Case Study

Expert Callers' Multilingual Support Skyrockets Global Brand's Sales by 300%


  • A global manufacturer hired multilingual support agents to get feedback from international customers.
  • Challenges included selecting suitable multilingual candidates and ensuring a 50% conversion ratio.
  • The initiative led to improved market understanding and a 60% increase in sales-closing.

Story of the Customer

  • The client, a global manufacturer of scales and analytical instruments, needed a way to reach out to customers and prospects in various countries to gather feedback and identify interest in their products. They brought us on board with a target of reaching out to 60,000 contacts quarterly.
  • We built a multilingual team, trained in the client's products, leading to successful customer interactions and high conversion rates.
  • This resulted in enhanced understanding of market needs, increased product awareness, doubled appointment settings, and a 60% boost in sales.

The Challenge

The project presented three key challenges as mentioned below

  • Selecting multilingual candidates proficient in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Developing a multi-lingual training module for the client's products and policies.
  • Achieving a high conversion ratio of 50% through rigorous training and quality assurance.

The Solution

In order to meet the client's requirements and overcome the challenges faced, a three-pronged solution strategy was implemented as mentioned below

  • A team of 20 multilingual agents were trained on client products and support policies.
  • A robust telecom solution was implemented with backup and recording facilities.
  • A multilingual QA team was established to monitor calls and ensure high conversion ratios.

The Result

  • The multilingual approach led to increased product awareness and understanding of market needs.
  • It resulted in double appointment settings and over 60% rise in sale closures.
  • Existing customers were successfully upsold and cross-sold products, boosting overall sales.

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