Case Study

ExpertCallers Boosts Customer Satisfaction from 50% to 93%, Reduces Call Abandonment to 8% for Printer Services Company


  • ExpertCallers was hired to address customer service issues at a printer services company, including a low customer satisfaction rate and high call abandonment rate.
  • They increased infrastructure and staff, implemented new management procedures, and introduced a voicemail and callback service.
  • These changes boosted customer satisfaction from 50% to 87-93%, reduced call abandonment to 8%, and led to new business opportunities.

Story of the Customer

  • The client, a leading printer services company, offers wide-ranging solutions for printer-related needs.
  • They faced issues with low customer satisfaction and high call abandonment due to inadequate infrastructure and staff.
  • The introduction of a custom BPO platform, skilled staff, and innovative customer service strategies greatly improved the situation.
  • These changes led to increased customer satisfaction, reduced call abandonment, and new business opportunities.

The Challenge

The client grappled with significant issues in their customer support operations, precipitating a pressing need for intervention. These challenges can be outlined as follows

  • The company faced a high call abandonment rate of 35-40%, largely due to an inadequate support system and lack of expertise among the in-house team.
  • The existing infrastructure, process, and personnel were insufficient, negatively affecting the productivity of the BPO platform and contributing to low customer satisfaction levels.
  • Despite previous efforts by other service providers, the customer satisfaction rate remained at a low 50%, indicating a need for a comprehensive and effective solution.

The Solution

In response to the client's multifaceted challenges, ExpertCallers devised a comprehensive solution aimed at elevating their customer support operations. This solution can be summarized as follows

  • A team of specialized individuals was configured to manage the inbound tech support services, and the infrastructure and personnel were significantly increased.
  • A voice mail service was introduced for customers waiting more than 3 minutes, along with a callback system for dropped calls, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.
  • Through a series of strategic changes, the customer satisfaction level was enhanced from 50% to 87-93%, and the call abandonment rate was reduced to 8%.

The Result

We quickly revamped the support center, boosting customer satisfaction from 50% to 87-93% and reducing call abandonment rate to 8%. This means 92% of calls are now promptly handled.

  • Swift transformation of the support center
  • Injected fresh vitality and energy into operations
  • Customer satisfaction increased significantly from 50% to 87-93%
  • Call abandonment rate reduced to just 8%
  • A remarkable 92% of inbound calls now answered promptly
  • Opened doors for new business opportunities
  • Substantial positive impact on the bottom-line

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