Case Study

ExpertCallers Elevates First-Call Resolution and Satisfaction in Aviation Tech Support


  • The client, a leading aviation industry solution provider, required tier-1 technical support for Windows and iPad, due to a high volume of calls, and wanted to test the service provider's capabilities with a three-month trial contract.
  • The service provider formed a specialized team for handling technical issues and used analytical tools for efficient service delivery.
  • The approach led to higher first-call resolution, increased customer satisfaction, and freed the client's team for critical issues, leading to contract extension.

Story of the Customer

  • The client, a leading paperless solution provider for the aviation industry, was struggling with an overwhelming volume of technical support calls for Windows and IPad, and needed external assistance to elevate customer satisfaction rates.
  • They enlisted our services on a trial basis, where we formed specialized teams to handle these issues efficiently, leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher first-call resolution rates.
  • Thrilled with the results, the client extended the contract, freeing up their in-house team for more critical tasks and becoming a permanent beneficiary of our services.

The Challenge

  • Handling high volume of technical support calls: The client was struggling to manage the high influx of calls requesting tier-1 technical support for Windows and IPad.
  • Ensuring quality service: The client needed the service provider to ensure only calls requiring tier-2 support were directed to their in-house team, maintaining service quality.
  • Trial period pressure: The service provider had to prove their efficiency and capability within a short three-month trial period to secure a long-term contract with the client.

The Solution

  • A specially trained team of agents was established to handle Windows and IPad tier-1 technical issues using the latest analytical and intelligence tools.
  • The team was split into smaller units to ensure continuous, high-quality support, improving operational efficiency.
  • This system increased first-call resolution rates and customer satisfaction, leaving the client's in-house team free to handle more complex issues.

The Result

  • The client experienced higher first-call resolution rates and significantly increased customer satisfaction after outsourcing Tier-1 technical support to the hired team.
  • The in-house team was able to focus on resolving more critical issues, improving overall operational efficiency.
  • Satisfied with the improved service quality and efficiency, the client extended their contract, becoming a permanent beneficiary of the outsourced services.

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