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How We Helped a Talent Scouting Company Streamline Its Operations

The Client

The client was an internationally acclaimed scouting company that scheduled events to showcase the talent of artists in fields ranging from singing and dancing to modeling and acting.



The client received thousands of profiles each month and this extreme load made the task of searching for right talent and connecting them to the right opportunities extremely difficult. Also they had issues in event scheduling, planning and management due to a large number of profiles involved. All these factors forced the client to search for a partner who could take the burden away and allow them to focus on their core functionalities. After stringent assessment of the various solutions and services in the industry, they finally zeroed-in on our award winning offerings.



After carrying out a thorough assessment of the customer's requirements, we started by stationing multiple team of expert linguist and competent professionals with in-depth experience of the BPO domain at our delivery center. We then armed these individuals with high-end support operation center and made sure that the workstations were manned 24x7 by introducing multiple shifts manning. This not only enabled us bridge the language and cultural divide, and provide continuous support, but also helped us to extend client’s reach and improve their response time.

Throughout the course of the project, we also made sure that we were on the path of continuous enhancement, which went a long way in handling the changing customer needs. And we even offered extra manpower and support services during peak hours when there was an excess in the number of processing requirement. All this enabled us to increase their productivity by multiple folds.


The Results

Our major achievement was the record time in which we were able to complete the project. We completed the project with in a very short time span of two months and hence the client was extremely pleased with our accomplishment. As a direct result of this association, the client was able to venture into uncharted territories and scout for talent quicker. Their turnaround time jumped by a staggering 34% and their response percentage reached an all-time high of 90%.


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