Outsource B2C Cold Calling Services

Augmenting Reach, Generating Success

ExpertCallers has over 12 years of experience in delivering quick, reliable and efficient B2C cold calling services to businesses of all sizes. We tap into this experience, to meticulous combine dynamic team with robust process, crisp script and solid database to augment reach and generate success.

Our outsourced B2C cold calling services will help you to:

We Provide a Range of B2C Cold Calling Services

Being a premium B2C cold calling company, we can effectively deliver following outsourced B2C cold calling services:


Appointment Setting
We leverage a streamlined and efficient B2C appointment setting process to ensures that the clients meet or talk to the right prospects every time and get the most opportunities to generate revenue.


Lead Nurturing
Our lead nurturing experts with 6+ years of experience use their experience and expertise to nurture the leads and ensure that no leads fall through cracks.


Lead Qualification
We bank on our 12+ years of experience to meticulously combine latest analytics and marketing tools to identify and qualify leads, thereby ensuring maximize conversion rates.


Lead Generation
We bank on our tried and tested B2C lead generation strategies and processes to deliver a customized lead generation process that churns out high quality results day-in and day-out.


Telemarketing and Outbound Sales
Our telemarketing and outbound sales experts drive your sales campaigns and ensure that the right kind of message is communicated to prospects to convert them into leads.

Companies Across Industries Outsource B2C Cold Calling Services to ExpertCallers

  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Automotive
  • Automobiles
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Capital Markets
  • Communications
  • Consumer Goods and Services
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Market Research
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Medical Devices
  • Network Equipment Providers
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences
  • Platforms & Software Products
  • Public Sector / Government
  • Retail & Ecommerce
  • Securities & Capital Markets
  • Telecommunications
  • Securities & Capital Markets

We are Different; Here's Why

Tight Script

We leverage our experience to come up with highly customized script that will build an instant connect with the customers. Our emphasis on building a personal connect doesn’t end here. We go the extra mile by giving utmost importance on the connector part of the conversation and building relationships through information and expertise.

Highly Targeted Approach

We meticulously plan, streamline focus and work with a highly positive attitude to deliver the best results to our clients. Every minute details starting from the calling list to the script to delivery of the pitch are monitored and analyzed to identify shortcomings and streamline operations.

Qualified Leads

Being a premium B2C cold calling company, we take it upon ourselves to mine through the trash and create a pipeline of the sales ready appointments for your business. We rely on specific parameters provided by the client for qualifying appointments and only pick those appointments that are most likely to convert into sales.

Here’s How Companies Have Benefitted by Outsourcing B2C Cold Calling Services to Us

  • Our outsourced B2C cold calling service helped an Australia based E-commerce company increase quality leads by a whopping 40%.
  • A US based tech company wanted to market its app and expand its customer base in Canada. Our outsourced B2C cold calling services helped it to create a pipeline of sales ready sales in the shortest possible time. Read case study
80% of our clients
come through referrals
70% of meetings set
are with VP or C-level decision makers
85% of clients
continue their association with us

Why Outsource B2C Cold Calling Services to ExpertCallers?

Outsourcing B2C cold calling services to an expert B2C cold calling company like ExpertCallers open avenues for a number of benefits. Some of the most prominent among them include:

  • Assured increase in qualified lead by 40%
  • Cut down on costs by 30% to 40%
  • Track every lead on a real-time basis
  • High and consistent contact quality
  • 30% more business opportunities
  • High service level guaranteed
  • Robust security to ensure fool-proof operations
  • 50% increase in high quality leads
  • Significant increase in revenue with more sales closing
  • Enhanced productivity of sales team

When you outsource B2C cold calling services to ExpertCallers, you’ll partner with a B2C cold calling company that is extremely skilled in fulfilling the cold calling needs of B2C companies of all types and sizes.

Contact us today and discover the advantage of outsourcing B2C cold calling services to ExpertCallers.