Case Study

Expert Callers Transforms Talent Scouting: Achieving 34% Efficiency Surge and 90% Response Rate in Two Months


  • An internationally renowned talent scouting company engaged our services to handle its heavy workload which involved handling thousands of profiles monthly, searching for appropriate talents and connecting them with the right opportunities.
  • A team of experienced professionals was assigned to efficiently manage the project round-the-clock through multiple shifts, ensuring continuous enhancement in operations and catering to changing customer needs.
  • The results of the partnership were highly satisfactory, with completion of the project in a record b of two months and an impressive increase in the client's turnaround time and response rate.

Story of the Customer

  • The client is a global talent scouting company, facing challenges due to the high volume of monthly artist profiles and event management.
  • To streamline operations, the company partnered with a service provider, utilizing a multilingual team operating round-the-clock, improving response time and efficiency.

The Challenge

Our award-winning services were selected to streamline profile management, talent matching, and event handling.

  • Profile Influx: Handling the massive monthly profile inflow posed a challenge.
  • Talent-Opportunity Match: It was complex to match talent with appropriate opportunities.
  • Event Management Hurdles: The large profile volume complicated event planning and management.
  • Focus Diversion: These issues required a partner to allow refocusing on core operations.
  • Solution Selection: Our top-rated services were chosen as the best solution after careful industry evaluation.

The Solution

Our solutions delivered remarkable project completion within two months, elevated client satisfaction, expanded exploration of new opportunities, enhanced talent scouting. Now, let's explore the specific solutions.

  • Thorough Assessment:Comprehensive analysis of client needs for custom responses.
  • Expert Team Formation: Teams of linguists and BPO specialists were allocated.
  • Empowered Centers: Superior support operation centers for efficient team engagement.
  • Continuous Coverage :24/7 manned workstations.
  • Cultural and Language Bridge: Seamless communication overcoming barriers.
  • Extended Reach and Response:Enhanced support and improved response time.
  • Adaptive Enhancement:Ongoing commitment to meet evolving client needs.
  • Peak Hour Support: Extra support during high volume times.
  • Remarkable Productivity Surge:Collective strategies led to productivity boost

The Result

In two months, we finished our project, boosted efficiency by 34%, and achieved a 90% response rate.

  • Speedy Project Achievement: Completed the project in just two months.
  • Client Gratification:Achieved evident client satisfaction.
  • Exploring New Avenues:Enhanced the client's ability to explore new areas.
  • Efficient Talent Hunt: Significantly improved talent scouting.
  • Turnaround Time Surge : Increased operational efficiency by 34%.
  • Impressive Response RateAchieved a record 90% response rate.

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