Case Study

Transforming Healthcare BPO with Native Language Support, Boosting Customer Satisfaction from 47% to 87%


  • The healthcare BPO company struggled with cultural disparity, limited training, and insufficient support hours, causing low customer satisfaction.
  • A customized BPO platform was introduced, hiring native Arabic speakers and extending working hours to address the issues.
  • These changes led to a significant boost in customer satisfaction from 47% to 85-87% and improved turnaround time by 24%.

Story of the Customer

  • The customer is a leading healthcare BPO service provider based in UAE, struggling with low customer satisfaction levels due to linguistic and cultural barriers, lack of training, and inadequate customer support hours.
  • They provide customer support services to a predominantly Arab customer base, which requires round-the-clock assistance, but were failing due to their limited working hours and a long turnaround time.

The Challenge

Our client, a leading BPO service provider, grappled with significant challenges that were undermining their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • A notable language and cultural barrier existed between the non-native Arabic speaking BPO personnel and the predominantly Arab clients, impacting service quality.
  • The BPO's workforce lacked essential training and familiarity with standard BPO procedures, reducing overall efficiency and productivity.
  • Lack of 24/7 customer support and extended turnaround time of 7 days were affecting customer satisfaction and service reliability.

The Solution

Our expert team revamped the client's BPO platform using cutting-edge technology, language support, and extended work hours, significantly enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

  • Upgraded the entire BPO system with premium voice, email, and internet services
  • Reduced the client's BPO team's turnaround time substantially
  • Hired native Arabic speakers extensively to mitigate language and cultural barriers
  • Extended work hours from 8 to 12 and introduced multiple shifts for round-the-clock support
  • Implemented periodic enhancements to ensure the system's efficiency in the current BPO environment.

The Result

Our expert service revitalized our client's business within two months, skyrocketing customer satisfaction from 47% to 85-87%, and improving turnaround time by 24%.

  • Successfully boosted customer satisfaction levels from 47% to a remarkable 85% - 87% in just two months.
  • Achieved a significant improvement in turnaround time, with a notable increase of 24%.
  • Provided a professional service that effectively revitalized the client's business performance.
  • Facilitated a dramatic turnaround in the client's business, leading to improved customer relations and increased efficiency.

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