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Healthcare IT Pioneer Cuts Costs by 35% & Improves Lead Quality by 40% with ExpertCallers

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  • Helping A Us Based Health Care Pioneer Widen The Expense Profit Gap


  • The US-based healthcare IT pioneer aimed to cut operational costs by 30% and improve lead quality within six months.
  • A team of 60 was trained in advanced data management and product knowledge, ensuring leads and productivity.
  • The strategies implemented led to a 35% cost reduction, 40% lead quality increase, high sales ratio, and streamlined data management.

Story of the Customer

  • Our client is a prominent US healthcare IT company innovating with provider information solutions.
  • The client struggled with rising operational costs impacting profitability, necessitating cost reduction and quality lead generation.
  • They engaged Expert Callers to cut costs by 30% in 6 months via effective data and communication management.

The Challenge

Our client faced a significant challenge: to achieve a 30% reduction in expenses within a tight timeframe of less than 6 months. This goal required precise data management, efficient load balancing, geographic resilience, and agent proficiency in medical engagement

  • Client's challenge: Slash current expenses by 30% in under 6 months.
  • Demands: Accurate data management, cost-effective contact load balancing, and geographic resiliency.
  • Additional challenge: Training agents to engage effectively with medical professionals.

The Solution

We formed specialized teams, provided rigorous training, and established KPIs to drive excellence in addressing the client's challenges.

  • Establish a team of 40 data management experts and 20 call handlers.
  • Offer advanced training to the data team on tasks such as client-specific data handling, data cleansing, and backup.
  • Train call handlers on client products and use KPI mapping for performance evaluation.

The Result

Our dedication to excellence drived impactful results in cost management, lead generation, and sales conversion, delivering tangible value to our clients.

  • Achieved a 35% cost reduction in under 6 months through financial optimization.
  • Increased high-quality leads by 40%, generating valuable client opportunities.
  • Maintained a 3:1 sales close ratio, effectively converting leads into business.
  • Improved operational efficiency by streamlining data management processes.
  • Satisfied client scaled up team to 80 and extended contract for two years due to trial's success.

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