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Helping a US-Based Health Care Pioneer Widen the Expense-Profit Gap

The Client:

The client is a US-based health care IT pioneer, specializing in using provider information to transform processes across the entire spectrum of the health care industry.


The Requirement

With operations based in USA, expenses were spiraling out of control and was severely affecting the client’s overall profitability. The need, therefore, was to deliver strong financial results through operational cost cutting and quality lead generation.



The client wanted us to reduce their current expense by 30% in less than 6 months. Ensuring this was our biggest challenge, because it called for accurate and optimized data management and cost effective contact load balancing while providing geographic resiliency. Training agents to acquire desired levels of proficiency to follow up with doctors and medical practitioners was an equally big challenge for us.



To handle a large volume of data, we set up a team of data management operators comprising 40 data management and 20 calling resources. We trained our data management team on a gamut of data management techniques -- such as handling and analyzing client specific data with advanced techniques, cleansing data to build quality, data backup etc. -- to ensure quality leads could be generated on a constant basis. Our calling resources were trained exhaustively on client products and were mapped against some critical key KPIs -- such as AHT and abandon rate -- so that agent productivity could be evaluated in an objective manner.



Our services helped our client to:

  • 35% reduction in cost management in less than 6 months
  • Increase in quality leads by a whopping 40%
  • High sales close ratio of 3:1
  • Streamlined data management

On successful completion of the trial, the client scaled up the team to 80 resources and extended the contract to 2years.

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