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How Lead Generation Services Increased Conversion Rate from 20% to 70%

The client is a renowned Australia based company that is into mortgage and refinance of loans.


The Requirement

The client approached ExpertCallers to completely manage their lead generation service. The reason for outsourcing this service was:

  • Paltry conversation rate of less than 20%
  • Drastic fall productivity
  • Reduced revenue in-flow into the organization

The Winning Solution

We started by evaluating the difficulties of the client and found that their in-house team was struggling on many counts including getting the customer answer the second follow-up call and confirm the appointment again over the phone.

Based on this understanding, we created a two-phased strategy to address the issues:

  • We zeroed-in on a follow-up strategy that effectively reminded the customers about the appointment. And we included provisions to re-schedule appointments in case of any trouble in reaching the customer
  • We put the practice of second follow-up with the customer to rest and started fixing direct appointments with the customers on the first call

All the strategies were put into pace and executed with pin-point accuracy. At the end, we conducted a complete analysis of the result, assessed the progress of our lead generation service and finally identified the areas that required immediate attention.


The Result

As second follow-up call was completely omitted from the picture:

  • Conversation rate grew to an all-time high of 70%
  • Productivity levels started reaching new heights
  • Infrastructure and execution costs fell by more than 40%
  • Bottom-line increase by about 60%