Case Study

Transforming customer insights with a week-early 99% accurate CATI survey, setting unmatched precision and quality standards


  • A North Carolina-based health insurance provider conducted a large-scale CATI survey involving 60,000 customers to understand their preferences and promote their offerings.
  • ExpertCallers team used a leading CATI application, deployed a trained team, provided tailored questionnaires, ensured real-time data capture and transmission, and maintained strict quality checks.
  • The project was completed a week early with a 99% accuracy rate and no extra costs, setting new standards for efficiency, precision, and quality in project execution.

The Challenge

We had to market our client's offerings to 60,000 diverse individuals, tailoring our approach to their unique preferences. This required effective wide-ranging communication.

  • Confronted the formidable task of engaging a sizable target audience.
  • Required to approach and interview approximately 20,000 current clients of the company.
  • Also needed to engage and gather insights from 40,000 customers of competitors.
  • Vital responsibility of skillfully promoting the client's offerings at a level tailored to each audience.
  • Navigating the intricacies of addressing diverse customer bases for effective communication.

The Solution

We implemented a CATI application, assigned 15 agents, and used custom questionnaires. We focused on the client's products, ensured real-time data capture, and maintained quality checks.

  • Initiated interview screens setup using a top CATI application at the client's center.
  • Deployed a 15-member team trained via our effective CATI program.
  • Equipped agents with custom questionnaires and scripts for better customer engagement and client promotion.
  • Devised strategies to emphasize the client's unique products and services.
  • Implemented data capture and protection mechanisms to avoid information loss.
  • Enabled real-time transmission of captured data for immediate client insights.
  • Conducted thorough quality checks throughout the project to ensure excellence.
  • Guaranteed high-quality outcomes at every stage through a strict quality assurance framework.

The Result

Our results exceeded expectations, finishing the project a week early with a nearly 99% accuracy rate, all without extra costs. We captured 100% of voice and data samples, showcasing unmatched efficiency and precision, setting new standards for quality and timeliness.

  • Outperformed initial expectations by completing the project a full week ahead of the projected timeline.
  • Demonstrated a remarkable accuracy rate of nearly 99%, surpassing conventional standards.
  • Achieved this impressive accuracy without incurring any additional cost burdens.
  • Ensured comprehensive data coverage by capturing 100% of both voice and data samples.
  • Set new standards for project execution by showcasing unmatched efficiency and precision.
  • Eclipsed anticipated outcomes by delivering exceptional quality, timeliness, and operational excellence.

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