Case Study

Transforming Customer Support, Resolving Backlogs, and Forging Ongoing Partnerships in Home Improvement


  • The client struggled with their ticketing and email support, leading to a buildup of customer queries.
  • Expert Callers provided a skilled team that was operational within 15 business days to handle the client's requirements.
  • The team efficiently reduced the backlog of queries in a month, leading to an ongoing partnership with the client.

Story of the Customer

  • Our client, a California-based high-end home improvement products manufacturer, established in 2006, has an inventory of over 1200 items and an annual revenue of $17.1 million.
  • However, they faced issues managing their ticketing and email support, leading to customer dissatisfaction. To resolve this, they plan to outsource their customer support needs to a competent team.

The Challenge

Our client was grappling with a mounting backlog of unresolved customer queries and ticketing support issues, which significantly impeded their operation and customer satisfaction.

  • The client faced difficulties in handling their ticketing and email support service efficiently, leading to a backlog of customer queries.
  • The client required a team with proven expertise in customer support, familiar with their internal CRM application, and capable of handling different types of tickets/queries to be operational within a month.
  • The client was also looking for a flexible solution that could be scaled up on demand and operated on an autopilot basis.

The Solution

To meet a client's urgent needs, ExpertCallers formed a skilled 10-person team within 15 business days, focusing on communication skills, software proficiency, and service excellence.

  • Mobilizing a Team: ExpertCallers formed a 10-member team within 15 days, meeting specific skill requirements.
  • Candidate Assessment: We evaluated candidates' communication, upselling skills, and software proficiency.
  • Service Excellence: The selection prioritized service-centric approach and quick learning.
  • Learning Agility: Candidates were tested on skill acquisition and adaptability.

The Result

  • The pilot team from Expert Callers was able to master the client's support model quickly, reducing the list of piled up queries and bringing the ticketing issues to acceptable levels within a month.
  • The agents demonstrated a strong understanding of the requirements, effectively handling the client's software requirements, and providing convincing written and verbal communication to the customers.
  • The successful execution of the project led to the client availing five other outbound customer support services from Expert Callers, converting the initial 3-month contract into an ongoing one.

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