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How Our Cold Calling Services Helped a Market Intelligence Firm

Our client is a leading IT company providing market intelligence services to businesses for tailoring effective marketing strategies.


The Requirement

The client wanted to drive product sales through cold calling, but they neither had the resources nor the expertise to successfully carry out this task. So, they turned to us for assistance.

However, before roping us onboard, the client wanted to assess our ability in bypassing the gatekeeper and reaching out to the decision makers in companies. So they signed a two months contract within which we had to demonstrate the effectiveness of our capabilities.


The Solution

We set up a small team of qualified agents with good communication skills and trained them extensively on the ways to engage with management level employees. We provided them state-of-the-art scripting and analytical tools and other intelligence, to ensure they are always in a position to anticipate and handle difficult questions. Armed with these tools, and with customized training, our agents were able to demonstrate convincingly the effectiveness of the client's products to senior level employees.


The Result

As a result of this engagement, the penetration level of the client’s cold calling campaigns reached new heights. This invariably translated into increased sales figures and the client started tapping customers from uncharted territories. All these positives compelled them to extend the contract and we started adding more resources to the team.


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