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Expert Callers Secure 90% Lead Conversion, Collate Key Investment Data for Finance Firm

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  • A Singapore-based client needed investment info from targets in Africa and Europe, emphasizing data security, which was met by a dedicated 30-member team.
  • The team developed a custom script, ensured quality control, and upheld data security, delivering immediate results and shortening the trial period.
  • The project yielded a high volume of qualified leads, investment plans, customer references, and high conversion rates, all while ensuring data security.

Story of the Customer

  • The Singapore-based client needed accurate information about their target audience's investment options in parts of Africa and Europe, with an emphasis on securing data throughout the process.
  • The client sought an expert team to gather quality leads and set appointments, prompting the formation of a specialized team and a tailored tele-calling script.
  • The client was highly satisfied with the results, including a high number of qualified leads, quality customer references, and assurance of complete data security.

The Challenge

  • The client required accurate information on investment options of a target audience based in Africa and Europe, demanding expertise in lead generation and appointment setting.
  • The client insisted on complete data security, requiring an infrastructure and established processes that would guarantee this at all costs.
  • The project required a rapid turnaround, with the client shortening the initial trial period, putting pressure on the team to deliver tangible results quickly.

The Solution

  • Formed and trained a team with a custom script to gather target audience's investment information.
  • Implemented robust data security measures and allowed client's internal audits.
  • Delivered a high number of leads, collected customer investment plans, and achieved 90% lead-to-appointment conversion.

The Result

  • The team was able to gather a significant number of qualified leads within the first three months, leading to the collation of crucial customer information on investment plans.
  • An impressive 90% of these leads were successfully converted into appointments, demonstrating the effectiveness of the team's approach and training.
  • Throughout the project, complete data security was maintained, meeting the client's critical requirement and demonstrating the team's commitment to secure practices.

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