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How to Manage Big Data in Your Call Center?

These days collection of required and useful data is not that big task as compared to the management of the same. And, in the case of call centers, the biggest question is how you will manage the data, which is very BIG and encompasses a wide variety of metrics. A little threat to the data and mismanagement can lead to serious consequences and all this make the management of the data more important.

Considering all this and troubles of keeping the data in pace, we have clubbed down few ways for you by which managing the Big Data will be no more daunting and will maximize your call center’s return on investment.

Here are the ways:

Using call center software is a good idea

Using the software, you can store unlimited data and organize it as per your call center requirement. Metrics like time spent on hold, call abandon rates, transfer rates, conversion rates, cost per call and many more can be identified by using this.

Other analysis like which and how much each metrics matter? Which changes to make in your call center to upgrade specific metrics? Can also be done effectively.

Establishing baseline metrics is always advantageous

It is important and beneficial to establish the baseline metrics of the Big Data and identify the areas that require upgrades which will help in extending the overall efficiency.

Analyze metrics data and act

After properly establishing baseline metrics, it’s time to work on analysis of the output and take the steps further. Like, if the FCR of your call center if low, it displays that more of your customers have to call repeatedly to find the solution. More interaction implies higher operational cost per customer. Similar with AHT metric, AHT tells you how much time your agents are on conversation with your customers. Lower the call center AHT, less time spent on phone between the two and so the less each customer costs.

Apply the changes and track

Moving further, proper tracking and analysis of the different performance metrics values will help you in planning the changes needed to decrease the call center’s operating expenses and effectively change the processes for better output. Keeping track of changes to make within your call center and assessing the result will help you determine whether the changes made are worth or not.

Hopefully the ways we have listed above will help you with proper management of Big Data and along the way, improve agent performance, enhance customer experience, reduce cost and finally speeds up the decision making. For more details and extra ordinary assistance ExpertCallers is always there. Being one of the premium contact center outsourcing support provider, we can not only help the companies to manage Big Data but also accommodate other threats corresponding to manage the same.

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