%. And one of the major contributing factors for this was the call abandonment rate which was hovering at 35-40%. After other service providers failed to improve the situation, the company approached us to assist it in reversing the trend.


The Requirement

To get a clear picture of what was going wrong we carried out a detailed analysis of the client’s existing support system and in the process discovered severe shortcomings in their infrastructure, process and personnel, which was hampering the productivity of the BPO platform. Also their in-house team that was handing customer queries were way behind with regards to the expertise needed to handle the various processes. Based on this understanding we decided to custom design an innovative BPO platform.


The Solution

The first thing we did was to set up a team of highly specialized and experienced individuals to handle the inbound tech support services of our client. Next, we increased the number of infrastructure channels of the client from 30 to 90 and personnel from 30 to 45. And then we ramped up the support time span by making use of multiple shift manning and other workforce management procedures. These steps helped the client handle large volume of customers and solve the first part of the problem, i.e., call abandonment rate.

Next, we introduced a voice mail service for customers who waited for more than 3 minutes and incorporated a one-of-its-kind call back facility to attend to dropped calls. This was seen as a positive step by many customers, which in turn resulted in increased customer satisfaction.


The Result

Within a short period of time we were able to revamp the entire support center and induce new energy into it. By introducing the changes the customer satisfaction level went up from a paltry 50% to a staggering 87-93%. Also the call abandonment rate reached 8%, which meant that a staggering 92% of the inbound calls were now being answered on time.

Not just that! The improved results also opened doors for new business and hence had a tremendous impact on the bottom-line.


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