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CATI Survey for Health Insurance Client Completed With 99% Accuracy

The Client:

The client is a leading health insurance provider in the State of North Carolina


The Requirement

The client wanted to carry out a state-wide CATI surveyto gauge the preference of customers with regard to health insurance.And they roped us in for assistance


The Challenge

The biggest challenge here was the huge target base. We had to approach and conduct interviews of approximately 20,000 existing customers of the client, in addition to 40,000 customers of their competitors. Also we had to make sure that we promoted the client’s offerings at appropriate level.


The Solution

We started by setting up interview screens using industry leading CATI applicationat the client’s delivery center. Next, we stationed 15 agents and trained them using our efficient CATI training program. We also armed these agents with custom-made questionnaires and scripts that helped them to not only better engage with customers, but also promote the client’s offerings by helping prospects distinguish them from similar products and services that were available in the market. Furthermore, to make sure that none of the data was lost,we included mechanisms to captureevery piece of data from the screening process andmade provisions to relay this information to the client inreal-time. And finally, we put in place a stringent quality check mechanisms to ensure there was no compromise on quality at any stage in the project.



The results beat expectations. We were able to complete this mega project a week ahead of schedule. We were able to deliver a near prefect accuracy rate of 99% without any cost overheads and also made sure that 100% of voice and data samples were captured.


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