Outsource Call Center Security Process

Protect your call center operations with the tried and tested business practices of a global, systems security expert

Expertcallers has over 10 years of experience in providing robust call center security process to business organizations. We leverage deep industry knowledge and security protocols to provide reliable and cost-effective services to secure information assets. Our process is built from the ground up to safeguard assets of business organizations such as customer data, customer service channels and IT infrastructure. We patch loopholes in access controls, authentication protocols, and remote access avenues in order to build a foolproof defense mechanism.

Our process comprises integrated security architecture designed and deployed in compliance with complex security requirements. Our process has helped our clients have a customized call center security grid consisting of unified solutions for addressing the unique needs of their business.

Our World Class Call Center Security Process

Our robust call center security process comprise :

  • Phone and call monitoring
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Threat and Risk Assessment
    • Network scanning and status reporting
    • Call quality management and analysis

    Network Port scanning

    Our team of network engineers monitor the security of the networks of your call center facility to identify potential weakness that can be used by malicious users

    IVR Call Monitoring

    We route all incoming and outgoing call through the IVR system and track call activity. This leads to highly optimized customer experiences and improved contact center efficiency.

    Systems Assessment

    We examine system security both on the software and physical security perspective using antivirus software, surveillance systems and other security software

    Our Call Center Security Lifecycle

    The process that we follow to implement the best practices of call center security comprises of multiple pre planned steps. We integrate an ideal mix of technology, management strategies and customized workflows into our process:-


    From systems architecture to the creation of security policies, we plan your technology and workflow requirements based on your organizational goals. We map the course for the implementation of security software, security tools like remote monitoring systems, customized policies and workplace best practices. The planning process takes care of asset identification and valuation as well

    Infrastructure Deployment

    We initiate the deployment process by analysing vulnerabilities in your call taking and monitoring process. Telephones, IVR systems, computer systems and the network to connect them are implemented with our robust security monitoring protocols. We perform security measures such as installation of firewalls, antivirus systems and hardened operating systems for network monitoring

    Call Monitoring and Security Analysis

    We proactively monitor both incoming and outgoing call activities using remote monitoring and software tools. Our team of network experts constantly evaluate the network to scout for exploits that malicious users can take advantage of to gain entry into your network. We fix all identified threats to the implementation with security patches and software updates

    Review and Evaluation

    Our experienced team of network engineers, application developers and security consultants evaluate the entire implementation for security lapses using techniques like penetration testing and port scanning. We provide our clients with a comprehensive experience by combining our review process with an efficient reporting process that supplies insights and improvements to the call center security effort. We ensure that your call center systems are monitored, protected and uptodate with the required updates at all times.

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    The Technology We use - Our Call Center Security Infrastructure

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