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How a General Insurer Benefited from Our Disaster-recovery Services

The client, a leading UK based general insurer, is a part of a large group of financial service providers with presence in over 70 countries in the world.


The Requirement

The client launched a captive offshore development center in India to provide BPO solutions to customers in the country and abroad. They wanted to make sure thatthis facility was fail-safe by setting up appropriate backup and disaster recovery facilities. Though they had the required facilityin placeat their delivery center in UK, they decided not to use it fearing cost escalations for going back and forth in case of a disaster. Instead, they decided to partner with a local vendor in this endeavor. After a thorough examination and in-depth analysis of the capabilities of various service providers in the country, they realized that we were the best and choose to associate with us.


The Challenge

The scale of the project was one of the biggest challenges that we had to face here. Setting up disaster recovery services that cater to the requirements of a hugecustomer base of the clientthat is spread all over the world was no mean feat. Also the need to supportseamless transition of massiveoperations and processes of the client with minimal disruption, on a day-to-day basis, simultaneously maintaining high standards of service, added to the complication of the project.


The Solution

Leveraging our domain expertise and strategic tie-ups with domain specialists around the world, we created business continuity centers at strategic locations in India. We then armed these centers with state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide quality backup services. Next, we stationed competent technical personnel, bankable network connectivity and leased lines, and high-end servers and personal computers, to provide comprehensive data security. These facilities werecoupled together seamlessly to facilitate flawless transition of business in the event of an unforeseeable disaster.



As a result of this engagement, the customer was able to mitigate operational risks with high levels of quality and efficiency. In fact, they were so pleased with our offerings that they signed a three year contract with us and vowed to partner with us in all their future endeavors.


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