Case Study

Expert Callers Boost IT Product Sales with Successful Cold Calling Strategy and High Conversion Rates


  • A renowned IT company sought help in improving product sales and setting up an outbound call center.
  • A comprehensive cold calling process was established, with a specialized team trained to utilize analytics tools and scripts for effective customer engagement.
  • The engagement resulted in a significant increase in product inquiries and sales, leading to a long-term partnership for future call center projects.

Story of the Customer

  • A leading US IT company struggled with marketing their new product through an outbound call center, leading them to seek our assistance.
  • We set up a streamlined cold calling process, trained a team, and established regular communication and quality checks, leading to successful product marketing.
  • The result was a significant increase in product inquiries and sales, leading the company to decide to partner with us for all their future call center needs.

The Challenge

  • The IT company faced difficulty in establishing and marketing their product via an outbound call center.
  • Setting up an effective cold calling process and training specialized agents to pitch the product to the target audience were challenging.
  • Ensuring quality control at every stage of the process and maintaining daily performance metrics was a significant challenge.

The Solution

  • We established a comprehensive outbound cold calling process, trained a specialized team, and equipped them with analytics tools and custom scripts.
  • We ensured detailed call tracking for performance analysis and facilitated weekly conference calls for idea generation and issue addressing.
  • We implemented strict quality checks at all stages, resulting in increased product inquiries and sales, and securing a long-term partnership with the client.

The Result

  • The customer saw a significant increase in product inquiries, which largely converted into sales, due to our streamlined cold calling process.
  • Our regular performance analysis, quality checks, and communication between all parties resulted in efficient problem-solving and idea generation.
  • The customer was highly satisfied with our services, leading to a long-term partnership for future call center operations.

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