Case Study

Outbound Services Drive Surge in Store Footfall and Boost Sales for Retail Giant


  • A US retail giant collaborated with an outbound service provider to set up a call center, targeting enhanced footfall via festive offers.
  • Time constraint was the major challenge, which was overcome by quickly setting up the call center and using custom scripts for customer interaction.
  • The initiative not only increased footfall and brand loyalty, but also helped the client understand the outsourcing model for future ventures.

Story of the Customer

  • The US-based retail giant, struggling to attract customers during the festival season, partnered with us to set up an outbound call center aimed at spreading the word about their festive offers and increasing footfall in their stores.
  • Despite time constraints and a large customer base, we managed to reach every customer with information about the festive offers, boosting the store's footfall.
  • This success increased the client's sales and brand loyalty, and also provided valuable insights into the outsourcing model for future ventures.

The Challenge

  • The first challenge was the limited timeframe to reach a large customer base before the end of the festival season.
  • The second challenge was the client's lack of experience in outbound sales, requiring extensive training and assistance for their call center agents.
  • The third challenge was the need to simultaneously set up an effective outbound call center and provide insights about the outsourcing model to the client to ensure smooth operations and increased sales.

The Solution

  • Set up an outbound call center for the client to inform customers about festive offers and increase store footfall.
  • Trained client's call center agents with custom scripts for effective customer engagement, improving turnaround time.
  • Guided the client on the workings of the outsourcing model to aid their future ventures.

The Result

  • The customized solution effectively increased customer outreach and store footfall.
  • The expert assistance boosted the turnaround time at the call centers, enhancing customer attraction and brand loyalty.
  • The provided insights about the outsourcing model aided in the client's future strategic decision-making.

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