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ExpertCallers Philippines Drives Higher Customer Engagement and Increased Sales Revenue for a US-based Travel Agency


  • Founded in 2016, our client is a wholesale travel company that offers lucrative travel and accommodation to customers at the click of a button
  • In collaboration with the client's team, we looked for creative solutions to help them achieve their main business goal, which was to increase conversion.
  • Agents from ExpertCallers Philippines engaged potential customers in fruitful discussions, which encouraged 70% to 80% of clients to sign up for webinars and the team grew 3X due to increased efficacy of the observed conversion rate

The Story of Our Customer

The client is a well-known US wholesale travel company that was founded in 2016. Their platform allows customers to take advantage of limitless hotel reservations in five-star hotels and to save money on flights around the globe. As a one-stop shop for all their customers' travel-related requirements, the business ensures information and offers are accessible online with just a click. Despite investing in frequent ads, the travel company wasn’t landing qualified leads. To achieve their main business goal, which was to increase conversions, the client required a flawless strategy to improve the number of webinar registrations that resulted in higher conversions.


The Challenge

The traditional sales procedure used by our client involved in-person meetings and seminars to talk about memberships. The client had to up their digital engagements and hold customer interactions through webinars as a result of the pandemic's orders for lockdowns and social isolation. They spent a lot of money advertising these webinars on social media, but they didn't achieve the intended return on investment. Prospects occasionally registered for webinars even though they frequently viewed online ads. And the growth of their company was being seriously hampered by this unrealized promise.


Why the Customer Chose Us?

After a detailed discussion with key stakeholders to understand the client’s pain points and requirements. The team gathered key business intelligence on how to approach and resolve their challenges with proven strategies. This increased the client’s confidence in the outbound call center expertise and customized solutioning approach that we offer. Our expansive talent pool and concise planning were highly appreciated by the client, who outsourced additional business tasks to us as the project took off.


The Solution

When we first started working with the client, our main goal was to handle incoming questions from their customers who had clicked on an online advertisement. Not everybody who visited the ad came through to the site. During our initial engagement, we observed that a significant number of leads were lost between landing on the ad page and visiting the site's landing page. Our team directed efforts to qualify leads based on predefined requirements of the client.

We worked with the customer team to identify creative approaches to achieve their main business goal, which was to increase conversions online. The goal of our collaboration was modified to include outbound calling by ExpertCallers, who also sent out an experienced sales team to address this issue. We contacted potential customers who saw the advertisement but didn't follow through, taking extra care to cultivate and convert such contacts. The enormous success of this model encouraged the client to accept tripling the team size.

The client's leadership team appreciated our ability to step in and produce consistent results leading to an increase in overall sales. Our team has regularly met and occasionally even exceeded the predetermined SLAs over the past few months, increasing client business and revenue.


The Results

With structured, regular, and focused calls, ExpertCallers made expanding the client's lead conversion list appear to be a simple task. With knowledge of the client's offers, our agents could hold in-depth discussions with potential clients. Today, our agents in Philippines foster and register about 70% to 80% of the customers who attend the webinars.

During the first three months, 625 guests registered to attend the travel webinar, and 56 made vacation package purchases. In just three months, the sales conversion jumped by 5500%. (October-December 2020).

We now keep bringing the customer more visitors and sales. 1,261 people purchased a package during the first two months of 2023, out of a total of 6,988 guests who were admitted into the webinar.

Some key highlights of our engagement with the client:

  • The team grew by 3X to handle increased customer engagement
  • Our agents registered up to 80% of all incoming visitors for the webinars
  • Managing end-to-end outbound support services led to improved operational excellence, quality leads, cost savings and increased conversion rate by 5500% in 3 months

Prior to the debut of ExpertCallers, only 13 recorded guests had entered the webinar, and only one had bought a vacation package, between July and September of 2020.

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