Case Study

UK Insurer Extends Contract for 3 Years After Successful Disaster Recovery and Risk Mitigation in India


  • A UK insurer needed a local vendor for a disaster recovery system at their India center to avoid costs.
  • The challenge was managing the large scale project, providing global support while minimizing disruption.
  • The solution involved creating equipped business continuity centers in India, leading to a satisfied customer and a three-year contract extension.

Story of the Customer

  • The client, a prominent general insurer based in the UK, is part of a global financial service group operating in over 70 countries. They provide a wide range of general insurance products to customers around the world, catering to diverse needs in areas such as property, motor, travel, and health insurance.
  • A local vendor set up business continuity centers across India, providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and comprehensive data security.
  • The insurer was satisfied with the risk mitigation and signed a three-year contract with the vendor for future collaborations.

The Challenge

Managing project complexities included setting up global disaster recovery services and ensuring a seamless transition with high service standards

  • Managed project complexities by setting up global disaster recovery services.
  • Addressed challenges related to the project's large scale.
  • Designed disaster recovery services for a broad customer base.
  • Ensured uninterrupted operations and seamless transitions.

The Solution

The client, a leading UK insurer, needed a fail-safe backup system for their Indian center. We created a comprehensive solution with continuity centers, skilled professionals, secure data systems, and reliable infrastructure.

  • Our business continuity centers are strategically placed in India.
  • We use advanced infrastructure for reliable backup services.
  • Our team comprises skilled technical professionals.
  • We utilize reliable networks, high-end servers, and secure data systems.
  • Seamless integration aids smooth transitions during disasters.

The Result

Our engagement delivered substantial benefits, enabling efficient risk management and superior quality. The client extended their contract for three years and expressed eagerness for future collaboration.

  • Our engagement led to the mitigation of operational risks, enhancing the quality and efficiency of the client's operations.
  • The customer satisfaction derived from our service led to an extension of the contract for three more years.
  • There is a strong commitment from both sides for a continued partnership in future endeavors.

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