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How We Helped a Renowned IT Company Improve Product Sales

A renowned US based IT giant had launched a new product – a software package to facilitate improved flow of communication within an organization – in the market. But they had difficulties in setting up and marketing their product through outbound call center. So, they approached us for help.


Our Role

Our role here was to set up a comprehensive outbound cold calling process which generated sales leads. For this, along with providing the technical support we had to create a pre-sale outbound call center. We also had to train and create a highly specialized group of call center agents to pitch the products to the target audience – small and mid-sized companies –and improve sales.


How We Helped

We started off by setting up a highly streamlined cold calling process at our delivery center and trained a team of individuals to successfully market the new product. These agents were equipped with state-of-the-art analytics tools and were given cold calling scripts that were custom made by us. All these tools helped the agents to engage successfully with the customers and respond to every possible query put forward by them.

We also made sure that every minute details of each call was captured and communicated back to the customer on a daily basis. This was helpful in analyzing the performance of every agent on a daily basis.

Furthermore, we made it a point that we scheduled weekly conference call between all the concerned parties – the process owner, process manager and the customer – to inspire new ideas and address the issues faced by the outbound call center agents. Besides these, we included stern quality checks at every stage of the process to ensure flawless execution of requirements.


The Results

As a direct result of this engagement, the customer experienced a huge surge in new product inquiries, most of which translated into sales. They were so satisfied with our service that they decided to partner with us for all their future call center endeavors.


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