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Expert Callers Boost Smartfoam's Appointment Rates by 50% & Sales Closure by 30%

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  • Our Telemarketing Services Helped Smartfoam Increase Appointment Settings By 50


  • Smartfoam enlisted a telemarketing service to mine quality leads and design a marketing strategy to expand their customer base.
  • The process involved extensive data capture and cleansing, creating a metrics-driven strategy, and training agents on unique USP-based tips.
  • The outcome was a significant increase in appointment rates, improved sales closure, reduced operating expenses, and team expansion.

Story of the Customer

  • Smartfoam, a UK-based home refurbishing company, was looking to expand its customer base and needed a partner to handle their contact center demands, with a particular focus on increasing face-to-face appointments with homeowners and customers.
  • They faced challenges in lead generation from scattered data and required a unique USP-based strategy.
  • With our partnership, Smartfoam saw a 50% boost in appointments, 30% rise in sales closure, and 30% savings in expenses.

The Challenge

The primary challenges faced in this project revolved around data management, knowledge acquisition for targeted solutions, and the development of an impactful campaign with a compelling unique selling proposition (USP)

  • The first challenge was data mining for quality leads, which involved transforming incomplete and scattered information into a uniform mass of data.
  • Acquiring the correct background knowledge and incorporating it into the data mining methods for targeted and accurate solutions was another obstacle.
  • Designing an effective campaign and identifying the right unique selling proposition (USP) for pitching the product posed a considerable challenge.

The Solution

The solution to Smartfoam's challenge involved a three-pronged approach focusing on data management, strategic planning, and operational optimization.

  • Accurate data capture and cleansing formed a quality lead pool for targeted marketing.
  • A metrics-driven strategy with USP-focused training maximized customer engagement.
  • Optimized operations led to increased appointment settings and improved sales closure.

The Result

  • The telemarketing service increased appointment settings by 50%, improving chances for face-to-face interactions and potential sales.
  • Sales closure improved by 30%, indicating a significant boost in successful transactions and revenue for the client.
  • The client saved nearly 30% of operating expenses, demonstrating the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the provided telemarketing service.

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