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Our Telemarketing Services Helped Increase Appointment Rates by 50%

The Client:

Smartfoam is a UK based home refurbishing company specializing in designing environmental friendly and cost-effective roofing solutions.


The Requirement

The client wanted to expand its customer base and so needed a partner to handle its contact center needs. They were looking for more face to face appointments with home owners and customers and so reached out to us for designing and executing an effective tele calling marketing strategy.



Our biggest challenge lay in mining data for quality leads. This involved transforming incomplete and distributed data into a homogeneous mass of information. Additionally, there was a need to acquire proper background knowledge, and incorporate it into the mining methods for more targeted and accurate solutions. The other challenges included designing the campaign and finding the right USP for pitching the product.



We identified the data capture requirements with the client, and set up a program to capture data, taking care to limit possibilities of mistakes during the process. This elaborate process was followed by another exhaustive process of data cleansing, in which the contact list was examined, updated and de-duplicated. Few more rounds of audits helped us spot some minor errors, which we eliminated to finally create a data gold pot. This was followed by the creation of an integrated, metrics-driven strategy. Next, we trained our agents on some unique USP-based tips to transform customer attention into appointments.



The results began to show no sooner than the project execution started. In a short time, we managed to:

  • Increase appointment settings by 50%
  • Improve sales closure by 30%
  • Save nearly 30% of operating expenses

Post successful completion of the trial the client scaled up the 10-resource team to 30.