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ExpertCallers Skyrocketed Conversion Rates from 20% to 70% with Tailored Lead Generation Services

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  • An Australian loan company sought ExpertCallers' help due to falling productivity and a low conversion rate.
  • ExpertCallers introduced a two-step strategy, revamping the follow-up process and eliminating the second call.
  • The new approach boosted the conversion rate to 70%, cut costs by 40%, and increased the bottom-line by 60%.

Story of the Customer

  • The client, a renowned mortgage and refinance company in Australia, was struggling with a low conversion rate of less than 20%, decreased productivity, and reduced revenue inflow, leading them to seek help from ExpertCallers for their lead generation service.
  • ExpertCallers implemented a strategy, eliminating second follow-ups and scheduling direct first-call appointments.
  • The client's conversion rate soared to 70%, with costs reducing by 40% and a bottom-line increase of 60%.

The Challenge

  • The client was struggling with a low conversion rate of less than 20%, a drastic fall in productivity, and reduced revenue inflow into the organization.
  • The in-house team of the client had difficulties in managing follow-up calls and confirming appointments with customers.
  • The client's existing lead generation strategy was ineffective, leading to high infrastructure and execution costs.

The Solution

  • ExpertCallers implemented a follow-up strategy that effectively reminded customers about their appointments and included provisions to reschedule if necessary, thereby increasing customer engagement.
  • The practice of a second follow-up call was eliminated and replaced with a direct appointment setting on the first call, reducing redundancy and increasing efficiency.
  • A comprehensive analysis was conducted post-implementation to identify areas for further improvement, ensuring continual growth and adaptation in the lead generation process.

The Result

  • The conversion rate dramatically increased from a mere 20% to an impressive 70% due to the strategic changes implemented in the follow-up process.
  • Productivity levels significantly improved and infrastructure and execution costs were reduced by more than 40%, leading to more efficient operations.
  • The company's bottom line experienced a substantial increase of approximately 60%, indicating a successful implementation of the new lead generation strategies.

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