Case Study

European B2B Powerhouse Achieves Sales Surge with Tailored Call Center: Exceeds Expectations on Multiple Fronts


  • A European B2B company struggled with their outbound call center's lead generation and pre-sales qualification efficiency.
  • We established a customized outbound call center solution, including pre-sales qualification, targeted database creation, and customer outreach.
  • We were able to exceed client expectations consistently and invite potential clients to experience their proficiency in the outbound call center industry.

Story of the Customer

  • The client, a Europe-based B2B manufacturer, was struggling with their outbound call center in conducting user surveys and sales promotion.
  • We revamped their outbound call center, providing lead generation, presale assessment, and customer database management to enhance their sales .
  • Consistently meeting deliverables, our services exceeded the client's expectations to boost their sales conversions.

The Challenge

The client's complex project, including a user survey and sales promotion, fell short despite a large call center. They sought our expertise for better results.

  • The client had set up an outbound call center and hired a number of callers, but it failed to fulfill the purpose of boosting sales and gauging their user base.
  • The client required a system to promote their products among potential customers and generate sales leads.
  • The client required a system to promote their products among potential customers and generate sales leads.

The Solution

We provided our client with a custom outbound call center solution, including pre-sales, database creation, outreach, and feedback. Now, let's explore the specific solutions.

  • Initiation of an outbound call center, focusing on pre-sales qualification and B2B lead generation.
  • Creation of a database of prospective customers and usage of cold calling techniques to promote the client's products.
  • Regular reports related to pre-sale assessment and leads were forwarded to the client, with continuous improvement of services through regular feedback from the client.

The Result

We consistently surpass deliverables and exceed customer expectations. Now, let's explore the specific Result.

  • The customized outbound call center process helped the client in effectively assessing pre-sales qualification and generating B2B leads.
  • There was an improvement in promoting the client's products and generating sales leads through the use of various cold calling techniques.
  • The system of forwarding presale assessment survey reports and leads, and implementing client feedback, enabled the client to convert leads into sales and meet their expectations.

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