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How We Fixed Process Gaps for a Healthcare BPO Service Provider

A leading healthcare BPO company based out of UAE was suffering from severe customer satisfaction issues. Their customer satisfaction level had plummeted and reached a worst ever figure of 47%, and a further fall would have ousted the company from the market. The company approached us in search of a customized BPO solution that could resolve both performance and satisfaction issues.


The Problem

At the onset, we dissected the existing BPO setting and found several glaring shortcomings. Firstly, there was a linguistic and cultural disparity between the BPO's personnel and its customers. The client's customer base was largely native Arabs. On the other hand, the BPO employees who served the customers were not native Arabic speakers.

The language and cultural divide was not helping the cause of the BPO service provider. Also the client’s existing workforce lacked training and was not versed with the standard processes that govern today’s BPO operations. Another major issue was the lack of round-the-clock support. The current crop of employees were working just 8 hours a day and five days a week, which caused serious inconvenience to customers in need of round-the-clock support. This also didn’t help in reducing the client’s turnaround time that was lagging over a period of 7 days.


The Solution

After analyzing the issues that were hamperingtheclient, we deployed our team of experts todeliver a customized BPO platform. Next,we refurbished the entire BPO ecosystem by introducing best-of-breed voice, email and internet facilities, and in the process substantially reduced the turnaround time of the client’s BPO team. To bridge the language and cultural gap, we decided to extensively hire native Arabic speaks. And finally, we increased the working hours from 8 to 12 hours to provide round-the-clock support and even introducedmultiple shifts to meet customer demands.

We also rectified and brought about periodic enchantments to make sure that the new system was leaner and quicker to meet the demands of today’s BPO environment.


The Results

The professional service that we offered was just what the doctor ordered to get the client’s business back in shape. Within a short time span of just 2 months, our solution helped our clientbring a complete u-turn in customer satisfaction level – from a wobbling 47%to a whopping 85% - 87%.The turnaround time also witnessed a jump by about24%.


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