Case Study

ExpertCallers Elevates Customer Satisfaction with Cost-Effective Inbound Tech Support Solution


  • ExpertCallers partnered with a US based IT service provider to set up a cost-effective inbound technical support desk with skilled agents.
  • The solution involved hiring experienced individuals and training them on the client's services, while saving costs through outsourcing.
  • This approach increased customer satisfaction, validating ExpertCallers' strategy of using advanced customer support tools and scalable IP solutions.

Story of the Customer

  • A leading US-based IT service provider, struggling to set up a cost-effective inbound technical support desk due to lack of experience and expertise, turned to us for a solution.
  • We developed a targeted staffing and training strategy, supplemented by a cost-effective outsourcing model. This approach led to efficient resolution of technical queries and a boost in customer satisfaction.
  • The client was highly satisfied with our cost-effective and operational enhancing inbound call center services.

The Challenge

The case study highlights significant challenges in setting up a cost-effective inbound technical support desk, including the need for specialized staffing, extensive training, and budget constraints.

  • The firm struggled to hire tech-savvy agents capable of handling diverse and complex technical queries.
  • Extensive training was required to equip hired individuals with knowledge of the client's specific solutions.
  • Severe budget constraints necessitated a cost-effective strategy for establishing the technical support desk.

The Solution

The solution provided by us involved strategic staffing and training, cost-effective outsourcing, and a focus on boosting customer satisfaction through efficient and prompt resolution of technical queries.

  • Hired experienced individuals and trained them on the client's specific IT solutions.
  • Established a cost-effective inbound call center through comprehensive outsourcing.
  • Boosted customer satisfaction by providing simplified, precise technical query resolutions.

The Result

  • The implemented solution significantly increased customer satisfaction levels as technical queries were handled efficiently and precisely.
  • The client was able to effectively manage their budget constraints due to the comprehensive outsourcing model that was employed.
  • The client expressed high satisfaction with the end-to-end inbound call center support services, demonstrating effective resolution of their initial challenges.

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