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How Outbound Services Increased Footfalls at a Retail Giant's Stores

A leading US based retail giant decided to boost their sales by venturing into the outsourcing arena. As first time entrants, they were not well versed with the tricks of the trade, and so chose to partner with us to handhold them into the world of outbound sales.


What We Were Asked to Do

Though the client had come up with some amazing offers, they had issues in attracting customers during the ongoing festival season. One of the main reasons for this waslack of proper outbound marketing and lead generation services. Hence the client asked us to set up an outbound call center, which enabled them to call all existing customers,spread the word about exciting festive season offers and, in the process, help them to increase footfall at the stores.


The Challenge

Time was the biggest challenge in this project. Since the client was an established player with a huge customer base, reaching out to every customer on the itinerary before the end of festival season, was no easy task.


The Solution

With an eye on time and a desireto provide a cost-effective solution, weworked in tandem with the customer to ramp up and set up an outbound call center. And since the retail giant was entering the outsourcing space, we also decided to take our partnership to the next level by providing insights on the way the outsourcing model works, and how client can leverage it to boost sales. We also extended a helping hand in training their call center agents and equipping them with custom-designed scripts to connect with customers in an effective way.



Our customized solution helped the client’s agents to reach out to each and every customer and spread the word about the festive offers within a short period of time. Not just that! Our expert help was instrumental in increasing the turnaround timeat their outbound call centers. It also helped them to attract customer and build loyalty towards their brand. And finally, the initial insights that we offered about the way the outsourcing model works helped our client in planning and making forecasts for their next outsourcing venture.


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