Case Study

Expert Callers' 24x7 Support Transforms Network Security Company Boosting Operation Quality and Reducing Costs


  • A 24x7 support service was implemented for a renowned US based network security company, enhancing their service delivery.
  • The new support operation improved the client's overall business process and mode of operations.
  • The cost-effective solution led to a long-term partnership with the satisfied client for future call center endeavors.

Story of the Customer

  • The client, a renowned US-based network security company, required a robust 24x7 support service to streamline their operations and improve customer service.
  • Our team implemented unique solutions, enhancing the client's customer service capabilities.
  • This cost-effective transformation led to a satisfied client, eager to continue our partnership.

The Challenge

  • The challenge was to set up a team of highly trained product support engineers with comprehensive knowledge of network security to address the existing issues.
  • Implementing a round-the-clock support system with a unique resolution method based on the severity levels of support was a significant undertaking.
  • Designing a dedicated support operations center capable of hosting a test simulation environment and equipping it with secure voice, email, and internet infrastructure posed a challenge.

The Solution

  • Set up a 24/7 support team with a unique resolution method based on severity levels.
  • Implemented a high-tech call tracking system, a Management Information System and employee training.
  • Designed a dedicated support center with advanced test simulation and secure communication infrastructure.

The Result

  • The client saw a notable enhancement in support operations and overall business processes.
  • Our cost-effective solution led to a complete transformation in the client's business approach.
  • This resulted in a long-term partnership with the client for future call center endeavors.

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