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Outsource BPO Call Center Services

Taking the Complexity Out of BPO Call Center Services

Catering to the unique call center service requirements and expectations of the modern customer can be challenging. Besides, every company that’s out there doesn’t have the right skills, staff, or tools necessary to do that. On top of that, the recent trends in customer experience show that more than half of customers are looking to get their calls answered within under five minutes of reaching the company. This is why seeking support from a BPO call center or BPO consulting company is paramount.

ExperCallers, one of the best BPO service providers in India, has over 12 years of experience in providing call center BPO services. Over the years we have developed and implemented robust, flexible, and efficient call center BPO services for several businesses across multiple domains and are counted as one of the top inbound and outbound call center BPO service providers in the world.

Leading multinational and domestic brands have been using and appreciating our inbound and outbound call center BPO services for carrying out:

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We Provide a Range of Outsourced Inbound and Outbound BPO Call Center Services

Being a leading call center BPO service provider, we offer a diverse range of inbound and outbound BPO call center outsourcing services, which meets the client’s needs across multiple facets. This includes:

Our telemarketing experts drive your sales campaigns and ensure that the right kind of message is communicated to prospects to convert them into leads.

We combine our expertise and experience to provide our clients with a lead generation service that increases the number of targeted and qualified leads.

We offer highly robust and efficient appointment setting services which ensure the client meet or talk to the right prospects every time and get the most opportunities to generate revenue.

Creating and monitoring an effective cold calling process is part of our DNA. We pitch the value proposition in clear and concise terms and help you generate more

Other Outbound Call Center Services includes:

Here's How Companies Have Benefitted by Outsourcing Call Center BPO Services to ExpertCallers

Interactions in a month
Trained agents
First Call Resolution Rate

How Does Our Outbound BPO Call Center Services Increase Sales Conversion?

Calling customers to pitch or set up a meeting is a crucial element of the sales function. Done in the right way, it can be the most effective way of building positive relationships with your customers and selling your products or services to them.Being amongst the top call center outsourcing companies, we possess the necessary knowledge and tricks to achieve cold calling success. Below mentioned are some of the best techniques of cold calling adopted by our outbound call center services team to boost sales conversion.

Why Outsource Inbound and Outbound Call Center BPO Services to ExpertCallers?

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll gain when you outsource inbound and outbound call center services to an expert BPO call center service provide like ExpertCallers:

  • High and consistent contact quality guaranteed
  • Comprehensive security systems for robust and reliable operations
  • Competitive and transparent pricing to guarantee best value for money
  • Multi-lingual support

When you outsource call center BPO services to ExpertCallers, you’ll partner with call center BPO outsourcing company that has real-time experience in working on diverse and challenging projects. Our outsourced call center services have made a difference in many projects resulting in good increase in turnovers.

We are Different; Here's Why

The difference between BPOs and call centers

There is a difference between a BPO call center and a call center, even though people think they mean the same and use the two terms interchangeably. The main difference is that BPO call center services predominantly include performing back-office tasks that include customer service and accounting procedures. Call centers will just handle phone calls made by and to customers.

Call center BPO companies

BPO is the process of outsourcing a specific procedure of any business to a third party, it stands for Business Processing Outsourcing. The operations performed by a BPO will include core tasks like marketing, record keeping, etc along with non-core tasks like omnichannel customer support. Usually, a client organization in a bid to free up bandwidth and to minimize expenditure on dedicated staff, outsources a whole spectrum of services to a BPO on a contractual basis.

Call center

A call center is a subset or a part of a BPO. The services provided by a call center are voice-based. Call center services help companies stay connected with their customers via inbound and outbound calls. Inbound and outbound call centers are responsible for incoming calls that include handling queries, troubleshooting, and outgoing calls that involve telemarketing. Businesses usually don’t have the bandwidth to take on these functions, hence they outsource customer service to a third-party call center services provider

Why outsource to BPO call center companies?

BPO call center companies have a team of trained and experienced agents who handle all or some aspects of a business’s operations, such as handling their incoming and outgoing customer calls for them. So, if your business is falling short of the bandwidth to handle your call center services, you can consider approaching BPO outsourcing companies to professionally handle your inbound and outbound call functions. Although it seems fair to think that external agents won’t be as knowledgeable as your employees about the products and services that you offer, that’s what outsourced BPO service providers are trained to do. They can adapt to the processes of a business with speed and assist their customers with all their queries.

Outsourcing BPO tasks can greatly help enhance the productivity of employees and reduce unwanted burdens. Once your menial tasks are taken care of by the partner, the employees can narrow their focus on jobs that are way more important. When a company decides to outsource these tasks, it immediately results in huge savings (especially labor and infrastructure costs associated with a dedicated in-house call center). Once you partner with a professional BPO call center services provider, you are already on the fast track to business success.

Industries We Serve

ExpertCallers has extensive experience in providing proficient call center services to a wide variety to industries including:

Our Call Centers are Spread Across Five Countries

We let you pick one or multiple delivery centers according to your preference and requirement.

ExpertCallers global delivery centers (India, Philippines, Bolivia, Colombia & Argentina)
BPO service provider in india

What is an inbound and outbound call center?

Inbound call centers deal with incoming calls that are from customers. The call center agents will provide proper assistance so that their clients don’t face any hassle with a product or service. The agents are also responsible for maintaining customer relationships. Currently, established inbound call center BPO providers are in great demand because organizations are beginning to understand that poor customer support can harm their brand and drive them towards the competition.

  • Accessible and efficient customer service
  • Help desk
  • 24/7 telephone answering
  • Multilingual experts

Outbound call centers perform functions that are opposite to those performed by inbound centers. Simply put, outbound call centers tend to make calls to potential customers to drive sales.

Just like inbound call centers, the demand for outbound call centers has been skyrocketing as well. Businesses have started to realize the advantage of outsourcing their outbound calls to secure a smoother path to success. Outbound call centers can help companies unlock the door to seamless business growth and help drive profits in a cost effective manner.

  • Generating leads
  • Telemarketing
  • Customer surveys
  • Third-party verification
  • Appointment scheduling

Why should you outsource to a CATI call center?

CATI, also known as Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing, includes labor-intensive work. The CATI professionals use an interactive system that will help guide their interview process with important and detailed questions; this will help improve your company’s market research data, as well.

Once companies decide to outsource to CATI services, they can reduce time spent in interacting with various respondents and lessen operational costs that are attached to data processing errors.

CATI outsourcing services offered by ExpertCallers will take care of all your market research needs while working under rigid deadlines and diving headfirst into challenges with extreme meticulousness.

Making Data Predictable

We follow a simple procedure for carrying out our CATI market research. Our team of interviewers conduct the survey on the phone while noting down the answers and feedback of the respondents. We insist on having the survey programmed into the CATI systems because it removes the worry from our interviewers about having to memorise the sequence of questions and instead focus on getting quality responses. Moreover, CATI monitoring also removes the need for our interviewers to be trained to be aware of skip patterns in a survey.

Delivering qualitative and quantitative CATI services at unmatched speed is our forte because we excel in tailoring questionnaires keeping in mind the need to obtain the best insights from the respondents, training interviewers on ways to ferret out the reliable and detailed information and leveraging systems to monitor, analyze and report the entire interview process.

Our outsourced CATI services have helped our clients achieve a wide range of objectives – from enhancing brand awareness to expanding business reach, from influencing buyers to evaluating competitors, from doing research on consumer base to analyzing lost sales and from facilitating mystery shopping to carrying out satisfaction surveys.

Frequently Asked Questions

The services provided by a call center include everything from answering calls from customers to calling up customers for promoting or selling a product or service. Call centers can basically handle any business process that can be done by phone, web, or email. The services can be used to extend a firm’s reach into new markets, build customer relationships, and offer better customer support. Call centers also provide services for every part of the sales process right from marketing to inside sales.

Call center services can be categorized into the following:

  • Inbound, where all the calls from customers are answered by the call center on behalf of the firm
  • Outbound, where the call center makes the calls for the firm
  • Automatic or Electronic, where the answering process is automated
  • Business Process Outsourcing, where the business processes are delegated to a third-party operator

If you are looking for the inbound call center services, the shared pricing rates can range from $0.27 to $0.45 per hour at low-cost agencies to somewhere around $0.75 to $1.25 per hour in the US or Canada. In the case of dedicated services that handle a high volume of calls, the cost can range from $8 to $15 per hour internationally and $20 t0 $30 per hour in the US and Canada. Typically, outbound call center services are priced hourly. Generally, the call center services in India can charge you around $8 to $10 per hour, and in Eastern Europe, the rates can go up to $8 to $15 per hour. Call centers in the US, UK, Germany & Canada usually charge $20 to $30 an hour.

Customers are often looking for representatives who can address their queries in their native tongue. Most call centers don’t want the language to be the barrier to the services they offer. Hence, they usually employ staff who are well-versed in three or four languages. In India, call centers offer services in languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, etc. Internationally, the call center services are offered in German, Spanish, French, and many other foreign languages.

ExpertCallers follows ideal business practices and ensures that your brand image has a positive impact on the market. The following are some valid reasons that suggest why outsourcing your call center requirements to ExpertCallers is a good option.

ExpertCallers uses an omnichannel contact center technology platform that ensures that customers are effectively engaged across all platforms, such as email, voice, and social media. This is quite helpful in maintaining brand consistency.

We offer unparalleled solutions round-the-clock so that businesses can maintain their brand equity without abandoning the bottom line. ExpertCallers are always ready for your customers regardless of the time at which inbound calls arrive.

Our customer service professionals go through regular training and development to ensure that they are always above par with their industry knowledge, customer service, and communication skills.

We adhere to strict standards of quality in our processes. Our quality assurance team ensures that all the operations follow the industry standards to yield better customer engagement and loyalty.