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Cost-effective Inbound Technical Support Desk for a US Tech Firm

A leading US based IT service provider that offers a host of computer solutions and services, wanted to establish a cost-effective inbound technical support desk to handle technical queries and issues faced by their customers. But they neither had the experience nor the expertise to do so. Hence they partnered with us to accomplish their objective.


The Challenges

Since the client offered a plethora of IT services and solutions, staffing was one of our biggest challenges. We had to hire agents proficient in a variety of technologies, and capable of answering complex technical queries. Further, we had to ensure that our solution was cost-effective as the customer was facing severe budget constraints


The Solution

We devised a two-pronged strategy to tackle the problem, which included targeted staffing and training.

Firstly, we extensively hired able and experienced individuals who had previously worked on similar projects, and had a complete understanding of the platform on which the client’s IT solutions were based.

Secondly, we further trained these individuals on the specific solutions and services offered by the client so that they could respond to queries confidently and resolve issues in a speedy manner

Lastly, we followed a comprehensive outsourcing model in order to limit the client’s costs.


The Result

Our solution brought about a significant increase in customer satisfaction level. This is primarily because our services allowed the client to handle every technical queries in a simplified and precise manner. The customer was extremely happy with our end-to-end inbound call center support services.


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