Case Study

ExpertCallers Help Herbal Product Manufacturer Double Support Team, Boost Sales and Cut Costs


  • The Client is a herbal product manufacturer from Venice seeking customer support for global clientele.
  • They required a dedicated support team to handle product queries, sales issues, and CRM updates due to rapid business growth.
  • We provided a knowledgeable support team, trained in product details and customer handling. The team size was doubled from 3 to 6 due to our effective solutions.

Story of the Customer

  • An Italian herbal products manufacturer was rapidly expanding and needed a dedicated customer support team to handle increasing customer queries and sales issues.
  • We provided and trained a team, boosting sales, conversions, and customer loyalty.
  • This also led to operational cost reduction and enhanced business focus for the client.

The Challenge

  • Rapid business growth required the client to efficiently handle increasing customer queries and resolve sales issues.
  • The client needed a dedicated support team with comprehensive knowledge of their product range and superior customer handling skills.
  • They sought to not only maintain but improve customer loyalty and sales while reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency.

The Solution

  • A dedicated, well-trained customer support team was established to handle product queries, resolve sales issues, and manage CRM updates, enhancing customer confidence.
  • The client's decision to expand the team from 3 to 6 members led to increased conversions, sales, and customer loyalty, improving overall business performance.
  • The efficient customer support system not only reduced operational costs but also enabled the client to focus on their core business, contributing to rapid business expansion.

The Result

  • The efficient customer support led to increased conversions, sales, and customer loyalty for the client.
  • The client was able to cut down on operational costs and gain access to skilled expertise, leading to overall increased efficiency.
  • The successful customer support strategy allowed the client to focus more on their core business, while also managing shifts in demand easily.

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